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Adds several apis to be used by other mods.

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X4 Mod Support APIs

This is a collection of APIs developed to ease mod creation in a variety of ways. Components include:

* Lua Loader API
  - Support for loading lua files
* Simple Menu API
  - Create custom menus
* Interact Menu API
  - Add new context menu commands
* Named Pipes API
  - Inter-process two-way communication
* Hotkey API
  - Create new hotkeys
* Time API
  - Real-time delays

Primary development is on github:

Extended documentation on api usage:

Latest releases (nexus may be slower to get updates):

Also available on steam workshop.

This mod has two parts:

1) The X4 extension includes all x4 plugins that other mods can call, and is necessary for any dependencies. 

2) An optional external program acts as a host for the named pipes api, and supports the hotkey api.  This is Windows-only for now, and needs to run in the background while X4 is open to support any hotkey mods (or other mods using the named pipes).  A Python source code version can also be obtained from github and run directly by users with Python installed.  See github documentation for version and package requirements for running from source.