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Quickly zap debris, trash and junk in settlements!

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In the base game you can't get rid of the piles of leaves or debris and trash! This is ridiculous as surely someone has time to sweep up the leaves at least! This is where Scrap Everything comes in, it is an excellent mod that allows you scrap a lot more things that you should be able to scrap in the base game.

The problem then is that it takes a lot of time to individually scrap all the debris, trash and junk, especially in large settlements such as Sanctuary. I used to do one house at a time after returning to a settlement but it's still tedious and if you don't want to scrap some things can be error prone.

I searched for a mod to help but the options are limited. The solution I liked best was the "scrapall" console command. The only problem then is you end up with a barren landscape with no character. The idea for Scrap Zapper was born!

Scrap Zapper is a workshop object, in the Resources > Miscellaneous sub-menu. By default, the item is quite cheap to make so you should be able to make it early on and take it with you to each settlement. Activate Scrap Zapper which brings up a menu.  Choose what type of objects you want to scrap. You can use any or all of the  options, the choice is yours! Scrap Zapper will say it is charging and once it goes off will instantly zap all the scrap in that category.

The components the objects scrap into are put into the workshop. The second from last menu option stores workshop objects, such as chairs and tables, into the workshop so they can be put back out where you want them.  If any scrapped or stored objects are containers the contents, if any, are also placed into the workshop.

The final menu option lets you pickup Scrap Zapper and take it to a new settlement. The item is stored in your inventory and deployed at the new settlement by using it.

Bear in mind that Scrap Zapper does have a max range. It's range is quite large so if it is placed roughly in the centre of Sanctuary it will be able to reach the whole of the settlement.


The mod, by itself, has no requirements and can be placed anywhere in the load order! It is strongly recommended to also install Scrap Everything as otherwise Scrap Zapper will be limited in what it is able to scrap. All versions of Scrap Everything are supported.

There is an optional file called Scrap Less, it is a patch for Scrap Everything. It disables scrapping of some things I don't want to scrap, such as Sanctuary Houses as I feel they are required for retaining the character of Sanctuary. Place Scrap Less somewhere after Scrap Everything in the load order. If you use Horizon's Scrap Everything patch, Scrap Less needs to be after this too.

There is now an installer for NMM, MO2, etc. You can choose your options and have them merged into one "ScrapZapper.esp".


There is full support for recent versions of Horizon in the base mod. There is an optional file that replaces the Advanced Circuitry (Circuitry in Vanilla) requirement with Makeshift Battery and Vacuum Tubes. I always wanted to make use of these items and they fit perfectly. I hope to change the model to reflect these requirements in use.

Place ScrapZapper_Horizon.esp somewhere after Z_Horizon.esp and any other Horizon patches in the load order.

As the items are not that common you can salvage them using the bottom menu option but you lose the Steel and Copper. The Makeshift Battery and Vacuum Tubes don't get broken down into their parts but there is new recipes to do so in the Tech Lab.

Remember, the base mod fully supports Horizon. The patch is purely optional and not recommended for an existing save as you may find it hard to find the requirements. For a new game the Makeshift Battery is under the Weapons Workbench in Sanctuary and the Vacuum Tubes can be scrapped from the Garage Diagnostic Cart.


Sanctuary, Red Rocket Truck Stop, Abernathy Farm, Starlight Drive In, Sunshine Tidings Co-op, Tenpines Bluff, Graygarden, Oberland Station and Hangman's Alley have been fully tested and supported. The addon will work with other settlements but let me know in the Posts tab if there are items that don't get scrapped in other settlements and I will add support when I have time.

Known Issues

  1. When the Scrap Zapper says it is "charging" it is actually finding all the objects to scrap and processing them. The way scripts work in Fallout  4 means this is quite slow. Still, it takes a couple of minutes to fully scrap Sanctuary, saving all that time and tedium you usually have to spend!
  2. If an item is on top of an object that is scrapped by the mod it will appear to float mid air. This is just a visual bug and the item can still be looted. I would expect most players to loot the area first in which case you won't see this happen unless you miss something.
  3. Hedges and fences etc that are outside the workshop build area can't be scrapped, I hope to fix this at some point.
  4. Bodies of mobs, such as Bloatflies, that are killed within a settlement aren't currently scrapped.


Better than cheesecake!
If you care about settlements at all you need this tool.
I'm hooked and now too lazy to scrap manually.
A handy utility smartly integrated into the game via a buildable device that helps players maintain lore and immersion.