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This mod makes minor tweaks to most creatures in the game to make them somewhat pickier about what magic will work on them.

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Know Thy Enemy
By Drakevarg

Part of the May Modathon Month
Version: 1.4
Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon
MCP is strongly recommended, both for this mod and in general. Make sure the "NPC AI casts zero cost powers" and "Weapon resistance change" options are active.

This mod makes minor tweaks to most creatures in the game to make them somewhat pickier about what magic will work on them. Creatures of the same type should be more consistent about their immunities and resistances, and most changes are fairly intuitive. Most should be more challenging now, though a few have been nerfed where I felt it made sense.

Per request, some more specific changes:
- Sixth House creatures, being corpus-mutated Dunmer, now have Dunmer traits and are immune to disease. They also have 20% spell reflection as it was already present in many of them.
- Ash Vampires (as well as Vivec and Ur) now have roughly the same immunities as Almalexia, as they draw power from the same source. This is in addition to Ur’s original scripted resistances.
- Alit and Netch, being poisonous animals, are now more resistant to it.
- Aquatic creatues now have a weakness to electricity.
- Shalk and goblins are now 50% resistant to fire rather than immune to it. Goblins also no longer have an inconsistent immunity to normal weapons or any other resistances.
- Daedra now have more consistent immunities, including the obvious resistance to normal weapons, plus immunity to disease, resistance to poison and all elemental damage (as about half of them were already), and 20% spell reflect. A few Daedra (such as Atronachs) have stronger or weaker resistances to certain things.
- Dremora and Golden Saints no longer carry normal equipment, instead conjuring bound weapons to fight with.
- Dwemer Animunculi are now immune to poison, disease, and electricity. Since they’re steam-powered, they are heat-resistant but don’t handle the cold well.
- Fabricants, being semi-organic, are no longer fully immune to poison, but are still highly resistant. Their other resistances and weaknesses are now more consistent across the board.
- Undead are now immune to the effects of disease and frost, and are resistant to electricity. Skeletons are also resistant to fire as they lack flesh to burn, while ghosts and undead spellcasters (liches and bonelords) are immune to every type of earthly energy.
- Undead with a specific racial background now have appropriate traits. The Dunmeri bonewalkers are now fireproof, while the Nordic Draugr now have access to their racial powers (MCP should be used to let them remember to actually use them.)
- Solsthiem undead, being mummified, are fairly flammable.
- Most other Solstheim fauna are now immune to the cold. Snow Bears and Snow Wolves are no longer vulnerable to fire.

Modify my mod without credits or permission

Put knowthyenemy.esp in your Morrowind/Data Files directory and activate it.

Just deactivate the .esp and delete it.

This mod makes alterations to most of the creatures in the game, so some conflicts are inevitable. I might make a few patches if certain conflicts seem particularly significant.

Load Order
To avoid undoing changes other mods make, knowthyenemy.esp should probably be loaded before those mods.

1.1: Discovered a bug where Golden Saints (and presumably Dremora) would repeatedly cast Bound spells before finally engaging in combat. Resolved this by giving them a special always-succeeds spell.
1.2: Enchanted weapons no longer ignore normal weapon resistance by default. Silver, Glass, Ebony, Stalhrim, Adamantium, Daedric, or artifact weapons will be needed to fight creatures with such resistances. Make sure "Weapon resistance change" is active in MCP to make sure this works as intended.
1.3: Made a few changes, mostly centered around Ash Creatures:
- Members of House Dagoth (as well as bonewalkers) are now slightly less fireproof than they were before, as they were not intended to be more resistant than a normal Dunmer.
- Corpus Beasts and Ash Creatures now consistently display regenerative properties, and carry the Blight.
- Ash Vampires are significantly more powerful than before. While not quite at the strength depicted in lore where they could singlehandedly hold off two Tribunal gods at once, they're now at least on the same scale of power as their fellow god-mer.
1.4: Fixed an odd bug that gave every NPC in the game access to the Dremora/Golden Saint bound weapons. Thanks to DarkElfGuy for spotting this one.

Added a more detailed explanation of changes to the readme.

I can most easily be found on Discord as Drakevarg#8547.