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A quality of life collection that has made 4000 hours of survival less grind and more fun. It's the stuff I cant do Fallout 4 without.

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A quality of life collection that has made 4000 hours of survival less grind and more fun. It's the stuff I cant do Fallout 4 without. 

[ The stuff I cant do Fallout 4 without ]

Install this non intrusive mod at any time in any game to give you an [ .SKK Survival Utilities holotape ] after waking up in Vault 111 cryo. It makes no static changes to your game.

What it Does

(1) Enable the PC console in survival to fix "it just works" (this is always enabled, except on Xbox).

(2) Survival fast travel off, to all map markers or only to owned workshops (switch in holotape).

(3) Enable an optional 5% or 10% of player caps charge for any fast travel (switch in holotape).

(4) Add [ Fill all water bottles at once ] activation to any water source with a refillable bottle option (switch in holotape).

(5) Enable or disable 15 placed Commonwealth water pumps (switch in holotape).

(6) Quick loot or highlight corpses around the player (use quick menu, favorite or hotkeys.ini).

(7) A secure Personal Stash remote storage (use quick menu, favorite, cooking pot or workshop activator).

(8) Full save aid item for unimmersive survival saves (use quick menu, favorite or hotkeys.ini).

(9) Companion quick trade (use quick menu, favorite or hotkeys.ini).

(10) Heartbeat sensor to ping hostiles in a 50 meter radius for a map mark (use quick menu, favorite or hotkeys.ini).

(11) Unroll a portable 8 hour sleeping bag for immersive auto saves (use quick menu, favorite, hotkeys.ini or holotape).

(12) Deploy a wood ladder for anywhere access (use quick menu, favorite, hotkeys.ini or holotape).

(13) Unpack a cooking pot anywhere to prep foods (use quick menu, favorite, hotkleys.ini or holotape). 

(14) Store and recall one set of power armor to player inventory, like Fallout 76 (switch in holotape). 

(15) Enable or disable all SKK recipes in your build/craft menus (switch in holotape).

If you misplace the configuration holotape a spare can be crafted in Chemlab [Utility].

The Detail: How it Works

(1)  Game setting benableconsolemenuduringsurvival is set to 1 on PC (no, not Xbox).

(2)  Fast travel to owned workshops that are WorkshopParent registered is immediate. Fast travel to unregistered workshops like player homes is enabled after the workshop is activated so it can be added to the known list, but will only work if they have a map marker associated to their WorkshopScript.myMapMarker. This solution fixes HomePlate, many workshop mods do not provide linked MapMarkers :(

(3) With fast travel fee enabled, if the player uses an internal/external load door within 1 second of closing the PipBoy that will be detected as fast travel and charged. Slow down. The fast travel fee is a percentage of player total caps to make it meaningful, the holotape options are 5% and 10%. If you want to set a different fee console [ set SKK_SUFastTravelFee to x.y ] value is 0 to 1 as decimal percent (0.5 is 50% of player caps). 

(4) Enables filling all empty base game bottles at once from a clean or dirty water source. Saves spamming the buttons to speed fills when you don't build purifiers.

Default is empty bottles in player inventory, if personal stash is enabled and has bottles that is offered and if the water source is linked to a workshop that has bottles that is also offered. I have spent too many hours digging through junk inventories to find the empty bottles.

Option to create refillable purified water bottles where unbroken empties (~80%) are replaced in inventory for reuse. These are a new type of "Purified Water (Refillable)" so they do not work as a base game recipe ingredient. 

This is a duplicate function from Global Stash so will be deactivated and locked if that is detected. Do not enable the fill all bottles function if you use a mod that enables water bottle filling outside of survival mode (like Anyone Can Fill), the enabling perks will conflict.

(5) The Commonwealth has 18 water pumps in the base game. This places another 15 in locations that have a local population who would need water and don't already have one, like Goodneighbor (see pictures). They are disabled by default, can be switched enable/disable as much as you like. Adding new items to the world DOES NOT BREAK PRECOMBINES. Specifically for scavenge only runs where the player is not using workshops to build stuff whilst running high timescale dehydration.

(6) Loot corpses to the player can be configured to highlight the corpses or loot their inventory.  The function scans the 2048 unit  (~25 meter) area around the player for most loose weapons and known actor races. It does not know about mod added weapons that are lying loose on the ground, these can be xEdit added to form list SKK_SULootWeapons. It can be triggered with the [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Loot Corpses favorite ] or console command [ cqf SKK_SU "SKK_SULootCorpsesScript.LootCorpses" ]

The loot destination can be configured to Player, Personal Stash, Global Stash or Companion/Follower. Looting to the player is quest safe, but generates a large number of [ Item added ] messages which can flood the messaging system, sometimes needing save & reload to reset if messages stop popping.  Looting to a stash or companion may cause issues for quests which trigger items OnContainerChange. If the target is companion but there is none, it defaults to the player. If the target is companion and there is none but the player has a quest follower like Deacon in Tradecraft,  Jack in Cabot or Allie in Mass Fusion the loot will go to them. Use "trade with companion" to get the stuff back.

Enabling looting ashpiles created by energy weapons will open the inventory window for each actor ash pile. It is not possible to access those actor corpse inventory contents through script to automatically hoover up the contents.

(7) The personal stash is a simplified version of Global Stash and does not conflict. Its an alternative to unlimited carry weight. Access methods can be disabled in settings for those who don't want unlimited storage but cant resist temptation. The safe non resetting container in a secure cell can be accessed using [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Open Personal Stash favorite ] or the deployable cooking pot or workshop constructable stash activators (Furniture:Containers) or console command [ cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.OpenPersonalStash" ]

The holotape, quick menu and stash access container have options to transfer all the contents to/from stash and the nearest workshop in the active area for quick crafting and building. If you want to have automatic access to all your stuff at any workSHOP or workBENCH, upgrade to Global Stash. It's fucking awesome and some say even better than in-game sex.

(8) Full save can be triggered from [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Fullsave favorite ].

(9) Companion quick trade  can be triggered from [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Companion Quick Trade favorite ] or console command [ cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.QuickTrade" ] if you have a mod added follower rather than a formal companion they are included. If you have multiple companions and followers, it's the first one to enumerate.

(10) Like the Heartbeat sensor in Call Of Duty (only ferals and synths don't have hearts*) on demand ping of hostiles in a 4096 game unit (~50 meter) radius with a 5 second map mark. Super handy downtown where finding random spawned hostiles and camping snipers can be annoying. Can be triggered from [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Ping Hostiles favorite ] or console command [ cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUPingHostileScript.PingHostile" ]

(11) A sleeping bag unrolls in front of the player. It allows a full 8 hours for the Well Rested bonus, because when I go camping I sleep really well. If run from the holotape, autosave after sleeping only happens when you exit the PipBoy menu. It can be redeployed at any time and is automatically rolled up up after sleeping, or when its 3D unloads, over ~10K game units from the player. This can be triggered from the holotape, [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Sleeping bag favorite ] or console command [ cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.CreateSleepingbag" ]

(12) A wooden ladder is deployed in front of the player and facing away. It can be redeployed at any time and is automatically stored when its 3D unloads, over ~10K game units from the player.  It may not provide linked navmesh for NPCs so followers may need to teleport to the player. This can be triggered from the holotape, [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Ladder favorite ] or console command [ cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.CreateLadder" ]

(13) A cooking pot unpacks in front of the player. It can be redeployed at any time and is automatically packed up when its 3D unloads, over ~10K game units from the player. Cooking pot storage is connected to Personal Stash (if enabled) or Global Stash (if installed). This can be triggered from the holotape, [ SKK Survival Utilities Quick Menu favorite ] or [ SKK Cooking Pot favorite ] or console command [ cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.CreateCookingpot" ]

(14) With Store Power Armor enabled in the holotape settings, a third STORE menu option is added to all PA furniture. When selected it adds that PA to the player's armor inventory at weight 10 (same as Fallout 76). The power armor can be recalled to the player by equipping or dropping the armor item, or using the Survivial Utilities quick menu item. Only one PA can be stored. If the holotape function is disabled any stored PA wil be recalled.

(15) Enable or disable the crafting menus for Personal Stash Activator (Furniture:Containers), Workshop Cooking Pot with no LL perks (Crafting), Wild Vegetable Starch (Cooking:Utility), Wild Mutfruit Puree (Cooking:Soup), Dirty Water (Cooking:Beverage), Refillable Purified Water (Cooking:Beverage). 


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. It is 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts which means that it has no load order dependencies.

Some of the functions have been removed from SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities version 020 so will duplicate, this is detected and you will be warned to disable functions and update that solution to deduplicated 021 (or later).

As this mod was published after November 2019 it depends on Fallout4.exe (or later).

Known Issues

None at this time.

Nexus PC manual installation & disable

Copy SKKSurvivalUtilities.esp and SKKSurvivalUtilities – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. 

The mod can be disabled as long as all of the holotape settings are set to DISABLED and you have purged any mod deployed or added items including favorites from all game inventories. As a full foresnic cleanup is unlikely, the recommnedation is to NOT TRY TO REMOVE THIS MOD. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.

Console Commands

If another holotape in inventory triggers you, use these console commands in hotkeys.ini or MCM json things:


cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.QuickMenu";
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.CreateLadder"; 
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.CreateCookingpot";
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.CreateSleepingbag"; 
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.OpenPersonalStash";
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.TransferPersonalStash"; 
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.QuickTrade";
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SULootCorpsesScript.LootCorpses";
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUPingHostileScript.PingHostile";


set SKK_SUSurvivalFastTravel to [*0 | 1 | 2] ; 0 disabled, 1 enabled, 2 owned workshops. 
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUFastTravelScript.SwitchSurvivalFastTravel";

set SKK_SUFastTravelFee to [0 to 1] ; decimal percent 0.5 is 50% of player caps. 
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUFastTravelScript.SwitchFastTravelFee";

set SKK_SUPersonalStashEnable to [*0 | 1] ; Switch all access methods on and off 
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchPersonalStashEnable";

set SKK_SUStoredPowerArmorEnabled to [*0 | 1] ; Switch the PA menu option
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchStorePowerArmorEnable";

set SKK_SUFillAllBottles to [*0 | 1];
set SKK_SURefillableWaterEnabled to [*0 | 1]; 0 is normal Purified Water, 1 is Refillable water.
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUWaterBottleScript.SwitchFillAllWaterBottles";

set SKK_SUWaterpumpsEnable to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchWaterPumps";

set SKK_SULootCorpsesMode to [*1 | 2] ; 1 Loot inventory, 2 highlight corpses. 
set SKK_SULootCorpsesAshPiles to [0 | *1] ; Disable or enable looting ashpiles.
set SKK_SULootCorpsesDestination to [*0 | 1 | 2 | 3] ; 0 player, 1 stash, 2 companion, 3 global stash. 
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchLootCorpsesMode;

set SKK_SUEnableCoRecipes to [*0 | 1];


set SKK_SUQuickMenuItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchQuickMenuItem";

set SKK_SULootCorpsesItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchLootCorpsesItem";

set SKK_SUPersonalStashItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchPersonalStashItem";

set SKK_SUSaveItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchSaveItem";

set SKK_SUQuickTradeItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchQuickTradeItem";

set SKK_SUPingHostileItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchPingHostileItem";

set SKK_SUSleepingBagItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchSleepingBagItem";

set SKK_SULadderItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchLadderItem";

set SKK_SUCookingPotItemEnabled to [*0 | 1];
cqf SKK_SUQuest "SKK_SUQuestScript.SwitchCookingPotItem";

Nexus FAQ

(1) What about an ESL version ? NO, SKK mods will not be published in ESL format because life contains sufficient hassle.

(2) Why are you duplicating functions from Workshop Ownership Utilities ? That solution was becoming bloated with survival QOL functions that are not directly related to workshop ownership, so they have been removed into this standalone package.

Other SKK solutions that remove hassle from Survival 

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Mobile Workshop by SKK - build stuff anywhere. 
Global Stash by SKK - The ultimate stuff management solution.  
PlayerUndead death recovery by SKK - Keep on going/cheating (yourself).
Quick Player Respec by SKK - When you want to reskill to change jobs. 
SKK Dynamic Damage Manager - Get that perfect damage balance. 
SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities - Take control without micromanagement.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8
SKK solutions are provided as-is for personal use only. No commercial use, monetization, re-use, packaging, re-packaging or distribution of SKK created code/scripts in whole or in part is allowed. 

© 2021 [email protected] all rights reserved.