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Over 10,000 buildable items provided through Sim Settlements 2, including dozens of prefab building models!

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Sim Settlements 2, Workshop Framework and all DLC are required. All of the form records for this kit are stored in Sim Settlements 2, and Workshop Framework is required by SS2, so you'll need that as well.

The DLC are required to allow us to make some of the assets in those DLC items buildable
(don't worry the DLC aren't required for players to have for you to share your designs - check out the Share section for details!)

Massive Workshop Item Set

Over 10,000 buildable items from the base game, DLC, and Sim Settlements 2 - including many custom models, alternate retextures, and scripted objects not available anywhere else.

We also took many complex vanilla models, such as workbenches and vehicles, and broke them down into individual components to give a large collection of interesting new machine and bench parts.

Sim Settlements Unique Prefabs and Models

All of the building prefabs you've seen in Sim Settlements screenshots are now available for you to build yourself and fill however you like! This includes various level designs for many buildings so you can quickly assemble the settlement of your dreams.

Special Scripted Objects

  • Animation Markers: Tons of markers to make NPCs in your settlement more lively, using our "blue-man system" to show the markers only in Workshop Mode.
  • Climable Ladders: Simple snappable ladder pieces that the player can climb.
  • Dynamic Holiday Decorations: Place special markers that will be automatically replaced with holiday decorations depending on the current in-game date.
  • Custom NPC Spawners: Special markers that spawn creatures, guards, visitors, and even custom vendors.
  • Guard Patrol Markers: Setup patrol routes that special Sim Settlements 2 leaders can use to trigger guard patrols around a settlement (try out Paladin Danse as leader!).
  • Camera Tour System: Create tour routes through your settlement that the Sim Settlements 2 City Planner's Desk will allow players to be taken on a ride through the sky to see the highlights of your settlement.
  • Navmesh Blocks: Invisible pathing objects to help make otherwise unpathable areas and items work as floors and stairs!
  • Effect Markers: Fire, electricity, water, and more!
  • Sound Emitters: Place sound effect loops in your settlement to bring it to life.
  • And more! (See the WRK > Special category)

Share Your Designs

If you like to share your designs using Transfer Settlements Blueprints, Workshop Framework Layouts, or Sim Settlements City Plans - this kit makes your life even easier. In addition to custom items from Sim Settlements 2 being made buildable, it also makes many of the most popular vanilla model files buildable as well.

This way you minimize the number of mod requirements for players to use your settlement! In fact, they don't even need the Wasteland Reconstruction Kit installed, just Sim Settlements 2 itself.

With Workshop Framework Layouts and Sim Settlements 2 City Plans, any items the player lacks, such as DLC or "PC Only" items, will be automatically skipped, rather than forcing a hard requirement on your creation!

Project Blueprint Reborn

For those of you familiar with the Sim Settlements 1 city planner's toolkit, yes, this is Project Blueprint for SS2! In fact, alongside this kit, I've updated the Addon Maker's Toolkit to include the tutorials for making City Plans for Sim Settlements 2!


We consider this a beta build of the mod. That is, the mod is stable, and safe to use, but there are lots of little quirks we are working to fix. Missing menu icons, unnamed items, and a few items with funky collision. These issues will be worked out over the coming months, if you would like to hurry the process along, please report any collision issues here, as those we have no automated means to detect. 


How is this mod so small?

This mod is mostly construction records for the various models inside of Sim Settlements 2's plugin, as well as some vanilla mesh replacers to add snap points to some things, meaning that the majority of the file size required for this kit is in Sim Settlements 2 itself.

I found a buggy item, what do I do?

Please report the issue on the simsettlements2.com forums and we'll try and get it fixed ASAP. Since the models are kept in Sim Settlements 2, they'll likely be fixed in our bi-weekly patches.

Will you make a version without Sim Settlements 2 required?


One of the primary goals of this build kit is to make it easier to share settlement designs with people on PC and Xbox. Since Xbox players are severely restricted on file size, if we created this kit including all of the models and textures again, it would make it near impossible for Xbox players to use the settlement designs created using this kit.

This kit is NOT required to use the Workshop Framework Layouts or Sim Settlements 2 City Plans on Xbox, all of the actual forms are stored inside of SIm Settlements 2.


Strong Swanson - Leading the charge on this build kit!
Whisper - Testing, automation scripts, and snap points for days!
robotten - Chopping up models, generating collision, advice and help all around!
CordlessVII - Helping create an intuitive menu structure!
BlackMage - Testing and collision generation!
XV - Testing and collision generation!
Sim Settlements Team - All of the wonderful custom models and textures created over the years!