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Now you can hear what lies benath the Red Mountain.

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The Heart of Lorkhan is still beating. You can hear it even on the surface - assuming you are brave (or foolish) enough to venture beyond the Ghostfence...

A short mod I've made to learn basic lua scripting. The sound stops in the correct moment, and the scripting takes into consideration stuff like using coc or switching between saves at various stages ot fhe Main Quest.

Extra files included in the download: an alternate, vanilla-style sound (taken straight from MW main theme), and a debug version of the lua script with uncommented log and in-game messages, which may be useful for troubleshooting.

Update MWSE. Extract the files into your Morrowind/Data Files folder & check the .esp in your Data Files or Wrye Mash. If you wish to use the alternate files, rename them appropriately.

Delete everything listed under Preview file contents on the Files tab of this mod from your Morrowind/Data Files directory.

This mod should be compatible with any other mod. If you have a mod that adds more cells to the Dagoth Ur facility (such as GDR?), the volume transitions may not be as smooth inside them, or you may not hear the heartbeat inside them at all; I have not tested it. But it won't break your game.

Obviously, it does NOT work with OpenMW.

RedFurryDemon: scripting, CS work, and sound editing
OperatorJack: troubleshooting

Fredrik Jonasson - the sound (from the beginning of Skywind main theme)
Greatness7, Remiros, PhDinSorcery, and Meriyal - I got a basic idea on how to play a sound/run a function at intervals from Kogoruhn Expanded
Thanks to Sigourn for noticing that the file needed some more cleaning.

The .esp file has been cleaned with TESAME and TES3cmd.