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A custom Iconic Femshep texture edit + custom eyelashes + headmorph. :)

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this is my attempt at editing the iconic FemShep face texture and lashes for custom Shepard.

The face texture and lashes are separate mods if someone wants one but not the other. 

The face texture mod actually replaces two textures - the face diff and face norm. Face diff is the basic texture, norm controls how light is reflected (creating a 3d effect). I edited it slightly to match the thicker brows and smaller lips.
The edits are only subtle. I made the freckles a bit more prominent, made the lips thinner, added a bit more highlighting, removed most makeup from eyelids and, most importantly, made the brows more even and thick. :)

You need two things to use the mod(s):
1. Mass Effect Modder (MEM) - to install the MEM files.
Just install via Mods Manager -> Mods Installer -> Add to list -> Select the MEM file -> Install all (or selected) mods

2. Trilogy Save Editor - to apply correct textures to your femshep.
Open your save in the editor, go to the Head Morph tab, expand Texture Parameters, and set:

HED_Diff to BIOG_HMF_HED_PROMorph_R.PROShepard.HMF_HED_PROShepard_Face_Diff
HED_Norm to BIOG_HMF_HED_PROMorph_R.PROShepard.HMF_PROShepard_Face_Norm
The lashes should replace custom femshep's lashes so you shouldn't have to change anything. :)

For default femshep, you don't have to change anything (not that you can, that is; she doesn't use a head morph >.<).
Note: The eyelashes do not work on default femshep, she uses her own texture. But if anybody is interested, I can easily make that available, too. I just don't use her so I haven't tested it on her (her model most likely has a different lash shape). Just let me know. ;)

And done. 

I also included my Shep's headmorph, to use that, go to the Head Morph tab in the editor, click on Import and select the RON file. :)