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Weapon magazines and casings are now dropped and visible when reloading

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Have you ever noted that when everyone reload their weapons they eject their magazines only to disappear?
With this mod the ejected magazines will drop to the ground and stay there.
It also affects the ejected shells when reloading the double barrel shotgun or the revolvers.
I recommend using it with Shell Rain so you can also see the spent casings when shooting your gun.

Note: Since v1.9 this mod requires F4SE to work


I haven't noticed any performance drop even when spawning 100 mags in one place, so it shouldn't kill your FPS.
But everyone's computer is different so I've included some configuration options to help if you are having any performance issue.


To configure the mod you need to use the console, if you are playing in Survival you can use a mod like this one.

- PD_VReload_ForEveryone: Enables or disables visual mags for everyone, by default is enabled (1)
Example: set PD_VReload_ForEveryone to 0 (will disable the mod for everyone except the player, set to 1 to enable again)

Since 1.4 you can exclude any vanilla or DLC weapon from the mod, to do so you need to edit the mod with the Creation Kit.
Search for the Magic Effect PD_VReload_Effect and edit it's script properties, in the group ExcludeWeapons at the beginning of it's properties you will see all the weapons that can be excluded, set any weapon you want to exclude to TRUE to remove it from this mod functionality.
Since 1.5, adding PD_VReload_Weapon_Script to any vanilla weapons will exclude it from the main mod.


The mod works only for vanilla, Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World weapons. You don't need the DLCs, only the base game, but I've build in support for them.
Other mods that adds new weapons won't be afected by this mod unless support is made for them as I did with the DLCs, this is more technical than it sounds and I would love to make it work on every single weapon, but unfortunately this can't be done automatically and they have to be added manually.

Do you have a weapon mod and want it to have this mod functions?
Check out Visual Reload Compatibility Patches by a_blind_man. He has made compatibility patches for a lot of weapons. Check it out!


- Ejected shells from revolvers or magazines from the hunting rifle are delayed: This is something I had to do in order to make the mod work with those weapons. When the hammer in revolvers is cocked or the bolt in the hunting rifle is moved after shooting, the game considers that action as a reload. So after every shot the mod spawned the shells or mag. In order to fix this I had to spawn the shells and mag when the reloading was complete. This only affects this type of weapons, others are fine.

- Even if you only shot one bullet, revolvers drop 6 casings: Vanilla animation shows the 6 casings being ejected anyway, but until F4SE gets updated and adds new scripting functions I can't check how many bullets are left on the weapon.

I think I've added all weapons that eject shells, mags, cells and even deposits(Flamer). Let me know if I've missed any weapon.