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Just Devona's Headmorph with different color options.

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All three games included. Needs a texture mod from the 'Ashley Shepard Headmorph' (Ashley Shepard Headmorph (UPDATED for whole trilogy) at Mass Effect Legendary Edition Nexus - Mods and community ( to work for ME3. If you don't have that she'll have the default femshep textures.
And of course you will need the Trilogy Save Editor.

To get set up just download your preference and extract it. Then open the save editor, select a save, click on the headmorph tab and import one of the options in the file. And enjoy. :)

7B3.6FK.811.H8D.11N.841.RHH.8G1.WG8.9N5.F49.2WF.B < This is her face code if you'd rather just have vanilla textures.

Update 1.1: Small adjustments to two color choices as standalone options. Nothing too big.
Update 1.1.5: Made Red more redder. Would love it if I could get her brows to match her hair but, sadly, I can't.
Update 1.2: Put brows on top of Red. It looks real good in ME1 and ME3 but for ME2 it's slightly noticeable. The original, without brows, is still available. To get the new brows its in miscellaneous.

Update 1.3: Alright so the Red with new brows has been reuploaded as I accidentally added the Ashley morph from the mod done by mrjack900. I imagine it happened because I was testing that modder's textures and extracted it to my desktop. I thought I was being careful and absolutely was not. I'm so sorry to the author of that mod. I've switched it out and was hoping to delete it from here entirely but it's been archived and can't be downloaded.

Update 1.4: I uploaded a new version of Devona-Blue and AuburnDark for someone who is possibly having problems with their textures. These are a substitute in the case that the texture mod needed for consistency doesn't work. As far as I know the texture mod works fine but it could be from uninstalling a previous texture or something of that affect. So on the off chance that is the problem- These are for not having a texture mod installed. It won't look nearly as fabulous but it's as close as I can get it and she still looks good.

Update 1.5: This one's a big one. I've included three hairstyles and a new color which has literally become my favorite. There are some issues that I can't fix with the Miranda hair in ME2 such as the Ashley's hairline showing black. And also the bun in ME1 makes the tip of one ear black and both of these can be pretty obvious but I figured some people wouldn't mind as it looks good anyways in my opinion. I've also decided the next update will be the ME3 version that I made in 1.4. For those of you who already have a texture mod your using and don't want to replace it or simply don't want to use a texture mod in general. It'll take time as I'll be doing it for all hairstyles and colors, please be patient. :)
Also to get the autumn with Miranda hair download from the Devona-MirandaHairs in miscellaneous.

Update 1.6: As promised for those that prefer not to mod their game, or already have one installed for ME3, I've uploaded the 1.4 version for all hairstyles and colors. The blue and auburndark aren't included in her original hairstyle because they're already posted.