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Mod adds a craftable coffee maker so you can make coffee or tea in batches. Also adds a few decorations to the build mode.

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Mod adds a craftable coffee maker (comes in three colours), so you can make coffee in batches.
The drinks give you Caffeinated and other buffs in HC and fixes a bit of HP.
The herbal tea also cures rads (since fern flower is used for Radaway anyway)

The drinks use different kinds of ingredients, some you find in the wild, some you can buy from vendors.
Coffee beans are injected to leveled lists via a script.

It also adds a plantable silt beans because holy carp those things are hard to find. Just plant the bean, assign a settler, get beans!

Lastly, this mod adds a decorative coffee mugs and coffee tins you can place anywhere.
Craft them under Decoration - Misc. They can be placed on most surfaces and won't get knocked over.
The decorations will bring happiness to settlements.


• A barista stand you can assign a settler to
• More coffee decorations
• A coffee house / cafe
• French Press and compact espresso machine
• Coffee apparel


GioMetal for the coffee maker ♥ ♥ ♥ 
cdante for leveled list script
for the coffee mug mesh
MxR: The graphic
theMetamancer for the Eli coffee tin
fadingsignal for the coffee bean bowl

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Xbone version here


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