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About this mod

Scales up conversation skill checks so that you'll see options requiring higher attribute levels in general and as you level up. For those who want their attribute choices to both limit and reward.

Permissions and credits

I recently made a mod (Clear Skill Checks) that makes conversation skill/attribute checks show the required value when you pass the check, instead of just showing you the value you have. Then I realized that all the checks I tested were of really low values. The highest I've seen is 7, though it's a pain to go through the game finding these. This mod scales up those values so you'll see them go all the way to 20 for particularly hard checks, and/or when you're very high level.

Unmodded behaviour

In the unmodded game every conversation with a skill check has a difficulty level (None/Easy/Medium/Hard/Impossible - not related to the game difficulty) and a numerical power level associated with it. The power level is like an enemy or quest's level. The power level is fed into a curve (different one for each difficulty), which outputs a check value. None difficulty is a constant 3 difficulty (so always pass), and Impossible is a constant 20 value. The other three scale from 3-10, 5-15, and 6-20. The maximum of each curve is reached when the power level is 40 or higher. This is the same mechanism that doors and other device skill checks use, but it seems that devices actually use all the power levels and difficulties, because those can get quite high.

What I found so far in testing is that almost all conversations are Easy difficulty (max 10), and the power levels tend to be on the low side (hence me never seeing anything over 7). I found one skill check that was Hard, but it had a power level of 0 (actually undefined), giving a check level of only 6.

What this mod does

What this mod does is bump up anything in the None/Easy/Medium range to the next highest level, and it partially scales the power level up to the player's level. I've set the amount of scaling at 0.75 (meaning it will scale up 0.75 of the difference between your level and the conversation's level). That value can be adjusted easily at the top of "r6/scripts/convo_skill_check_scaling.reds".

I set the mod to log some info about conversation skill checks every time one happens, so if you use Cyber Engine Tweaks and uncheck "disable game log" you can see some info about the changes and also if you want you could collect a bunch of them along with what quest you encountered them in and then send them to me :)

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  • IMPORTANT: This mod depends on redscript. Download and install that first!
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder (the mod files go to "Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts").