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Automatically slow time from 20:1 down to 1:1 when building and crafting and speed back up to normal for exploring, trading and fighting.

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Automatically slow time from 20:1 down to 1:1 when building and crafting and speed back up to normal for exploring, trading and fighting.

Does your player get hungry, thirsty and catch itchy head lice when you spend time building in workshop mode ?

Got Legendary albino deathclaws spawning in your underpants when crafting at wilderness workbenches ? 

No problem, SKK Dynamic Workshop Time slows the game time multiplier from 20:1 to 1:1 real-time when the player is in workshop building or workbench crafting, and then bumps back up to default 20:1 when finished.

Holotape configuration:

A [ .SKK Dynamic Timescale ] holotape automatically appears in your MISC inventory at every load game to configure options:

(1) Slow time [ *1:1  2:1  3:1  4:1  5:1 ] 

(2) Normal time [ *20:1  15:1  10:1  8:1  6:1 ]

(3) On screen timescale notification [ enable | disable ] 

(4) Holotape autoprovision OnPlayerLoadGame [ enable | disable ] 

If you disable the holotape and need to configure, craft a spare at the Chemlab if none in inventory.  Or console [ set SKK_DTForceHolotape to 1 ]  save and load.


As with all SKK mods, this has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs. It changes one base game TimeScale global variable, if any other mods mess with this time value there will be a conflict. Use the console command [ show timescale ]  to check what value is active.

For MCM users there is an additional download to enable the menu options in MCM and disable holotape generation. Thanks to @markdf for this.

Known issues & considerations:

(1) The lowest normal time setting option is 6 because that was a request, and seems to be what the internet and 500 hours of play suggests is OK. Some things that are based on the game time will run real s  l  o  w like Radstorms and Vertibird arrival seems to take forever.

(2) If the time setting becomes unsynchronised from workbench entry/exit, console  [ set SKK_DTInWorkbench to 0 ] or save and reload the game. This can happen if you enter and exit too fast and the events don't process in time. The Normal time setting is forced at every savegame load to help with this.

[left]Bethesda.net users: I know you don't do manual install or removal, just disregard. I use this same description text on nexusmods.com and bethesda.net for PC & XBOX as I CBA to maintain multiple edits.

PC Manual download installation: Copy SKKDynamicTimescale.esp and  SKKDynamicTimescale – Main.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. 

PC Manual disable: The normal time multiplier in your save game will stay at the value you last set. If you want to revert to vanilla, set 20 and enter/exit a workbench to activate the setting before you disable. Or use the console  [ set timescale to 20 ] after you disable. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.  

[/left]PC nexusmods.com or bethesda.net
XBOX on bethesda.net
PlayStation® can not be supported due to Sony Corp. content restrictions.