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Automatically slow time to a configurable value (0,1,2,4,8,10,15,20) when you enter workshop building mode and speed back up to a normal configurable value (20,14,10,8,4,2,1) on exit.

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Automatically slow time to a configurable value (0,1,2,4,8,10,15,20) when you enter workshop building mode
and speed back up to a normal configurable value (20,15,10,8,4,2,1) on exit.

Does your player get hungry, thirsty and catch itchy head lice when you spend time building in workshop mode ?

Got Legendary albino deathclaws spawning in your underpants when crafting at wilderness workbenches ? 

No problem, SKK Dynamic Workshop Time slows the game time multiplier when the player is in workshop building or workbench crafting, and then bumps back up when finished. A [ .SKK Dynamic Timescale ] holotape automatically appears in your MISC inventory after Vault exit to configure options: 

Holotape configuration:

(1) Automatic timescale switching [ *Enable | Disable ] 

(1) Slow workshop time [ 0:1  *1:1  2:1  4:1  8:1  10:1  15:1  20:1 ] 

(2) Normal game time [ *20:1  15:1  10:1  8:1  4:1  2:1  1:1 ]

(3) On screen timescale notification [ *Enable | Disable ] 

(4) Holotape autoprovision OnPlayerLoadGame [ Enable | *Disable

If automatic timescale switching is disabled after using this mod, it will leave normal timescale on whatever the last normal game time was set. 

If you loose the holotape and autoprovision is off, craft another at the Chemlab.  Or console [ set SKK_DTForceHolotape to 1 ]  save and load.


As with all SKK mods, this has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs. It changes one base game TimeScale global variable, if any other mods mess with this time value there will be a conflict. Use the console command [ show timescale ]  to check what value is active.

Use SKK Dynamic workshop time Console Configuration for command configuration, or for MCM users there is an additional download to enable the menu options in MCM and disable holotape generation. Thanks to @markdf for this.

Known issues & considerations

(1) Setting slow time to zero does not affect any base game building or crafting, but there may be mod added content that depends on game time passing for animations or scripts. Be careful, if unsure set to one.

(2) Setting normal time to 1 has been tested in over 1,000 hours of base game play. Some things that are based on the game time will run real  s  l  o  w  like Workshop beacon recruitment which only updates every 24 game hours, Radstorms last longer and Vertibirds can take a while to arrive. Survival hunger and thirst is slowed as well. Mods that use game time timers rather than real time will also take longer to trigger things.

Mods that use SKK_DTInWorkbench player state info

Even when this mod is disabled from dynamically switching the timescale, it still updates a SKK_DTInWorkbench GlobalVariable that other mods can query to check of the player is building or crafting. Mods that 

SKK Combat Stalkers (no attacks whilst building or crafting) 
SKK Settlement Attack System (no attacks whilst building or crafting) 
Fallout 4-76 Open World (no attacks whilst building or crafting) 
Global Stash by SKK (speeds up workbench kickout/kickin for stash connection)

PC Manual install

Copy SKKDynamicTimescale.esp and  SKKDynamicTimescale – Main.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. 

Disable the function in holotape, but DO NOT REMOVE THIS SCRIPTED MOD. The script event registrations always run to ensure that the SKK_DTInWorkbench variable is accurate for dependent mods.

The SKK Workshop and quality of life mod suite

SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities - removes hassle from owning workshops and settlements.
Global Stash by SKK - automatically connect all Workshops and Workbenches to shared storage.
Mobile Workshop by SKK - deploy a mobile workshop anywhere as many times as you like.
Move Workshop Markers by SKK - create and move workshop spawning markers in game. 
Vertibird World Travel by SKK - travel direct between any external worldspace or any owned workshop
SKK Dynamic Workshop Time - automatically slow time when building and crafting.
Craft weapons and Scrap ammo by SKK - craft and scrap weapons/ammo at a chemlab.
Quick Player Respec by SKK - reset/reassign base SPECIAL stats and standard perks.
PlayerUndead by SKK - recovers player death.

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