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A save editor for Mass Effect Trilogy (and Legendary)

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Trilogy Save Editor

A save editor for Mass Effect Trilogy

A bit late but just in time !

This software is similar to Gibbed's save editors (and forks) but adds a lot of stuff.

  • Mass Effect 1 (yay!) with about a hundred plots.
  • A lot of new plots for ME2/3 (including N7 and DLC Weapons)
  • Multiple bonus powers support for ME2/3
  • Some fixes (ME2 Squad appearance)
  • Mass Effect Legendary support
  • Free (as freedom) and open-source software with CeCILL license

The goal was to have an editor for all 3 games before the Legendary Edition was released. That's done.

Frequently Asked Questions
You can read the FAQ here.

Command line usage
trilogy_save_editor.exe [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [SAVE]

--dx11 Use DirectX 11 backend
--dx12 Use DirectX 12 backend
-h, --help Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information
--vulkanUse Vulkan backend

-c, --compare <OTHER_SAVE> Compare `SAVE` and `OTHER_SAVE` plots and
generate a `compare_result.ron` (Rusty
Object Notation) file

<SAVE> Mass Effect save file


I spent days digging into their code to figure out how to parse Unreal files (for ME1) and saves from ME2/3. Without them I could not
have done anything.

Source code on Github :