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Replacer for the Dagoth Ur creature.

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Replaces Dagoth Ur with a new model. This is a mix of Robert's Bodies Dagoth Ur by Moranar and Divine Dagoth Ur Saint_Jiub.
Where Robert's Bodies Dagoth Ur kept close to the original (which is a bit too nude for my taste) and Divine Dagoth Ur strayed a bit too far from the original for my taste, so I mixed and matched both.

Dagoth Ur now has a stunning body but also wears some nice pauldrons to dress him up a bit. His eyes also glow with a fiercer glow of madness than ever before.

Also included is a version for use with Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins. All Dagoth Ur models should be replaced with newer ones. Additionally there's an alternative model with 'Nude' versions for the Astral Dagoth Ur, which deletes the pauldrons and necklace, only leaving his mask to cover up his divine astral body. The difference is subtle, but might be more to your likings.

Special thanks:
The team behind Robert's bodies for Morrowind. Such amazing work which is free to use by anyone. Simply fabulous!

Saint Jiub who generously allowed me to use his Divine Dagoth Ur. Thanks a lot!