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About this mod

Extends default crafting capabilities allowing you to choose clothes and weapons skins, plus weapons damage type and name while crafting.

Permissions and credits

Enhanced Weapons Craft extends in-game crafting menu with a few new HUD elements and hotkeys for switching between weapon variants and using any custom name for crafted weapon, as well as adds a few config options so you can tweak all new features as you like (when you see a text highlighted with yellow like this it means config option reference). Affects weapons crafting only.

Behind the scenes

The mod generates a new item records for each weapon variant based on unique appearance name so all crafted weapon variants will have the same stats and bonuses as the original one.

Basic weapon variants

All basic variants require the same amount of ingredients as the original recipe.

Iconic weapon variants

The mod allows you to craft weapons with iconic-looking skins (but that's not an actual iconics so crafted weapon won't have any unique effects).

On top of that you can adjust Recipe quality requirement option which defines if recipe with particular quality should have Iconics or not. Options here:
  • Rare and above - Iconic variants available for Rare, Epic and Legendary recipes
  • Epic and above - Iconic variants available for Epic and Legendary recipes (selected by default)
  • Legendary - Iconic variants available for Legendary recipes only

And finally, Ingredients multiplier defines how many ingredients Iconic variant requires compared to the normal one (x5 by default). For example, if some weapon crafting requires 22 Rare item components then with default settings Iconic version will require 110 Rare components.

P.S. Skippy not included.


Instead of choosing a weapon variant manually, you can enable Randomizer option and get a randomly assigned preset for a crafted item (Iconics not included here), controlled by Enable randomizer option.

Weapons naming

When you have any weapon recipe selected, a text input field appears so you can assign your newly created weapon any custom name. Weapon names persisted to your save game and are attached to weapons only while you have it in your inventory or stash. Controlled by Enable custom names option.

Known issues
  • Some weapon inventory icons might not match how the item looks, looks like it's a vanilla game problem.


If you want to translate the mod to your own language, then download Translation sources archive, open ecraft.json with any text editor (I would recommend Notepad++) and translate only lines with "femaleVariant" key (sample screenshot from other mod, text which you should change marked with yellow). After that check the code for your language here at the table below and send translated file back to me.

Currently supported languages:
  • English
  • Russian
  • French (credits to Unseen Unit)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (credits to biajoyce)
  • German (credits to Vorgash)
  • Traditional Chinese (credits to hansdofer)
  • Simplified Chinese (credits to FreakVIp)
  • Spanish (credits to Motty1985)
  • Polish (credits to george173)
  • Italian (credits to Laku83)
  • Korean (credits to micromi)
  • Arabic (credits to XProoo)
  • Czech (credits to Starfis)
  • Simplified Chinese - (credits to SNM1Andy and Arrows0201)

How to install

  • Download and install all required files (there are A LOT of them)
  • Download the mod archive and unpack it to the game folder

How to uninstall

  • Delete EnhancedCraft.archive and EnhancedCraft.archive.xl files from archive\pc\mod
  • Delete r6\scripts\EnhancedCraft folder
  • Delete r6\tweaks\EnhancedCraft folder

After uninstalling all crafted items related to this mod will disappear.

My mods


  • jekky for the redscript compiler
  • psiberx for codeware and all other things which are essential nowadays
  • Henacles for original request and peeps from CP77 modding discord for mod ideas