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Find, move or create workshop center, spawn, attack and caravan markers in game.

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Find, move or create workshop center, spawn, attack and caravan markers in game.

[ spawns where YOU want them ]

Install this mod at any time in any game, then after leaving Vault 111 the player is given a [ .SKK Move Workshop Markers ] menu activation item in AID inventory (craft spare at the Chemlab). When activated it pops a menu:

1. Load Markers
2. Unload Markers
3. Create new attack marker
4. Remove created attack marker
5. Make LocationCenterMarker movable
6. Create a logfile when markers are unloaded (PC only)

The [ Load Markers ] option will find the closest workshop in the active uGrids which must have a WorkshopLinkCenter marker (some mod workshops don't), otherwise you get a warning and nothing else happens.

(a) WorkshopLinkCenter also known as LocationCenterMarker is hard linked to the workshop location as a Location Reference Type, identified with a Mr Handy box titled CENTER

It is used by radiant quests for conditional Workshop picks, as a target by many AI travel (Provisioners, Patrols, Attacks) and sandbox (Settlers) packages and other game mechanics.

The marker can be made moveable in the menu incase you totally must build on top of it which can cause actor AI movement packages that target it to freeze, like provisioners and attackers. Or if it has been walled in AI movement packages that target it will teleport the actor to marker - settlement attacks are favourite for this.

A warning and option to cancel is displayed if you try to drop the marker outside of the workshop location tagged cells. Once you have moved it, set the proxy object to locked so an actor cant move it through collision. Use this function TOTALLY AT YOUR OWN RISK if you absolutely must build over or wall in this marker.

(b) WorkshopLinkSpawn if there is no separate WorkshopLinkSpawn marker (e.g. Sanctuary) a new one will be placed by the center marker so it can be moved. This is identified with an [E] grabbable/movable Traffic Cone titled SPAWN. 

There is no common standard for even base game processes to use Workshop spawning markers.  Some new settler recruitment uses WorkshopLinkSpawn and some use WorkshopLinkAttackMarker (via LocationEdgeMarker ref type). A technical mess.

(c) WorkshopLinkAttackMarker also known as LocationEdgeMarker. If there is no WorkshopLinkAttackMarker (e.g. Airport)  a new one will be placed by the player so it can be moved. That or any existing markers are identified with an [E] grabbable/movable Traffic Cone titled ATTACK.

More new attack markers can be created at the player and moved around. The various spawning systems which use these markers will generally pick randomly from the inventory. 

Some base game workshop or settlement attack quests use WorkshopLinkAttackMarkers some LocationEdgeMarkers and others even try WorkshopLinkSpawn. As many of the attack systems look exactly the same, this generates plenty of confusion for mod creators and players.  For the complete list of workshop markers and what they do, read the article SKK Workshop Utilities - Workshop Keyword Test https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/articles/2094 and refer to the Workshop Keyword Checklist table.

Of course mods do whatever they do depending on the authors knowledge and sophistication as there are no firm standards to follow.  This mod was created specifically to help make SKK Settlement Attack System which uses the base game workshop radiant attack standard WorkshopLinkAttackMarkers more interesting.

(d) CaravanDestinationRefType Most base game workshop settlements have a default destination marker for trade caravans, like Carla at Sanctuary, which if built over confuses the AI travel packages. This is identified with an [E] grabbable/movable Shopping trolley titled CARAVAN. Location restrictions are unknown, but once a caravan trade post is built (unlock with [ SetStage FFBunkerHill03 500 ]) this marker is ignored.

(e) General observations

(1) All markers are map marked to help you find them. 

(2) Move or place anywhere that has good navmesh and good access paths for AI to detect. Avoid rocks, water and such else actors will get stuck. If there is no path, the completionist AI will try to teleport (actually MoveTo) direct to the destination.

(3) Probably best to keep markers within 10K game units of the workshop so new actors have a good chance of spawning with 3d loaded when the player is on site. AI packages can get stuck (as if on rocks) if the actor spawns with 3d unloaded.

(4) The cone/box/trolley proxy markers have physics so the player can grab and move them out of workshop mode, but other actors can collide to move them, or if placed on water they will sail away*. The actual invisible workshop marker they are linked to is only moved to follow the cone when the actual player grabs and drops them, so you may see discrepancies between the map marker on the actual invisible spawn marker and its traffic cone proxy which is floating down the Orinoco Charles. 

This does not allow markers placed in the Creation Kit to be deleted as they are (should be) statically bound to cell locations which can cause all sorts of issues if removed. Deleting any base game object is just bad, mmmaky ?

When your finished run [ Unload markers ] from the menu. If you forget, after 15 minutes of inactivity the current workshop marker selections are automatically unloaded.
Update 005 offers an option to create a log file (on PC only) when markers unload that can be used to create console .bat files in other savegames when you have perfect marker positions. You may need to enable debug logging. Look in ...\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script\User (or wherever your mod manager moves stuff) for SKK_MoveWorkshopMarkers*.log files.


Compatibility & Known Issues 

The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. As with 99% of SKK mods, its 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts. As it does not touch any other stuff in your save-game, there will be no load order issues or mod conflicts.

Nexus user specific FAQ

(1) What about an ESL version ? NO, SKK mods will not be published in ESL format because life contains sufficient hassle.

(2) What about MCM ? NO, as 90% of SKK mod users are Xbox. If one more wafer-thin inventory item triggers your OCD distress, use the console or hotkeys.ini to pop the menu with [ cqf SKK_MWM "SKK_MWMQuestScript.MainMenu" ]

(3) If this mod is not finding markers in your game, it's totally your call whether to trust that this fully documented solution and associated articles knows what it is doing, or the undocumented xEdit hack-O-rama that tried to follow an incoherent monkey-see-monkey do youtube video and has actually fucked up your workshop, keywords and markers. Please feel free to bitch about your incomprehension and less good choices so that ignorance  can be blocked from SKK content in perpetuity. 

(4) With thanks to @pepperman35 for adding grabbable physics to the Mr Handy box for a movable LocationCenterMarker proxy. 

Nexus PC manual installation & removal

Copy  SKKMoveWorkshopMarkers.esp and  SKKMoveWorkshopMarkers  - Main.ba2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever.

The mod can be disabled if markers are not loaded as no scripts run, it sleeps. Any marker moves and new markers will be persistent. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game. 

The SKK Workshop and quality of life mod suite

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Mobile Workshop by SKK - deploy a mobile workshop anywhere as many times as you like.
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SKK Dynamic Workshop Time - automatically slow time when building and crafting.
Craft weapons and Scrap ammo by SKK - craft and scrap weapons/ammo at a chemlab.
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