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This simple mod makes buildable some barricades and guard posts.

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Buildable Barricades and Guard Posts v1.5

v1.5 - Added new object - concrete block. Rebalanced components cost.
v1.4.1 - Just fixed path folder for Materials. (^___^')
v1.4 - Now Wood Spike Barricades could be damaged like Metal Spike Barricades. Fixed barricade explosion effect, now it should not deal damage to you, your companion or settlers.
v1.3 - Added Wood Spike Barricades, they provides 1 Defense point. Little changes in Sandbag Wall Guard Post and Concrete Barricade Guard Post (now both has sign Stop as added object). Retextured Guard Post Mat to be less eyesore. I hope all changes to the best.
v1.2 - Added two Guard post objects: guard post mat and guard post chair. Added new texture for concrete barricade guard post to easier see if it's guard post or just barricade. Fixed textures for Sharp Spike Barricades.
v1.1 - Added Guard posts and objects provides defense. A little bit increased value of components. Objects more logically categorized.
v1.0 - All objects works as walls, all added in menu: Structures --> Misc

This mod makes buildable some barricades and new guard posts. 
Also it adds Super Mutant Bed, which you can use as barricade or decoration.

Guard posts, barricades and tire walls will be added in menu: Defenses --> Guard Posts
Spike Barricades (With Defense effect and No Defense) will be added in menu: Defenses --> Traps

Extract files into your DATA folder. Activate mod in Mod menu.

Enjoy The Game!