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Tired of wanna-be shack buildings that leak like a sieve? Want to have a home that actually can withstand the weather including a rad storm? Well, get a spatula ready, time to build a proper house in the style of downtown Boston.

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Home sweet home!

Time to roll up the sleeves and do some building! This collection of settlement assets provides you with a truckload of possibilities to create your own little dream house. Build brick walls, add some solar generators for some juice without the rattling of an engine right next to your bedroom, plug in a toilet and a sink for clean water, and go full OCD until your system burns out because of the details.


1. Install Eisenwolf's Legacy (see the link above) and do the small introduction quest if you haven't already (otherwise skip to step 2). Once it's done simply create a new savegame and log out.
2. Install this mod using NMM and continue from the savegame you just created.
3. After installing this mod, the next time you enter the game world a new holotape will be added to your inventory. This holotape provides the lore behind the settlement design of this mod, and also activates a new category in the "structures" tab of your workshop menu.


As with any mod that adds a new category to your workshop menu, Symbiotic Settlements also comes with an "uninstaller" chem! If you want to uninstall this mod, you MUST craft and use this chem first, otherwise it'll break your workshop menu!


There's a russian translation for this mod available now, provided by kopasov:
- Symbiotic Settlements (russian translation)

Just look awesome!

The main goal of Symbiotic Settlements is to recreate the buildings you can see in the Boston area, reflecting the style of the pre-war era. However it's not gonna be all bling-bling and shiny, but actually just as good as you can get it to work with what you can actually find in the wasteland - you can only work with the cards that the wasteland gives you.
Made of recycled cinderblocks and common corrugated iron, these homes will provide you and your settlers with a level of comfort most wastelanders can just dream of. Additionally, the buildings can be equipped with a proper sewage system, a primitive yet useful solar generator array, and the roof provides a good place for additional garden plots if you run out of space on the ground. At the end of the day, your settlers will barely have left the house because they got everything they need inside - makes you kinda jealous, doesn't it? :D


- Approximately 140 asset parts. Should give you a few options to try out.
- solar panels to generate power during the day, during the night you can rely on battery racks. Connect the two, and you never run out of juice.
- sewage system. Place a sewage plant, put a sewage pipe into your bathroom, snapp a toilet and a sink to it (which is required to place them in the settlement!), and your settlers will be very happy. The toilet grands a happiness bonus of 5, the sinks provide clean drinking water.
- 2 shop designs, small and large. Each shop can be snapped to a vendor mat acting like a normal store. Both shops are also fully compatible with "Do it yourshelf".

Known issues and solutions

- If you are using mods that also alter the workshop menu (Snappy, Snap'n'Build, Northland Diggers ...), please make sure you create a fresh savegame before installing this mod, as formlist injections are known to cause issues and may destroy the entire formlist, leaving the workshop menu completely blank.
- Due to the amount of snapping points required to add the assets properly, it's possible that some of them might be blocked unintentionally and the game won't allow you to snap the new asset into place (unless you are using place everywhere, which negates this limitation). In that case you can change the order of the assets snapping to each other by simply removing an asset already snapped to the one you want to add the new asset to, and later on re-add it again. This usually occurs with assets like the walls, doorframes, sewage pipes and the garden plot. For this reason, I highly recommend using Place Everywhere, it really makes building settlements a lot easier. UPDATE: this also affects the wall corners! In this case you can simply move one of the walls out of the way, snap the corner to the remaining wall and then realign the wall you removed.

Additional Recommended Mods

The following mods work very well with this one, and also will help you in various situations:
Place everywhere: pretty much everyone and their brother should have this mod installed anyway. Especially useful if you can't get certain assets to snap properly because of overoccupied snap points.
Northland Diggers: add some extra plant life to your settlements, and the workstations seamlessly fit into the theme of Symbiotic Settlements.
Thematic and Practical: provide useful furniture both for the interior and the exterior.
Do it Yourshelf/OCDecorator: For going crazy with all the lovely details that make your settlement come to life.


Initial version

Fixed an issue which displays the bathroom mirror in the workshop menu even if the introduction quest from Eisenwolf'sLegacy wasn't finished yet. Also updated the tooltips on th toilet and the sink to clarify that they need to be snapped to a sewage pipe.

Added a few new assets:
- A more theme-friendly, tiny shelf which is DIY-compatible (for the battery box or small clutter assets from DIY)
- An additional crop planter which can be places next to walls
- The small power armr station that we all are already familiar with (simply for good measure, in case there's no mod already installed which provides access to this cut content)

- Removed some internal clutter.
- Added another planter (best suited for flat ground) and changed the mesh of the brick-walled planter to cope with steeper sloves.
- Flower power! Added a new category for exotic plants that can now be planted like regular crops. This includes silt beans, glowing fungus, gourd flower, carrot flower, hubflower, melon flower and fern. These plants require a settler to farm them (they provide some food), but they also can be used like their wild counterparts.
- New wall decoration: vines. Useful for decorating the outer walls, they can be found in the "walls" section.

- Fixed issues with the collision of several meshes. The large counter should not block nearby doorframes anymore and both player and NPCs shouldn't hover over the ground when standing near the esge of a roof.

- Improved snapping for the sewage pipe
- Added balcony railings for balconies
- Added gravel walls (small and large) which snap to each other and provide an additinal snap point for either guard posts or flatbed planters at the top
- Added a third planter (flatbed planter)
- Added a guard post tile
- Added a new category for workstations, and a small coffeepot which allows you to craft hot coffee (requires a coffeecup, which will be added to your inventory again after consumption)
- Added a display rack for the shops. They can either mount deco weapons (laser rifle, pistol, pipe revolver or frag grenade) or a new shelf which is complatible with DIY
- Added the missing inner corner of the roof tileset
- Added snap points to the counters in the interior section to make them usable as store counters. Also added more snap points for the vendor mats to the large store to make it work with the new display rack.
- Minor internal improvements and fixes. For example, the pipe from the rain gutter barrel now properly displays immediately, not just after a reload of the savegame

- Added a plain slanted roof
- Added a half-sized brick wall
- Added a small staircase
- Added two tiny cooking workstations (mainly tailored around the idea that every settler should have their own means of preparing some food in their appartments)
- Fixed positioning issues with the vine racks
- Fixed the issue with the hovering staircases

- Added a set for creating balcony roofs
- Added more half-sized brick wall parts, one with a window in it and one designed as a simple passage insstead of a doorframe
- Added a third coffee maker: the huge espresso machine we already see in the vanilla game from time to time
- Added a skylight for the roof, thanks to HeliX2K for proposing this idea. ^^
- Added a bathtub to complete the bathroom mix. Just for decorative purposes (although I MIGHT try to give it some reason in the future)
- Changed the build cost for the toilet. Each one now also requires 1 Abraxo ans 1 plunger to somewhat limit the amount of toilets you can build in your settlement (the happiness level shouldn't be centered around a settlement covered in toilets after all).

- Fixed an issue which caused the gravel walls and guard post marker to appear even when the Eisenwolf quest wasn't finished.
- New total asset count: 152
- Added new kitchen assets: a cooking stove (works as a cooking station), a small table which snaps to the stove and is DIY compatible, and a refrigerator which also snaps to the stove/table, is DIY compatible and acts as a container which can chill noth Gwinett beer and the Nuka-Cola variants from the vanilla game
- Made the curtains snappable so they can be properly snapped to the full-sized windowed walls.
- Added two doors which can be used to solve clipping issues inside a building
- Added a new store which is inspired from the store shown in the loading screen. Comes with both a stand-alone display (which can snap to a small vendor icon sign) and a snappable cash register which acts as a standard container.
- Added a simple light which is DIY compatible (you can place a small clutter item on the board connecting the to lamps)
- Added a new foundation with wooden stilts, a intermediate roof-to-floor tile and two balcony floor tiles, completing the tile set so you (in theory) don't have to use any other vanilla assets for building a house anymore.
- Oh, and I added a bed to the mix, with a comfy pillow for sweet dreams and less spinal issues. ^^

- Added two new lights based upon the fancy lights you find in the more elaborate houses of the Commonwealth. They can snap to the standard brick walls, the partially bricked door frames and the bricked half-walls.
- Fixed an issue which caused some items like potted plants not to show up on the workshop menu
- Fixed an issue which made some items not placeable without mods like Place Anywhere

- NavMeshed the floors, stairs and doorframes. Hopefully the settlers will know how to use them properly now ...
- Added a decontamination shower. Removes all RADs
- Added a supply tower. Snaps to both the new support extension (also added in this version) or a common floor tile. Can be equipped with rain gutter barrels (at the top), a guard post (also at the top), solar panels (at the three boarded sides), and leaves enough room on the floor tile it's been snapped to to accomodate a large planter.
- Added two new workstations, which require settlers and provide resources at 6 PM: a recycling station (produces concrete) and a trapper (produces molerat meat and radroach meat).

- Added 7 new tiny cooking stations. Can be used by the player for cooking and is used by NPCs at the end of the workday if the "busy settlers" mod or any equivalent is installed.
- Added a new workstation, the hardware station. Produces cooking pans, metal buckets and coffee pots
- Added a new decorative object, the diagnostics cart. Does nothing fancy, just for those who would like to make their PA workstations look better. :)
- Added a new guard post in form of a chair. Got a request for it, thought that it might be a good idea, so I simply threw it into the mix.
- Added a thematically fitting fireplace for your larger buildings. Attracts settlers and provides some happiness.

- Fixed the issue with the non-snapping corners!
- Broke the 200 asset barrier!
- Added a new category to the workbench menu: prefabs. Provides both complete tiny houses or appartments and precombined assets which you can use to cut down on the item count in your settlement (i'm looking at YOU, build limit!!!). The assets are fully navmeshed and should be used whenever possible, especially the one with the doorframe or the staircases.
- Added some extra assets to complete your kitchen. Two new cabinets as containers, plus a utility sink.
- Cleaned up a lot of the snap points to make aligning the parts a lot easier now (still might get a bit tricky from time to time, but not nearly as frequently as it used to be)


Being the largest mod I made so far, it's very likely that it'll have its quirks at the moment. For that reason I'm going to focus on fixing any issues first, after that I might be adding some new assets if necessary.

User suggestions

Since a few people made good suggestions in the comment section I might as well add the tiles being requested here. I'll add them in the next build.

-= No backlog at the moment =-

As always, feedback and endorsements are very welcome. Enjoy building! :)