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All significant mods together.
Its my Hardcore Version TW3: let all mod settings be default (you can only make sure that the mods are enabled).

Permissions and credits
First of all, sorry for my english.

Update 1.1
Deleted mod 'Immersive Death and Death Punishment' from main modes, because he call bugs in game.
Add patch for 'Exotic Arsenal — Weapon DLC V2' (for w3ee) and merged scripts.

Install main modes:

Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition 4.93 file W3EE vanilla 4.93
{ru localization can be taken from the version W3EE 5.02}

Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition - Lazarus Project 6.51 

Random Encounters Reworked 2.5
You do NOT need to install modSharedImports and CommunityPatch - Base,
BUT modBootstrap-registry and modBootstrap-v0.4.1-unmodified-worldmap need.
{"in-depth guide" can be found under "INSTALLING" on page description. In the guide you can find a link to version 2.5}

Multi Companion Mod Enhanced 3.1.8
Only MCM file.

Gwent Redux 1.7.8 

Exotic Arsenal — Weapon DLC V2
Besides the main file, you need download a optional file 'Exotic Arsenal Ghost Mode and W3EE Addons'
and copy in Mods from there folder modExoticArsenal_W3EE.

Better Trophies 2.0 

Icy Ocean (1 percent version) 1.0.9 

Lowered hood Feline
Only Lowered hood Feline file.

Lip Movement and HiRes Shadows
Only modEnableMimics_blinking file.

And finally, you need:
The Witcher 3 Mod Manager 

Other mods I have installed. They are not required for this mod, but are recommended for better immersion:
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 
HDMR - HD Monsters Reworked mod 
Photorealistic Reshade 
Lullaby Lighting 
Realistic Weather 
4K Reworked Women mod (18+) 
TW2 Triss 
Music Overhaul Project Redux 
No intro - No storybook 
Letho LOD Extended 
Cheaper Runewright 
Friendly Wolves 
Big Subtitles 

Next, you need to download the file of this mod, archive. Unzip it and the folder mod0000_CezarMergedF put in a game folder "Mods". Remove all merges in mods folder first (delete folder mod0000_MergedFiles).

Next, in program "The Witcher 3 Mod Manager" to prioritize mods. Make 

mod0000_CezarMergedF 0, 
mod_sharedutils_dialogChoices 1, 
mod_sharedutils_helpers 1,
mod_sharedutils_mappins 1,
mod_sharedutils_noticeboards 1,
mod_sharedutils_npcInteraction 1,
mod_W3EELazarusProject 1,
modRandomEncountersReworked 2,
modW3EEMain 2

other of the mods either leave without priority, or make 3.
I hope this helps you collect all your favorite mods together.
Many thanks to all the creators of the original mods.