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With this pylon, you won't have to construct additional pylons.

Permissions and credits
Heads up, this addon may not function correctly as I haven't touched it since 2015.

Power everywhere
Long range pylon

Don't you hate it when you're placing down lights in your settlement and they're not getting power meaning you have to construct additional pylons?
Instead of having to place 4 or 5 pylons around each house, why not just have one? This isn't starcraft, you don't need all those pylons.

What is it?

This mod adds a new item to the workshop menu, the item is named "ADDITIONAL PYLON" (because who doesn't love annoying memes) and it aesthetically identical to the large power pylon, but functionally different.

The regular large power pylon has a range of 500 in game units, the "ADDITIONAL PYLON" has a range of 10,000 in game units, no that isn't a typo.

What does it do?
It should provide power to all WIRELESS devices(Things that require "ϟ" instead of "1ϟ" e.g lights) in the settlement it is placed in.
It does provide power to wired things, but only in the conventional way (attaching a wire, I don't know how to boost the range on wires.)

Because of the overpowered nature of this pylon, I made it rather expensive to craft, 5 circuitry, 10 crystal, 20 gold and 30 steel,
If you don't want to spend that much of your resources, I made a cheap version which uses 1 circuits, 2 crystal, 3 gold and 4 steel.
This mod isn't for purists, just wanting to make that clear.

How to install
If you haven't already, you need to enable modding.

To do this, follow these steps by skyrimlu

"You will need to add the following line to Fallout4Prefs.ini file below the section  [Launcher]:


You will need also to change the following line in Fallout4.ini:


Once you've gone and done that, extract the zip in to your fallout 4 directory (Where fallout4.exe lives) and overwrite the data folder.
After that open the fallout 4 launcher and open the hidden plugin selector by pressing on the base of the handle on the helmet.

Simply tick the box related to the plugin and bobs your uncle, you'll be placing pylons like it's nobody's business.

Due to the way I made this, it SHOULD be impossible for it to conflict with any other mods as I made a new object instead of editing an existing one.
That being said if you run in to anything, please let me know.

Special thanks
Thanks to NEDM for coming up with the idea, you sure do love your memes.
MASSIVE thanks to skyrimlu for coming up with this guide http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/277/? if it wasn't for that, I'd have no idea how to get mods running.