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Deploy a mobile workshop anywhere as many times as you like. Build stuff and leave behind when you move the workshop, or automatically store the objects and re-use them in another deployment. Use with Settlement Attack System for attacks anywhere.

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Deploy a mobile workshop anywhere as many times as you like. Build stuff and leave behind when you move the workshop, or automatically store the objects and re-use them in another deployment.  Use with Settlement Attack System for attacks anywhere.

Install the mod at any time in any game to receive a regenerating [ .SKK Mobile Workshop Menu ] activator in your AID inventory which will pop a menu to:

(1) Deploy Mobile Workshop

(2) Store Mobile Workshop

(3) Show/hide a map marker

(4) Show/hide wild product build and craft recipes

(5) Disable Mobile Workshop


Deploy Mobile Workshop

The only conditions that will stop a deployment are if no navmesh detected in front of the player to place on, or too close to an existing workshop (10K game units) build area. Yes it will work in interiors, Diamond City, NukaWorld ... wherever.

The workshop is external non settlement (WorkshopWorkbenchNonSettlement like the Airport) with a 5000 game unit build area radius. Anything can be built, except settlers and food. It is not WorkshopParentScript registered to avoid corruptions from location changes, so actors can’t be recruited/assigned and it doesn’t produce daily resources. 

A Survival fast travel enabled [Mobile Workshop] map marker moves with the workshop in the Commonwealth exterior only. For interior deployments and other worldspaces it is moved to the Commonwealth map center, so use the menu show/hide map mark option to find the workshop on a non Commonwealth map.

A WorkshopAttackMarker is placed at the player with a grabbable traffic cone proxy that can be moved anywhere. The marker/cone are reset to the player position whenever the workshop is deployed. Settlement Attack System can detect the workshop and attack marker for [ ATTACK NOW ] combat fun. As the workshop is not registered with WorkshopParentScript base game attacks can not happen.

Building a Fast Travel mat will move the LocationCenterMarker to it, which is usually the hostile attackers target. Use Move Workshop Markers for additional markers, but additional attack markers may be left behind when the workshop is moved.

The workshop itself can be moved in build mode. If it is redeployed from the activator menu in its own build area a warning pops that marker locations will be reset to the player.  Handy if you misplaced the attack marker.

Store Mobile Workshop

The workshop can be redeployed without storing any existing build items, just use the deploy option in a new build area.  If the mobile workshop is not stored before leaving its build area, any built items will be left behind when it is redeployed. The workshop will find and re-attach to any previous built objects in its build area when you return. Unless CELL RESET has removed them.

To save your valuable resources the store mobile workshop menu option can automatically hoover up and store all non power objects in the current build area. Power generating and transmitting items are never stored, but left in place to avoid the scrap crash condition. To reuse power objects in another deployment, manually store them with the workshop build menu [TAB] option.
Mobile Workshop supports Global Stash for full inventory sharing as a standalone workshop. If workbenches are linked to the stash to share inventory, the Workshop > Workbench link is broken. As the workshop no longer knows about the workbench, it cant automatically store it for you. You have to store them manually with the workshop build menu [TAB] option.

Wild products 

With wild products enabled, if the player has harvested wild flora it can be planted [Resources: Wild] to regrow every 24 game hours. The player has to leave the build area and return for the plant state to flip for harvesting. Planters can be constructed for interior planting. A cooking ground pot can be constructed [Resources: Wild] without any LL perks offering a new [ Wild ] recipe section so you can farm starch and such without pesky settlers. 

The [Resources: Wild] section will appear in all workshop build menus, if you don't want more immHursive stuff clogging up your menus, no problem just set to disabled in the aid menu item and like that, poof, they're gone.

Disable Mobile Workshop

Simply stores the mobile workshop and its markers and stops regenerating the [ .SKK MobileWorkshop Menu ]  aid item in player inventory.  To re-enable craft a new aid item at a Chemlab or use the menu console command.

Known Issues

(1) Do not rename or compact this mod, scripts use GetFormFromFile with hardcoded form IDs and ESP file names.

(2) STORE WORKSHOP: the scripted StoreInWorkshop function does not generate an OnWorkshopObjectDestroyed event that some built object scripts depend on to clean up. As its not possible to detect which objects need this to manage, some junk may be left behind until CELL RESET cleans it up.  Quality content includes OnUnload() IsDeleted() cleanup checks to avoid this sort of issue. 

(3) Some interior cells will not display built items correctly, only outlines or nothing at all. It is to do with the configuration of those  early developed spaces using roombounds/portals rather than the later precombine/previs system. Amplified by mod authors rebuilding precombine/previs without allowing for the original roombounds. Bad world building can not be fixed by this mod. To check if it is a problem with this solution, or a game level issue console [ player.placeatme 000c1aeb ] and see if that behaves differently.

(4) CELL RESET. The workshop can be deployed anywhere, but those cells are likely to be configured to reset. After a reset trigger (iHoursToRespawnCell) any built objects may be removed from the game when the cell next activates. The EZ solution is to set the world to never reset with the console, of course loot and actors will not respawn, but WHO actually wants that nonsense anyway ?

[ SetGS iHoursToRespawnCell 999999 ]
[ SetGS iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 999999 ]


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any base game assets, objects or scripts. It is 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts. As such it has no load order preference and will not conflict, excepting the known issues.

As this mod was published after November 2019 it depends on Fallout4.exe (or later).

Nexus PC manual installation & disable

Copy SKKMobileWorkshop.esp and  SKKMobileWorkshop – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory and add to Plugins.txt, or enable in the Bethesda mod menu, use a mod manger or however you organise. 

Since the workshop is not registered with WorkshopParentScript, when it is stored it will be as safe as any other SKK mod to remove from a game, if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.

Nexus FAQ

(1) Can I upgrade this to the full Settlement workshop menus ? Yes you can with Workshop Ownership Utilities [ Upgrade Workshop to full Settlement ] option which adds the WorkshopWorkbenchTypeSettlement keyword and generates necessary markers/linked references. But you will have problems assigning/managing settlers and resources as the mobile workshop does not have a WorkshopParentScript ID or location. Or just select in console and [ AddKeyword WorkshopWorkbenchTypeSettlement ] WARNING: this indulgence is untested and may break stuff.

(2) With so many great workshop solutions (Conquest, CAMP, PortableWorkshop & etc) why create this ? Because they do not meet my specific needs of workshop attack markers, mobility and cleanup.

(3) Why is there no ESL version ? Because life already contains sufficient hassle, but you can probably ESL flag the ESP. 

(4) Why an aid item menu rather than MCM ? Because 90% of SKK mod users experience Fallout 4 on Xbox.

Console Commands

If you don't want to use or favourite the [ .SKK MobileWorkshop Menu ]  aid item you can use these console commands in hotkeys.ini or MCM json things:

set SKK_MWMobileWorkshopEnabled to [0 | *1]  ;Provision or remove the menu activator from inventory, must call the associated quest function to make it so.

cqf SKK_MW "SKK_MWMainScript.SwitchEnabled"  ;Implement the SKK_MWMobileWorkshopEnabled setting.

set SKK_MWMobileWorkshopMapMark to [*0 | 1]  ;Map mark the workshop if not in the Commonwealth, must call the associated quest function to make it so.

cqf SKK_MW "SKK_MWMainScript.SwitchMapMark"  ;Implement the SKK_MWMobileWorkshopMapMark setting.

set SKK_MWCraftingRecipesEnabled to [0 | *1] ;Show or hide the wild products in build and craft menus.

set SKK_MWFloraRegrowthGameHours to [0.1|65536] ;Default 24 game hours for wild plants to be harvestable.

cqf SKK_MW "SKK_MWMainScript.ShowMenu"  ;Pop the menu. 

cqf SKK_MW "SKK_MWMainScript.DeployMobileWorkshop"  ;Moves/deploys the workshop.

cqf SKK_MW "SKK_MWMMainScript.StoreMobileWorkshop”  ;only works if near the workshop with 3d enabled.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8