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Compilation mod of my other armored robes mods: adds them to NPC and to some traders

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-cleaned by test3cmd

- new icons made by WH-Reaper!
- compatibility with HighResArmors Native styles


This is a compilation of my Armored Robes mods: Original Armored Robes + Mabrigash Armored Robes + Indoril Armored Robes. It adds the new armors to many (but not too many) NPCs in game, adds some robes to traders' stock and to leveled lists (so don't forget to use a leveled list merging utility!)

My never released Ordinators Diversified mod is also included: 

In the lore it is said that there are 4 Orders of the Temple Ordinators - Order of Watch, Order of Inquisition, Order of War and Order of Doctrine and Ordination. However in game we don't actually see this distinction. Now the majority of Ordinators still wear the default armor since they belong to the Order of the Watch. Ordinators in the Ministry of Truth (Order of Inquisition) wear different kid of armor based on the Temple Armored Robe from my Armored Robes mod. Ordinators who are fighting monsters and heretics in the wilds (Order of War) wear Indoril Armored Robe from my mod with the same name. Ordinators in the Vivec Library (Order of Doctrine) wear new armor based on the Indoril Armored Robe from my Armored Robes mod. (See the screenshots.)

Previous mods form my Armored Robes series (Armored Robes, Indoril Armored Robe and Mabrigash Armored Robes) aren't needed anymore. I won't support them in the future: all updates and fixes will be here.

Mabrigash Robes aren't added to traders but there is plenty of hostile witches in game so getting the armor is easy.
As for the Indoril Armored robe worn by the Order of War: it can be found on dead ordinators in wilderness, or randomly on various dead bodies. I've removed scripting so now it doesn't count as ordinator uniform and can be worn safely in Vivec.

All other robes are added to traders: 

- "western" robes (Imperial Battlemage, Legion Battlemage, Spellsword, Imperial Agent) are sold in Buckmoth Legion Fort, Fort Frostmoth, Hawkmoth Garrison in Ebonheart, Moonmoth Fort

- "eastern" robes (Nightblade, Dres, Indoril, Telvanni, Redoran, Temple, Hlaalu) are sold in Ald-Ruhn by Tuveso Beleth, in Ghostgate, Molag Mar, by street pawnbroker in Mornhold's Great Bazaar, by Meldor in Balmora and by a bosmer street smith in Sadrith Mora

They are added to traders through leveled lists so if you haven't found the robe you wanted you should wait for 72 hours and then check their inventory again or go to another trader.

WARNING: if you have already seen a NPC during the current playthrough, the game "remembers" their clothes and armor, so, when modified by a mod, only their hairstyle and face will change. In order to see changes to NPCs equipment you should either delete the info about particular NPCs from your save file (by TESAME or Enchanted Editor or other similar utility), or start a new playthrough.

Everything here can be used as a resource, no need to ask my special permission. (And if someone from the Tamriel Rebuilt team notices this and decides to use in TR - I'll be overjoyed!)