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Fill the gap with custom Mark 2,4,6,8 Machinegun Turrets...and SK Compatible!

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Ever wonder why there's only Mk 1,3,5,7 but no Mk 2,4,6,8 Turrets? Here they come...
and SK Compatible with patch!

The video is for reference only which may affect my player's level/perks.

Be sure to check my other turrets mods  - Advanced Settlement Turret Set, Advanced Portable Turret Set, Selectable Mark I-VII Machinegun Turret


This is a settlement/workshop turret mod that add mark 2, 4, 6, 8 Machinegun Turrets to your game

Machinegun Turret
- Mk II - (Armor Piercing, 5 Safety, NPC Level 5, 20 Dmg Resist, 10 Energy Resist, 75 Health)
- Mk IV - (Rapid Fire, 6 Safety, NPC Level 7, 25 Dmg Resist, 10 Energy Resist, 85 Health)
- Mk VI - (Cryo Infused, 7 Safety, NPC Level 9, 30 Dmg Resist, 15 Energy Resist, 95 Health)
- Mk VIII - (Plasma Infused, 8 Safety, NPC Level 11, 35 Dmg Resist, 15 Energy Resist, 110 Health)

Heavy Machinegun Turret
- Mk II - (Armor Piercing, 9 Safety, NPC Level 13, 45 Dmg Resist, 25 Energy Resist, 145 Health)
- Mk IV - (Rapid Fire, 10 Safety, NPC Level 15, 50 Dmg Resist, 25 Energy Resist, 155 Health)
- Mk VI - (Cryo Infused, 11 Safety, NPC Level 17, 55 Dmg Resist, 30 Energy Resist, 165 Health)
- Mk VIII - (Plasma Infused, 12 Safety, NPC Level 19, 60 Dmg Resist, 35 Energy Resist, 180 Health)

Along with 8 custom marking style for you to choose!


These turrets will not only appear in your workshop but also NPC environment like turrets you can find in national guard training yard, raiders turrets, etc. The custom marking style will ONLY affect these custom turrets (Mk 2,4,6,8), if you want to change the marking style of original turrets (Mk 1,3,5,7), please use my others mod - New Marking Style for Machinegun Turret

Mk II Armor Piercing - 12 damage
Mk IV Rapid Fire - 20 damage with increased fire speed
Mk VI Cryo Infused - 40 damage + 6 Cryo damage
Mk VIII Plasma Infused - 55 damage + 25 energy damage

Feel free to add your own image, especially the cool effect of my turret along with the corpse of those poor  enemies...


Install it with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) OR
manually place the esp file (with optional SK Patch) in Data\ and enable the esp AND copy the required .dds file here: Data\Textures\Actors\TurretFreeStanding\
After installing/enabling the file, you should be able to use it in the Workshop Menu, Enjoy your new toys!

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Craftable Institute Elevator
Advanced Settlement Turret Set

Advanced Portable Turret Set

Remove Turret Power Requirement
Fat Lady
Pipe Turret
Sonic Blaster
Institute EMP Rifle
Disgusting Settlement Turret Set
Automatic Conversion for Non-automatic Weapons
Plasma Pulse Rifle
New Marking Style for Machinegun Turret


Chrome Laser Weapons (Institute included) by mGlushed
Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction by ChaosWWW (F4ECC 1.2 used)
Fallout 4 Seasons Project by GgameDuchess (Summer used)
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
Water Enhanced by Jmane2009 (4K version used)

Yes, Many YaoGuai were harmed in the making of this mod, and many of them blow up into pieces or disintegrated in ash

Created with FO4edit, NifSkope, paint.NET, Material Editor, FOMOD Creation Tool