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About this mod

Adds a very basic Humanity Cost system for cyberware implants as well as a few low Humanity side-effects including cyberpsychosis.

Permissions and credits
Seizure Warning: this mod uses a few heavy vfx effects with a lot of flashing lights.

Key Features

  • New stat - Humanity, which depends on installed cyberware, Berserk/Sandevistan usage and committed kills
  • A few Humanity thresholds, each with it's own effects and visuals
  • Possible Cyberpsychosis when Humanity becomes very low
  • Cyberware Humanity Cost based on implants type and quality
  • New injector which should help you to manage Humanity
  • New widgets to track your current Humanity value
  • Mod Settings menu


Adds new stat - Humanity, which depends on installed cyberware, Berserk/Sandevistan usages and committed kills. Each implant decreases your Humanity permanently while installed, cyberware usages and enemy kills decrease it temporarily so you can restore it after getting "Rested" effect (just go to sleep to get it) or other apartment events like Energized or Refreshed. You can track your current Humanity value via Cyberware menu screen or with a new widget which will appear above the player's HP bar.

There are a few Humanity thresholds which affect your character:
  • Glitches: launches light visual glitches and adds a critical damage debuff, it's better to go to sleep at this stage.
  • Pre-Psychosis: launches more visual glitches and adds a critical chance debuff, also can trigger Cyberpsychosis with some probability (configurable).
  • Cyberpsychosis: launches the heaviest visual glitches but buffs your movement speed, armor value and health regeneration, and if your character is not in an interior or dangerous area then triggers police spawn as well. If related option is enabled, then you will be teleported to one of the 20+ predefined locations when Cyberpsychosis effect ends.

To prevent all low Humanity penalties you can use Neuroblockers.

Humanity Cost

Each implant now have it's own Humanity Cost which is based on equipment slot and quality. For example, by default Common quality implants for Frontal Cortex slots will have Humanity Cost 10 because base cost for Frontal Cortex is 5 and Common quality multiplier is 2.0.


Neuroblockers is a new injector which removes low Humanity side-effects and freezes Humanity points loss while active. You can by it at some Ripperdocs, plus Neuroblockers crafting recipe was added to a few medical shops.
  • Common Neuroblockers: Instant Implants, Cassius, Bucks' Clinic
  • Uncommon Neuroblockers: Fingers M.D., Octavio's Clinic
  • Rare Neuroblockers: Kraviz's Clinic, Viktor's Clinic


  • Download and install all the requirements
  • (Optional) If you are using Vortex and / or REDLauncher then also download and install cybercmd
  • Donwload the mod and unpack it into the game folder

Also there is a new console command added which clears all visual psycho effects, you can use it when you have any issues:


  • Delete Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\WannabeEdgerunner folder
  • Delete Cyberpunk 2077\r6\tweaks\wannabeEdgerunner.yaml file
  • Delete WannabeEdgerunner.archive and WannabeEdgerunner.archive.xl from Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod folder.


If you want to translate the mod to your own language, then download Translation sources archive, open wannabeedgerunner.json with any text editor (I would recommend Notepad++) and translate only lines with "femaleVariant" key (sample screenshot from other mod, text which you should change marked with yellow). After that check the code for your language here at the table below and send translated file back to me.

Currently supported languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Czech (credits to TheWolfeus and Starfis)
  • French (credits to Kazer24)
  • Italian (credits to NarakuITA)
  • Japanese (credits to BoundHands)
  • Polish (credits to PeterMods76)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (credits to robertojr and MayaQueenslayer)
  • Simplified Chinese (credits to FreakVIp)
  • Traditional Chinese (credits to hansdofer)
  • German (credits to Shivotno)
  • Spanish (creditst to SrVendettta)

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