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Adds a paint job based off the Power Armor in Operation: Anchorage.

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Operation Anchorage Power Armor Paint
Adds a paint job based off the Power Armor in Operation: Anchorage to the the T45, T51, T60, and X01.

To install drag and drop materials, textures, and the esp to your Data folder.

What's new in Version 4?
-Removed white accent from T60's forearms
-Adjusted T51's shoulders to match rest of armor
-Made biceps for T60 gray to match T51
-Made biceps for X01 to match T51
-Added two optional download files for weathered variants of the T51 and T60
-Just use the weathered variants they're way better.

FAQ/Notes/Anticipated Questions:
Q: Does this replace the winterized version?

A: No. It will be it's own coat called "Anchorage".

Q: This is already in the game, it's called Winterized. What differences are there that justify this as it's own mod rather than a stolen version of Winterized?

A: Well the main differences between the two is that these are 2 different textures, not just a slightly edited version of the (non-existant?) Winterized texture. But the specific differences is that there are now new decals including serial numbers, army stars on shoulders, and USA flags. Also the specific colors are different and two toned rather than just the blank white covering the entirety of the armor.

Q: The other 3 power armors were never in Operation: Anchorage. Why are they here?
A: Simply put, I liked the way it looked so I decided to add it to all of the Power Armors. But in terms of lore, the only possible power armors to have this coat would be the T45 and the T51, so yes it technically is not lore friendly.