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This mod adds pump Hunting Shotgun, which is based on famous gun from Fallout New Vegas

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This mod adds pump Hunting Shotgun, which is based on famous gun from Fallout New Vegas, with new models, textures, modifications and animations

The gun uses vanilla shotgun shells and will show in game from level 8, has 70 base damage, but because it's pump action, it's states are between Double-barrel and Combat Shotguns

Perfect to on-shot low-level enemies, but you'll need something faster if you'll encount large group of enemies

There are two uniques - Dinner Bell and Manhunter
To find Dinner Bell you need to find some yummy eggs. Just don't let the MOMMY take it from you (It's in Lynn Woods)
And to find Manhunter, you need to go to SEWER. Be brave, detective

Available modifications: 

- A lot of receivers 
- 3 stocks
- 3 muzzle attachements
- 6 barrels 
- 2 pumps
- 3 sights
- 5 material options (Including unique ones)

Q- Does it has 3rd person animations?
A- Yes, but only for humans, and only for reloading. Also, player will reload only 5 shelld in 3rd ps even with large magazine. It is really hard to create 3rd person idles and impossible to create anims for Power Armor (3rd ps of course).

Q- Does it utilises Ammo count script?
A- No, this gun acts like vanilla lever-action rifle. It was made to avoid bugs. If you want a shotgun with Ammo Count script, check out Covadonga's Remington 870.

Q- Will this ever use the scripted reload?
A- No

Q- Will this be released on Xbox?
A- Yes, in a week or two.  Available now

Future plans:
-Alternative suppressor
-Shrouded barrels
-Add it as Cait's default weapon

Thanks, credits:
hitman47101 - creating an incredible animation set
DeadPool2099 (Painter2099) i.e me - creation of models, textures and .esp plugin
Partisan Executioner - Reload sounds
a_blind_man - for a script that I have used for LL

Because PayPal is not working in my country, i can't receive donations via Nexusmods system
If you want to support me with coin, you can do it via:
Skrill ([email protected])
Donations are completely optional