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Take control of workshops with over 20 new functions: own/disown any, switch radiants and attacks, bypass the happiness thing, own vassals, switch between outposts, recruit settlers by beds not CHR, spawn settlers, find provisioners, find synths, detect workshop corruptions ...

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Take control of workshops with over 20 new functions: own/disown any, switch radiants and attacks, bypass the happiness thing, own vassals, switch between outposts, recruit settlers by beds not CHR, spawn settlers, find provisioners, find synths, detect workshop corruptions ...

[ less workshop grind, more quality of life action ]


Created for choice about how much micro management to invest in workshops and settlers, or just to fix some common workshop issues and then leave it alone. Install this mod at any time in any game as it makes no static changes to your world. The player is given a [ .SKK Workshop Utilities ] holotape in MISC inventory after vault exit (or craft at chemlab/utility):

Workshop Utilities 

(1) Take ownership of a local unowned workshop, or disown a local owned workshop.

(2) Take ownership of all workshops and enable map markers.

(3) Consolidate all owned workshop inventories to the local workshop.

(4) Deploy a settlement starter pack at owned exterior workshops that have no population.

(5) Disable or enable irritating [ Help Defend ] settlement attacks.

(6) Disable or enable settlement ownership loss due to low happiness, or force maintain a minimum of 70.

(7) Disable or enable Minuteman settlement radiant quests (kidnapping, problem with) at owned workshops.

(8) Disable or enable raider vassal workshop automatic ownership.

(9) Upgrade any workshop to full settlement menus and markers (does not register for resource production).

(10) Convert a workshop to Raider Outpost and back to normal settlement.

(11) Quick repair all damaged workshop resources.

(12) Clear all provisioner and hidden supply lines from all workshops.

Settler Utilities

(13) Population Manager will manage each workshop population to the number of available beds. 

(14) Map mark unassigned settlers and resources at the local workshop.

(15) Find unsheltered & unowned beds  at the local workshop.

(16) Map mark and highlight settlers tagged as synths.

(17) Map mark local or global provisioners, pop an actor menu showing route and option to cancel that route.

(18) Recruit any actor that has WorkshopNPCScript as a settler.

(19) Add a settler command activation menu to Trade, Exit PA, Unassign, Dismiss.

Workshop Diagnostics

Please read the linked articles before using, because you have been messing with some complicated stuff.

(20) Detect and try to fix corruptions in your WorkshopParentScript list of registered workshops.

(21) Detect issues with workshop keywords.

(22) Detect and fix issues with local workshop resource assignment and production.

(23) Force ResetWorkshop to update resource assignments, stats and counters.

(24) Update stuck Minutemen workshop quest counters.

New workshop build items (can be hidden in menus)

(25) Build a Population Management radio (under Resources:Misc) to spawn settlers and/or recruit and manage population by beds.

(26) Build a Wandering Trader point of sale (under Stores) to convert unwanted stuff into caps.

(27) Build cat bowls (under Decorations:Misc) to recruit idling cats that add happiness if you dont have the workshop DLC. 

(28) Workshop summoning speaker (Resources:Misc) menu (a) Bring all workshop actors at the run and telport provisioners (c) Highlight unassigned actors (d) Open all actors inventories (e) Remove corpses from workshop areas. 

(29) Enable or disable workbench construction without local leader perks.

It does all of this without modifying a single base game object or script, it only adjusts configurations and settings that were designed to be adjusted.

User Notes (RTFM)

(1) You can take ownership of any workshop running the base game scripts which can be in any unowned state:  neutral, hostile, Raider vassal, BOS farm ... 

The Castle: if you accept the Minutemen quest take ownership warning, the mirelurk clutter is cleaned up and armory door is opened. Naturally the quest Taking Independence will not happen.

Finch farm: if you take ownership, the associated quest DN121 Out of the Fire will not start when you talk to Abraham so talk to him *first* if you want that sword. All other Commonwealth settlement related quests dialog triggers still work OK (The First Step, Troubled Waters, Returning the Favor).

Dalton farm: if you take ownership the associated quest DLC03FarHarborFF01 Blood Tide can not complete.

Taking ownership will count towards the MinutemenOwnedSettlements quest trigger (for taking and defending the Castle) if there is at least one settler when the next MM radiant quest is handed in to Preston which updates the quest counters. Or run option (22) Update Minutemen quest counters. 

After taking ownership of a workshop, you still need to clear hostiles or you will be attacked by the locals (Croup, Jamaica etc). You can hide from the hostiles, take ownership from a distance then build turrets so the settlement cleans itself out which is amusing and saves ammo. If you do not clear hostiles and allow radient workshop quests (option 5 and option 7) then one of the remaining LocRefType "boss" hostiles may be picked as the settlement spokesperson. LOL.

(2) Own All Workshops should only be used if you are not doing quests any more as some are dependent on unowned workshops. For example (but not limited to): DN121 Out of the Fire (Finch), MIN02 Taking Independence (Castle) DLC03FarHarborFF01 Blood Tide (Dalton). The option to deploy a starter pack will hop the player to each workshop under cover of invulnarability so map markers enable, resources can load and counters update cleanly. That process takes around 5 minutes for all base game workshops and returns to the starting point.

(3) Consolidating workshop inventories collects and moves everything from owned workshops to the current workshop, not just crafting components. With settlement attacks disabled your ever useless settlers will not need to steal stuff out of that workshop, so miniguns and ammo should be safe (for total safety use Workshop Access Monitor). To include interior (player home) workshops like Home Plate they must be registered with WU by consolidating to them when you are in their interior spaces. This is similar to the basic function of SKK Global Stash which dynamically links workshops and all workbenches, but does not conflict with this.

(4) The starter package includes a settler, sleeping bag, water pump, food plant and a turret to ensure zero hassle happiness if you don't want to enforce it with option 6.

(5) This disables the base game [ Help defend <Alias=myLocation> ] attacks by configuring an existing Workshop.AllowAttacks setting which does not modify the base game in any way, or affect any quest lines. Use option (7) to disable Minuteman [ Defend | Build Defenses | Help defend ] radiant attacks. There are also attacks that are originated by DLCs and other sources which ignore the base game Workshop.AllowAttacks flag that this mod can not stop. 

(6) The workshop happiness or morale mechanic is complex and easily broken. It affects the possibility of losing workshop ownership plus the rate of resource production and new settler recruitment. If you are not using recruiting beacons and don't care about resources there is no need for beds, food or anything with loss disabled. Some quest related workshops can NEVER be lost through low happiness. Enforced happiness maintains it at 70, the value can be set in the console.

(7) Disabling Minuteman settlement radiant quests (kidnapping, problem with) may slow down your progress on the Minutemen quest line because your count of MinutemenOwnedSettlements will not be updating. Running option (22) will keep the quest counters lined up to trigger Take/Defend Castle.

(9) Upgrade any workshop to full settlement menus unlocks all exterior build options at any workshop and generates the relevant Center/Spawn/Attack markers. Perfect for Airport, but it does NOT register standalone/isolated/playerhome workshops like Home Plate with WorkshopParentScript as a full settlement. Unregistered standlone workshops will not recruit settlers with the base game beacon, can not connect to the provisioner network and bed/food/safety/vendor resources can not be assigned to produce or manage happiness.

You can recruit settlers using (12) Population Manager (or another standalone settler spawn/recruiting solution), but they won't actually do anything.
A vital keyword (LocTypeWorkshopSettlement) can not be added to the location record to trigger resource updates as there is no dynamic script function Location.AddKeyword() to do this. Trying to force a standalone WorkshopParent registration (as some mods have tried) will break the workshop scripts in your game. Note: the Conquest mod does this by design through cunning slight of hand by shuffling ~ 9 preconfigured location records.

(10) To convert to a NukaWorld raider outpost the player must be a member of a raider faction. If any original raider gang are still around when converting back to a normal settlement they may be hostile and killing may temporarily trash happiness if it snot being enforced with option (6). You will be warned if the workshop is tagged with WorkshopType02AlwaysExclude for quest safety to stop or continue.

(11) Quick repair damaged workshop resources only repairs items that are auto repaired by the daily update process without using any resources. That covers Power, Food, Water, Turrets.

(12) Clear all provisioner and hidden supply lines will reset all provisioners back to normal settlers and remove all workshop linked locations. Thats all workshops whether owned or unowned to clean up messes. As Nukaworld raider workshops are all connnected by invisible supply lines to the Nukaworld red rocket hub those connections are recreated. If you are running other mods that create location links using WorkshopCaravanKeyword (e.g. Global Stash) this may affect their state.

(13) The per workshop population manager matches the count of "actors assigned to a workshop" to the number of "things counted as covered beds" at a workshop, up to a maximum of 127. This includes robots, even though they do not need a bed, as beds are being used as the control count. This does not depend on recruitment beacons at all. Any that are active are automatically switched off to avoid fighting with their excess recruitment.

The management update cycle for each workshop is on a  configurable [ 1 | 6 | 12 | 24 ] game hour timer, but it only triggers when the player is on site within 4096 game units of the workshop to ensure all objects are loaded and counters are correct. WARNING: If you are running default Timescale 20 then 1 game hour is only 3 real time minutes. As the population update cycle triggers ResetWorkshop to keep stats aligned which can take up to script intensive 2 minutes to run on a busy workshop, that time may be too aggressvie.

The rate of adjusting any shortfall or over population per update cycle can be set at [ 2 | 4 | 8 | All ] actors. Normal workshops recruit WorkshopNPCs, DLC04 outposts recruit DLC04 raiders. Actors are only picked for dismissal if they are not potential companions, unique or assigned to work objects. To unassign actors from work objects so they can be dismissed, destroy their work objects (storing will not unassign them), use the [ Settler Command Menu ] or give them a [ SKK Workshop Actor Menu Note ].

Note that NukaWorld raider assigned workshops automatically recruit raiders up to [10 + CHR] limit every game day. To totally disable all base script raider recruitment console [ SetPapyrusQuestVar DLC04WorkshopParent bAllowRaiderRecruitment 0 ].

(17) The provisioner add activate menu allows them to be unassigned from a route and return to home workshop no matter where they are. It will conflict with any other mods that add activate menus to provisioner actors (like Quick Trade).

(18) The Recruit Settler activation only works with actors that have WorkshopNPCScript attached and are not assigned to a workshop. The menu warns if an actor is unique, essential or quest bound before recruiting. This will not conflict with the provisioner menu but it will conflict with any other mods that add activate menus to actors (like Quick Trade or FCOM).

(19) Settler Command activation menu enables Trade, Exit Power Armor, Unassign from workshop resource, Dismiss from workshop, Recruit to workshop and Reset Actor. This will not conflict with the provisioner menu but it will conflict with any other mods that add activate menus to workshop actors (like Quick Trade, Combat Settlers or FCOM). Alternative is  craft a [ SKK Workshop Actor Menu Note ] at Chemlab and trade or pickpocket onto an actor to pop the same menu. It is returned to the player after every use.

(20) If workshop list problems are reported, check this article: SKK Workshop Utilities - Corrupt Workshop Lists If you are offered the option to TRY TO REPAIR and want to use it, save your game first as there is no guarantee things will get better. The workshop system is complex and fragile, poking it with low quality mods is foolish. For the full diagnostic on PC Debug Logging must be enabled and then examine ... \Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script\User\SKK_WUTestWorkshopList_NNNNN.log

This will detect and repair;

(a) If the Workshop ObjectReference is missing from the Workshops array, but the object still exists it will be found from the location and fixed.

(b) If the Location is missing from the WorkshopLocations array, but the Workshop ObjectReference still exists, the location will be fixed using the current workshop location if it is named/unique (not generic Wildreness or Commonwealth).

(c) If the Workshop ObjectReference is missing and can not be found it will be replaced by a placeholder [ SKK_WUHoldingWorkshop ] in a hidden cell that the player can never find or take owership of, just to keep the arrays intact. If there are multiple replacements they will share the same [ SKK WU Holding Location ]. 

(21) If workshop keyword problems are reported, check this article SKK Workshop Utilities - Workshop Keyword Test before panicking as some base game workshops already come with errors. For the full diagnostic on PC Debug Logging must be enabled and then examine ... \Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script\User\SKK_WUTestALLWorkshopKeywords_NNNNN.log

(22) Workshop resource allocation is managed by WorkshopReset whenever the player enters an owned workshop location and depends on a function GetWorkshopFromLocation. Read article SKK Workshop Utilities - Workshop Resource Test (why resources are reported wrong). If the workshop is not correctly registered, has been moved or buggered about with this function will not fire so your settlers don't work and resources don't produce. This option will force a WorkshopReset and shows stats to help you understand whats happening and will map mark problem objects. For the full diagnostic on PC Debug Logging must be enabled and then examine ... \Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script\User\SKK_WUTestWorkshopResources_NNNNN.log

(23) Force ResetWorkshop: Trying to convert a standalone workshop into a WorkshopParent registered settlement in game, it is impossible to add the vital LocTypeWorkshopSettlement keyword to the location record.  This means that ResetWorkshop resource cacluations will never trigger so workshop stats will not be correct. As a workaround, use this function manually every time you visit the workshop.

(24) Update Minutemen quest counters option bumps the MinutemenCentralQuest to update recruitment quest based progress (MinutemenRecruitmentAvailable + MinutemenOwnedSettlements) as they don't always register when handing quests in to Preston, so you end up recruiting a stack of settlements without MIN02 Taking Independence starting or MIN301 Form Ranks completing.

(25) You can spawn up to the population limit of 127 per workshop, but the population manager (12) will also dismiss any unassigned over the bed count if that function is active. As only one can be built at each workshop, if it is stored in the workshop, it wont register in the build menu to redeploy until you exit and enter workshop build mode. 

(26) One Wandering Trader cash register per settlement. If you don't like the first offer, leave the stuff in the register and traders will stop by every couple of game hours whilst you are on site to make an offer. Offers are indexed to CHR, but generally lower than a normal vendor to reflect the low effort your investing in the sale. There is a legendary offer chance ker-CHING !  Do NOT kill the traders. As only one can be built at each workshop, if it is stored in the workshop, it wont register in the build menu to redeploy until you exit and enter workshop build mode. 

(26) Activate the cat bowl to call the associated cat. Dead cats are automatically replaced when the bowl next loads.

(28) The Workshop Summoning Speaker (Resources:Misc) will call at the run all workshop assigned actors that count for population and can be found in the loaded area. Optionally teleport home based provisioners. Actors are automatically released back to jobs or loafing after 2 minutes. Menu options to relase early and to open each actors inventory in sequence for theft inspections.

Option to remove corpses in the workshop build loaded area. No, not the static precombined corpses, ony actor objects and some ashpiles. Build and activate multiple summining speakers for large build areas that extend further than the 10,000 game unit loded radius around the player.

(29) Rather than hacking base objects, this just adds and removes the LocalLeader perks if the player does not already have them.  And yes it remembers what you had before enabling to switch back to that state on disable.


This solution has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. It is 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts which means that it works on PC , Xbox and GamePass. As it does not touch any other stuff in your save-game, there should be no load order issues or mod conflicts. 

Known Issues

(1) Do not rename or compact this mod, scripts use GetFormFromFile with hardcoded form values and ESP file names.

(2) DO NOT ESL FLAG THIS MOD. ESL flagging mods that add workshops can corrupt the workshop system.

(3) The optional quick workshop consolidate menu will conflict with any other mods that add a third [Space] activation menu option to Workshops (AddActivate perk) so nothing is shown. Only one additional menu option can be added to an object, so choose wisely.

(4) The optional recruit any settler or settler activation menu will conflict with any other mods that add a third [Space] activation menu option to Actors (like quick trade or quick inventory). Only one additional menu option can be active,  so choose wisely.

(5) Version 021 removes the survival oriented utilities that have been published separately in SKK Survival Utilities. IF YOU ARE USING UPDATE 020 OR EARLIER disable all functions in the holotape before installing later updates.

PC manual installation & disable

Copy SKKWorkshopUtilities.esp and  SKKWorkshopUtilities – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. 

Whilst this mod does not make any changes to existing scripts or game objects, do not disable or remove it at all ever from a savegame you want to persist. You need to understand that removing mods which have anything to do with WorkshopParentScript, like new workshop settlements or those mods that happily hack base game Workshop scripts will fuck your savegame because your actions have consequences.

The SKK Workshop oriented solutions

SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities - removes hassle from owning workshops plus survival utilities.
SKK Dynamic Workshop Time - automatically slow time when building and crafting.
Global Stash by SKK - automatically connect all Workshops and Workbenches to shared storage.
Mobile Workshop by SKK - deploy a mobile workshop anywhere as many times as you like.
Move Workshop Markers by SKK - create and move workshop spawning markers in game. 
Vertibird World Travel by SKK - travel direct between any external worldspace or any owned workshop

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel