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Enables popular weapon mods to work with `Visual Reload` mod by Pauderek.

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Enables popular weapon mods to work with Visual Reload by Pauderek.

Requires Visual Reload!

I will be updating this with more weapons as time goes on, these are just the weapons I personally use. If you want a weapon added here let me know and I'll get around to it. I'll add most patches into the All in One file eventually, but some mods may stay in the optional files only for whatever reason. If this patch gets big enough I'll probably split the All in One into categories.

Now supporting Weaponsmith ExtendedZeridian did 99% of the work on this one but let me upload it here to keep it all in one place, so go give him some Kudos!

Many thanks to Cydog2001, who has been adding many new weapon patches while I've been busy!

UPDATE V2.0.0 - This update rebuilds all the previous patches to clean up the files, use more accurate and optimal collision meshes, and bring them up to date with their master mods where needed. From V2.0.0 onward this mod page will use a more consistent versioning. Major versions will be for full rebuilds, minor versions will be new weapon addition batches, patch versions will be for bugfixes. Version numbers in the name of standalone patches (Optional Files), eg. `Visual Reload - Crude Blowback V2.3`, will refer to the version of the weapon mod the patch is built for (Version 2.3 of Crude Blowback in this example). All future weapon patches will now indicate which version of the weapon mod the patch is built for in this way.

Weapons Currently Supported

Weapon Packs Supported

  1.  Install Visual Reload
  2.  Install the required weapon mod
  3.  Download the compatibility patch with NMM or manually
  4.  Load patch .esp after weapon mod .esp

Most weapon mods have their own standalone compatibility patch available in the optional files. Additionally, most of the patches are available in an All in One file that requires all the weapon mods to be downloaded. I will update the AiO when there is a few weapons to add at once.

Weapon packs, such as Skibadaa's pack and DOOMBASED's pack, will have their own file under the Main category. They will not be merged into the All in One (unless I end up doing lots of them).


Magazines not dropping after updating to a new patch? Try this:
The weapon records in a current save tend to not update correctly in Fallout 4, even sometimes when using the Workshop storage technique. So if you guys ever have problems where the mags for WSE (or vanilla for that matter) don't drop, clear the previous patch version from your save and reinstall.

Here is the procedure as I posted on the Visual Reload forum:
1] Load the offending save
2] Use "stopquest pd_vreload" in the console (wait ten seconds)
3] Save and exit
4] Uninstall the mod/patch
5] Open the game, load the newest save you just made
6] Save and exit
7] Reinstall the mod/patch
8] Load newest save

If none of that works for someone, put weapons into storage, and repeat the steps and it should be guaranteed to work. Then enjoy the bliss of immersive magazine debris everywhere  

- Zeridian