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Wild Plants Farming with automatic add harvest to workshop

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Notes about v.2.0.0 update

Can only be installed to a new game or a save that has never seen Farm.esp.
Updating from previous versions (earlier than v.2.0.0) will break the workshops scripting system.
Hold the update until a new game starts
It will also break old settlement blueprints

This mod adds wild plants to the settlement workshops.
These work the same as vanilla plants.
You need to assign a settler to produce food.
Produced food is automatically added to your workshop inventory.

Following plants are added:

Main Game:
  • Ash Blossom
  • BloodLeaf (2 options, into water)
  • Brain Fungus (3 options)
  • Glowing Fungus (6 options)
  • HubFlower (2 options)
  • Irradiated Thistle (does not explode)
  • Mutated Fern (2 options)
  • Silt Bean (2 options)
  • Tarberry (2 options, into water)
  • Wild Carrot Flower
  • Wild Corn
  • Wild Gourd Blossom
  • Wild Melon Blossom
  • Wild Mutfruit
  • Wild Razorgrain
  • Wild Tato Blossom (2 options)
  • Wild Tarberry (2 options, into water)
  • Experimental Plant (available after completing BoS quest "Shadow of Steel", сollect seedlings on Prydwen main deck)

DLC Far Harbor:
  • Aster
  • Black BloodLeaf (2 options, into water)
  • Blight
  • Lure Weed (2 options, into water)
  • Sap Bucket
  • Fog Condenser (passive without animation, can only be built on The Island)

DLC Nuka-World:
  • Fever Blossom (2 options)

New plants:
  • Fresh versions of Carrot, Corn, Gourd, Melon, Mutfruit, Razorgrain, Tato (food production x2, available after completing quest "Hole in the Wall" in Vault 81, seedlings sells Maria Summerset)
  • Institute versions of Carrot, Corn, Gourd, Melon, Mutfruit, Razorgrain, Tato (food production x4, available after completing the Institute side quest "Building a Better Crop", seedlings sells synth cafeteria worker)

Mod adds recipes for making different versions of Vegetable Starch from Wild, Fresh and Institute crops.

Affected settlements:
Wild plants available in vanilla settlements linked to workshop.
  • Croup Manor - 1 pcs HubFlower, 2 pcs Wild Tato Blossom
  • Egret Tours Marina - 1 pcs Brain Fungus
  • Jamaica Plain - 1 pcs Glowing Fungus
  • Murkwater Construction Site - 2 pcs BloodLeaf, 3 pcs Mutated Fern
  • Sanctuary Hills - 3 pcs Wild Mutfruit
  • Somerville Place - 2 pcs HubFlower
  • Spectacle Island - 3 pcs BloodLeaf, 1 pcs Brain Fungus, 1 pcs HubFlower, 1 pcs Wild Carrot Flower, 5 pcs Wild Corn, 10 pcs Wild Gourd Blossom, 1 pcs Wild Melon Blossom, 1 pcs Wild Mutfruit, 7 pcs Wild Razorgrain, 4 pcs Wild Tarberry, 1 pcs Wild Tato Blossom
  • Sunshine Tidings Co-op - 2 pcs Brain Fungus, 1 pcs Glowing Fungus, 9 pcs Wild Tato Blossom
  • Taffington Boathouse - 3 pcs Brain Fungus, 2 pcs Glowing Fungus
  • The Castle - 1 pcs BloodLeaf
  • The Slog - 2 pcs Wild Mutfruit
  • Dalton Farm -1 pcs Blight , 3 pcs Mutated Fern
  • Longfellow's Cabin - 3 pcs Aster, 2 pcs Blight
  • National Park Visitor's Center - 1 pcs Blight, 2 pcs Mutated Fern, 2 pcs Silt Bean, 1 pcs Wild Mutfruit, 2 pcs Wild Tato Blossom
  • Nuka-World Red Rocket - 1 pcs Brain Fungus, 1 pcs Silt Bean

Covenant - 1 pcs Wild Mutfruit linked to workshop in vanilla game.
Vault 88 - 38 pcs Glowing Fungus not linked. I have not found the correct way to disable them before the path will open. Store them and place again.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - patch included
Scrap Everything - patch included
NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... - patch included
Ground - patch included in Ground. Reinstall Ground after installing Wild Plants Farming (with the aim of triggering FOMOD install script)
Valdacil's Item Sorting - patch included
Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul - resolve by load order (Override LOOT)
Beast Master - Creature Companion Overhaul - patch included
Better Cooking Stations - resolve by load order (Override LOOT)

Checklist load order:
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-NoDLCVersion.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-NoDLCVersion-VanillaWeight.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion-VanillaWeight.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-Aid.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-AidWeightless.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-AidReducedWeight.esp
  • BeastWhisperer.esp
  • Better Cooking Stations.esp
  • Northland Diggers New.esp
  • Ground_Vanilla.esp
  • Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp
  • Scrap Everything - Core.esp
  • Scrap Everything - Far Harbor.esp
  • Scrap Everything - Nuka World.esp
  • ScrapUpdate - Ultimate.esp
  • ScrapUpdate.esp
  • ScrapHarborUpdate.esp
  • StartMeUp.esp
  • Farm.esp
  • Farm_CP_BeastMaster.esp
  • Farm_CP_NorthlandDiggers.esp
  • Farm_CP_BeastMaster_NorthlandDiggers.esp
  • Farm_CP_VIS.esp
  • Ground_Farm.esp
  • Farm_CP_ScrapEverything_UE.esp
  • Farm_CP_ScrapEverything_Core.esp
  • Farm_CP_ScrapEverything_FH.esp
  • Farm_CP_ScrapEverything_NW.esp
  • Farm_CP_SE_Neutered_Combo.esp
Or use LOOT.

Not a bug:
If plants are not moved once placed, so there is a conflict with another crafting/scraping mod.

Mod suggestion:
Crops stop producing food (will no longer add to workshop inventory, but manual harvesting is still available) if total amount of food in the workbench exceeds 10 + settler count. Mod "Uncapped Settlement Surplus" by IDontEvenKnow removes these limitations.

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