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Full featured MCM Settings Menu for NAC X by l00ping. Also adding weather hotkeys!

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NAC X - MCM Settings Menu

Full featured MCM settings menu for NAC X - NATURAL AND ATMOSPHERIC COMMONWEALTH 10 - Legacy Edition by l00ping.

This mod allows you to configure NAC X with MCM.
You can comfortably select all mod settings within the MCM menu. All settings known from the armor menu are well aligned in hierarchical pages.

Also include the full list of weather, categorized in categories, which let you choose the current weather with the ease of a single click. Also you can easily set weathers on the NAC X blacklist, if you don't like them.

And include the possibility to assign multiple hotkeys for changing weather to a random/specific weather, get the current weather forecast or open the original NAC X menu (previously only available via the armor menu item).

Includes a optional plugin (with esl-flag) to hide the original armor menu item. If you want to hide the armor menu item just check the option in the FOMOD!

Also this mod makes all NAC X settings available for MCM Settings Manager - so you can save, load and transfer your settings between games!

  • Simply install with any mod manager

MCM Settings for NAC X

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All credits for the main mod goes to l00ping (Author of NAC X)
szandor81 (Found a way to contact the retired author l00ping to get permission to make this mod)
The Collective Modding discord
The MCM team: registrator2000, Neanka and shadowslasher410 (for their awesome MCM menu)
Bethesda (Fallout 4)
The Nexus community