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Creates waypoints that you and your wingmen can follow to deploy equipment and weapons.

Permissions and credits
Waypoint fields for deployments
by kuertee

v1.1.0, 22 Nov 2020:
-New feature: Create a Waypoint Field directly with a right-mouse click on the map.
-New feature: The Waypoint Field panel now lists its attached mission. "Show original mission" and "Show Waypoint Field mission" toggles between the two mission panels.
-New feature: The Waypoint Field mission (e.g. mission target, progress, etc.) is now attached to your last controlled ship. Previously, it would only work if you were in direct control of the ship. In this version, you're allowed to exit the ship to do other things.
-Tweak: Wingmen defaults to deploying Fried-Foe mines when performing mining missions. Manually order them to deploy other mines. Their AI is not very good at avoiding mines they deploy.
-Tweak: Better distribution of retrieved deployments. Previously, the first wingman would retrieve as much as they can, while the others would retrieve what remaining few.
-Tweak: Missions created from the base game's rml_achievecoverage.xml, rml_deployinplace.xml and rml_find_resources.xml files now create Waypoint Field missions. These underlying files are the base missions for the gm_* files previously used.
-Tweak: Increased horizontal interval of resource probe waypoints.
-Bug-fix: Completion of a waypoint previously failed for deployments that do not set their ownership immediately after deployment - causing wingmen to deploy multiple times on the one waypoint. E.g. laser towers.
-Bug-fix: For manually created Waypoint Fields that are attached to missions, wingmen deployment would stop after the first if the sector they are deploying is different from the sector of the mission.
-Bug-fix: Re-assignment of waypoint ignored by the player.
-Bug-fix: Previously fails when the target coverage from the missions was too small for the waypoint interval set in my mod. In this version, the area determines the intervals.

Update from version v1.0.0:
Do a clean-save of the previous version before installing this.

To perform a clean-save:
1. Delete the previous version from the file system.
2. Load a game. Save the game. This is the clean-save file. It doesn't contain the previous version.
3. Install the new version.
4. Load and play from the clean-save file.

Mod effects
Creates waypoints that you and your wingmen can follow to deployment equipment and weapons.

SirNukes Mod Support APIs mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/x4foundations/mods/503) - for Lua Loader.

Recommended companion mod
Loot mining (https://www.nexusmods.com/x4foundations/mods/511): targetting system helper that creates mission guides to collectible loot (including asteroids) during a mining session.

How it works
Waypoint fields are created by one of the two methods below.

Mission activation
When a mission to deploy equipment (satellites, navigation beacons) or weapons (laser towers, mine) is activated from the base game's rml_achievecoverage.xml, rml_deployinplace.xml or rml_find_resources.xml missions, the Waypoint Field mission is created. Because missions to find resources with probes don't have specific target locations, they require manual placement of Waypoint Fields. See the "Manual creation" section below for manual placements of the Waypoint Field.

The Waypoint Field mission will guide you and your wingmen who have the necessary equipment/weapons to each point in the field. Your wingmen will deploy the necessary equipment/weapon at each point. The density of the waypoints and the size of the field are automatically set according to the equipment's (or the weapon's) functional range and according to the requirements of the mission.

When the primary mission is completed, because the required coverage is filled, for example, the Waypoint Field mission will also end. Your wingmen will retrieve any deployments that were not taken over by the primary mission.

You are free to deactivate the Waypoint Field mission, but it will re-activate when the primary mission is activated.

Manual creation
1. Create Waypoint Fields by right-clicking on the map.
2. Configure the field in the Waypoint Field mission menu. Choose the equipment/weapon to deploy, and the shape of the field (cube or sphere).

Wingmen behaviours
Wingmen free of other orders will deploy the necessary equipment/weapon at the waypoints. They may get pulled into combat - so make sure that you cover their activities.

-Unzip to 'X4 Foundations/extensions/kuertee_waypoint_fields_for_deployments/'.
-Make sure the sub-folders and files are in 'X4 Foundations/extensions/kuertee_waypoint_fields_for_deployments/' and not in 'X4 Foundations/extensions/kuertee_waypoint_fields_for_deployments/kuertee_waypoint_fields_for_deployments/'.

-Delete the mod folder.

v1.0.0, 15 Nov 2020: Initial release.