Assault Carbine and Service Rifle (M4A1 and M16A2) by DeadPool2099 - Ha_Ru - The Shiny Haxorus - Hitman47101
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Added: 08/05/2017 - 07:07PM
Updated: 19/09/2017 - 11:25AM

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Uploaded by DeadPool2099


Last updated at 11:25, 19 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 19:07, 8 May 2017

This mod adds a Assault Carbine (a.k.a. M16A4) from Fallout New Vegas, with new models, textures, modifications and animations

The gun will show in game from level 30-35. Has a lot of customisation options. Will spawn on raiders, gunners, Minutemen and vendors, All of them will have their own weapon skin. This gun also has Nuka World raider themed skins in optional plugin ( Will also add two new high-level receivers). Mod comes with All American unique gun, you can find it near Decayed reactor site

The assault carbine is a magazine-fed, compact automatic weapon with a high rate of fire and a comparatively low spread. It is one of the most accurate automatic weapons in the game, and can be effectively used in close and medium range 


Available modifications:

- A lot of receivers
- 5 stocks
- 10 barrels
- 3 muzzle attachements
- 6 magazines (Simple and quick eject has different skins)
- 11 sights
- 7 weapons skins including unique All American (+3 with Nuka World patch)

Planned features:
-New animations for foregrips and different magazines
-Custom Bayonet
-Gobi Campain unique
-Service Rifle (M16A1) as separate weapon with Survivalist's Rifle unique

Known bugs:
Flashlight is not working properly, i'll try to fix it, though i'd appreciate any help with it
Dust cover flies when weapon is drawn, that's mesh issue, i'll try to fix it

Thanks, credits:
DeadPool2099 (Painter2099) i.e me - creation of models and textures \ Support me \
T41NT3D - esp plugin
The Shiny Haxorus - animations
Ha_Ru - animations
Hitman47101 - animations
Navaro - sounds
ImBrokerRU - EoTech reflex sight models and textures

a_blind_man - for a script that I have used for LL
Oh Deer - for some good screenshots

Thanks to all guys who tested this gun :)

12.7MM Pistol Patch
New Calibers Patch
Lowered Weapons Patch

Feel free to create your own patches or retextures, just don't forget to credit me. If you want to share my mod on another resource - PM me first.