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Get items from ESPs at runtime, no more console, FormID and ALT+TAB.

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IN-GAME ESP Explorer
Free from FormID

This mod requires F4SE 0.4.2  or greater.


Get items from ESMs/ESPs at runtime.

See pictures. All are there.

Change Log
V 1.12.042 beta
* FO4 v1.9.4 + F4SE 0.4.2

V 1.12.022
* F4SE drove me crazy.

V 1.12.021
* Respawn an item with 10 X initial quantity if
you take all of it.

V 1.11.020
* Removed most of debug info
* For AZERTY keyboard, set AZERTY = 1 in INI , it will change fixed hotkey to Shift+W

V 1.10.020

* Added a new feature: Search everything
    - Search all items in all ESMs/ESPs using a keyword
    - Match item's FormID, EDID and name.
    - Support old school wildcard characters, * and ?
    - 20 history search records. Use UP/DOWN to scroll while in the input field.
    - Don't worry about speed, the search process is 100% pure C++ code, not stupid Papyrus, very fast.
    - Usage
           Mouse : Click magnifier icon. Keyboard/Controller: Press [RELOAD] key.
           You have to remember the key, current UI has no space to place a button.
 * General stability and performance improvements. It's true, not Bethesda's bullshit.
 * Default hotkey is F11 now
 * Added another fixed hotkey: Shift + Z
Remove old version completely and make a clean save. This update changed a lot.

Created with
Microsoft Visual C++(50%)
Adobe Animate CC(40%)
Bethesda Creation Kit