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Recommended by NovaCoru the creator of Homemaker - Settlements Expanded .
Ever wanted to make an official shop? Well now you can ! :P With the all new Business Settlements mod you can place signs, banners , billboards and shop supplies to your settlements.

This mod goes very well with the Additional Shop Mod 

If anyone is interested in making your own folded sign there is a template file that you can download. I will add those that are best made to the next update. Enjoy 
 Once you are done, send me a PM then we can further discuss your addition to Business Settlements 
and I will definitely give you credit for your work.

Change log: Version 1.9:
  • Added a crap load of tin signs.

Change log: Version 1.8:
  • Added a crap load of Folded signs. Great for indoor or outdoor shops.

Change log: Version 1.7:
  • Added smaller signs
  • Added more counters/cabinets
  • Added more posters
  • Added mannequin male
  • Added Valentine's posters

Change log: Version 1.6:
  • Added Oval shaped signs
  • Added Circle shaped signs
  • Added more neon signs
  • Added a few medical posters
  • Added more plopable objects
  • Added rotating/animated medical sign
  • Added a few signs from Diamond City

Change log: Version 1.5:
  • Additional signs
  • Added Menus on wall and tables
  • Added Diner tables and counter
  • Fixed recipe compenents from not using steel
  • Added Banners for shops


 Have an idea for a sign?  Let me know, I do take requests. 

To place your signs on higher level buildings use the console command tcl to fly around and tcl again when finished.