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Learn how to make new buildings and tons more for Sim Settlements 2!

These guides and resources will teach absolutely anyone, regardless of their experience how to create or inject content into Sim Settlements 2. No prior skills required!

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The Add-On Maker's Toolkit is a series of guides and helper files to make creating Add-On mods for Sim Settlements 2 as easy as can be; even for people who have never modded before!

The tutorials are available as PDFs within this toolkit, as well as on our Wiki at: wiki.simsettlements2.com

With this toolkit you can:

  • Create New Buildings
  • Convert Your Settlement Designs to City Plans
  • Establish New Leaders
  • Add Custom Flags
  • Define Your Own Holidays
  • Write News Articles for the In-Game Paper
  • Invent new Beer Recipes for the Brewery System
  • Sell Creatures at the Pet Store
  • Integrate Content with our Unlock System
  • Tap Into the SS2 Industrial-Powered Economy
  • Provide New Discoveries
  • And more!

In the future we'll be expanding this to cover dozens more topics, from City Plan creation, to new custom settler workflows, so check back for updates to the Toolkit, or keep an eye on our Wiki for the latest posts!

What's Included?

  • PDF Copies of the Tutorials and Guides found at wiki.simsettlements2.com
  • Model and Texture Files Needed for Some Tutorials
  • XEdit Scripts for Incredibly Simple Workflows

No Experience Necessary, Really?

My method of writing tutorials is to focus on explicit steps, so that there is no ambiguity, just do exactly what it tells you and you'll make it through to a completed addon! I avoid using terms without defining them, and never assume you know anything I haven't shown you in a previous guide.

Throughout these tutorials, whenever we come across a subject someone might not know, I either take the time to explain it, or I link to a video where you can learn precisely what you need.

For those who have never modded, there is a Guided Series for learning to make buildings, that even covers the basics of installing the Creation Kit and points to a video to quickly get you up to speed on navigating around it.

Almost every single Add-on Pack author for Sim Settlements 1 had never modded a day in their life, so if you're looking for a path to learn - this has proven to be a great one!

Want to learn among others?

Head to the simsettlements.com forums, where you can ask questions and even for an invite to our development Discord to work alongside others going through the kit!

Released an Add-on and Want me to Feature it?

Contact me here with a link to your add-on and I'll try to feature it in an upcoming video!