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All significant mods together.
Its my Hardcore Version TW3: Let all mod settings be default. (You can only make sure that the mods are enabled. Just in case, go over the mod settings and click "default" everywhere).
Dark souls will seem like a fairy tale. (c)
P.S. But the game won't be exhausting. It will be more interesting.

Permissions and credits
First of all, sorry for my english.

Update 1.95
Version 2.7.2 RER added.
ru translation in optional files updated.

Update 1.94
Version 2.7 RER added.
ru translation in optional files.

Update 1.93
Version 3.2.2 MCM added.

Update 1.92
Delete mod No Artificial Player Light from build, because he can cause crash of game (Presumably).
Folder "Mods\modNoPlayerLight_NoCutscene_Sript" and file "bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\modNoArtificialPlayerLight.xml" no longer needed.

Update 1.91
Fixed a bug with schemes from the Shadow of Iron mod, because of which it was impossible to craft items (some ingredients were not visible).

Update 1.9
Gwint Changes: (make Gwint hardcore)
The number of possible card replacements at the beginning has been increased from 2 to 4.
Tactics AI edited to improve the diversity of behaviors.
The decks of all opponents in Gwint are significantly strengthened.

Update 1.88
From Lazarus removed the xml file "ingredients" from the blob file of the mod. Otherwise, in the recipes of decoctions and others, the required elements were incorrectly displayed, or rather, the names of the required elements were not displayed.

Update 1.87
Now a craftsman-master is required for weapons and armor from the Shadow of Iron mod.

Update 1.86
Increased the parameter of "health regeneration outside of combat" for weapons from Shades of Iron. In order for regeneration to work, you need to pull the weapon out of the scabbard (this was the case before).

Update 1.85
Not much weakened the damage resistance parameters of the 'Shadow of Iron' armor sets so that the witcher equipment of different schools could compete with them.

Update 1.84
Added prices to the schematics of weapons and armor from the Shades of Iron mod.

Update 1.83
Bestiary is now updated when you kill monsters.

Update 1.82
Deleted from build file 'Icy Ocean (1 percent version)' and added 'Icy Ocean (No Skua potion)'.

Update 1.81
Added optional file 'ru RER 2.5'. Translation ru for last version RER.
Bestiary is no longer filled immediately at the start of the game.

Update 1.8
For "The Daily Monster Hunt Challenge" added 21 new enemies from the mod Shades of Iron (At the moment, the creatures are not used by the Shades of Iron mod, so it was decided to attach them to a useful cause). Several weak or unsuitable creatures have been removed from the Challenge. Slightly changed the health characteristics of new enemies. The ru en translation files for "The Daily Monster Hunter Challenge" mod have been updated and are now in the main file. Optional file "ru The Daily Monster Hunt Challenge" no longer needed. Fix for bets is also now in the main file.
P.S. Master Mirror purposely keeps silent about the fact that there are two very dangerous creatures among the new enemies.

Update 1.7
Added mod 'Shades of Iron'. Reduced the size of weapons so that they do not look vulgar. Rebalanced for the current build. Fixed numerous errors in the characteristics of weapons. Translation ru done. Details below, in instruction.
If you continue to play from loading the save, then use the console command "shades_keys" to get the keys. They open the chests with Shades-of-Iron items (these keys are given at the beginning of the game and otherwise you will not get them).
Some problems with the mod:
- some parts of the ammunition do not combine with others and invisible parts of the body appear
- failed to adapt the new silver swords for 'swords on roach'. I recommend disabling 'swords on roach' in lazarus mod settings. Otherwise, you can permanently lose the silver swords by placing them on the roach

Update 1.6
Added the ability to disable the 'No Artificial Player Light' mod in the game's mod settings.
Added mod 'The Daily Monster Hunt Challenge'. Need download fix for balanced bets. Archgriffin removed just in case. There is a translation ru. Details below, in instruction.

Update 1.5
Added mods 'Long Journey - Extended (Limited Fast Travel)' and '- Signs Descriptions for Long Journey Extended -'.
(You can see the available routes and here, in the article).
Fast travel now cost 30. From Vyzima for free (thanks to Nilfgaardian generosity. They will escort and cover the costs)

Update 1.41
Lowered the durability threshold for an item to use a repairkit. It was 80%, now 60%. This will make the repairkit more useful.

Update 1.4
Added mod 'No Artificial Player Light'.

Update 1.3
Added file "Exotic Arsenal AMM Support" for mod "Exotic Arsenal".

Update 1.2
Replaced file of mod 'Lip Movement and HiRes Shadows' (now used modEnableMimics_blinking_woShadows), 
because he call some bugs in game.

Update 1.1
Deleted mod 'Immersive Death and Death Punishment' from main modes, because he call bugs in game.
Add patch for 'Exotic Arsenal — Weapon DLC V2' (for w3ee) and merged scripts.

At the moment, it is enough to copy the files from the archive ModIntegrationAll.rar with file replacement.

Install main modes:

Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition 4.93 file W3EE vanilla 4.93
{ru localization can be taken from the version W3EE 5.02}

Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition - Lazarus Project 6.51 

Random Encounters Reworked 2.7.2 (2.5)
You do NOT need to install modSharedImports and CommunityPatch - Base,
BUT modBootstrap-registry and modBootstrap-v0.4.1-unmodified-worldmap need.
{"in-depth guide" can be found under "INSTALLING" on page description. In the guide you can find a link to last version}
{ru localization can take from files this mod - optional file 'ru RER 2.7.2'}

Multi Companion Mod Enhanced 3.2.2 (3.1.8)
Only MCM file tested.

Gwent Redux 1.7.8 

Shades of Iron 1.0

{ru localization can take from files this mod - optional file: 'ru Shades of Iron'}

The Daily Monster Hunt Challenge 2.3
Tested with main file only.
{ru localization located in the main file of this mod}

Exotic Arsenal — Weapon DLC V2
Besides the main file, you need download a optional file 'Exotic Arsenal Ghost Mode and W3EE Addons'
and copy in Mods from there folder modExoticArsenal_W3EE.
And need optional file "Exotic Arsenal AMM Support". (Not need file AMM.xml)
For myself, I also downloaded the Exotic Arsenal Shorter Polearms Addon file. (Not necessary).
{ru localization was taken from a third-party resource}

Better Trophies 2.0 

Icy Ocean (No Skua potion) 1.0.8
Only optional file Icy Ocean (No Skua potion).

Lowered hood Feline 1.4
Only Lowered hood Feline file.

Lip Movement and HiRes Shadows 0.5.3b
Only modEnableMimics_blinking_woShadows file.

Long Journey - Extended (Limited Fast Travel) 1.32
- Signs Descriptions for Long Journey Extended - 1.1
{ru localization can take from files this mod - optional file: ru '- Signs Descriptions for Long Journey Extended -'}

And finally, you need:
The Witcher 3 Mod Manager 
and if you need (if game not started)
Mod Limit Adjuster or Mod limit fix

Other mods I have installed. They are not required for this mod, but are recommended for better immersion:
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 
HDMR - HD Monsters Reworked mod 
Photorealistic Reshade 
Lullaby Lighting 
Realistic Weather (it is better not to use with lighting systems. it is very important not to merge such mods, but simply to set priorities, so as not to damage the saves)
Beautiful Grass V3
E3 Ultra Grass 420
HD Tree LOD Billboards
New Clouds
4K Reworked Women mod (18+) 
TW2 Triss or New Triss and More - WIP (I abandoned this mod, due to frequent bugs with the lack of clothes on the characters)
Music Overhaul Project Redux or Music Overhaul Project (MOP)
No intro - No storybook 
Letho LOD Extended 
Cheaper Runewright  (Prices are already reduced by basic mods.)
Friendly Wolves 
Big Subtitles 
Big and Large Fonts (only first file work for me)

(It is better to use separate saves with these mods.)
New Quest - Strange things (this my amateur mod)
New Quest - A Night to Remember 
Ciri's Sole Memento 

If the gamma is not set correctly in the game settings or you need to move the hud closer to the corners, read the article.

Next, you need to download the file of this mod, archive. Unzip it and copy to game directory and replace files. Remove all merges in mods folder first (delete folder mod0000_MergedFiles).

Next, in program "The Witcher 3 Mod Manager" to prioritize mods. Make 

mod0000_CezarMergedF 0, 
mod_sharedutils_dialogChoices 1, 
mod_sharedutils_helpers 1,
mod_sharedutils_mappins 1,
mod_sharedutils_noticeboards 1,
mod_sharedutils_npcInteraction 1,
mod_W3EELazarusProject 1,
modRandomEncountersReworked 2,
modW3EEMain 2

other of the mods either leave without priority, or make 3.
These are basic priority settings. If you want to see a complete picture of the priorities in all my mods, then check out the article.

End Instruction

In game:
Set the difficulty lowest on the list: normal. It is maximum difficulty.

Some tips:
In order not to have to sell multiple sets of the Shadow of Iron mod, you can increase the base Roach capacity in the w3ee mod settings. For example, I increased from 350 to 500.

If anyone is interested:
I will update here as I go through.
At the moment, I have finished the quests with the baron myself. I didn't use the companion mod to be more honest. However, it was VERY difficult to pass the ghosts when the bloody baron was carrying Botchling. And this is despite the heavy armor from the Shadow of Iron mod.
I still don't dare to kill the noonday girl from the White Garden. It is very thick and heavy, despite all the oils, bombs, signs and so on.
With Keira Metz went through the caves ONLY with the help of Dimeritium bombs. There is probably no other way, but then, at the time of the first passage, I did not have a heavy Shadow of Iron armor.
Upd. Noonday girl defeated!
Upd. Velen and Novigrad have been successfully completed. BUT not all orders are fulfilled. A lot of monsters are very strong.
Upd. Skellige completed.
Upd. To kill Imlerih, I had to use the MCM mod. He too strong, the resources ran out and meditation was still unavailable.
Upd. Not without the help of MCM, the base game is finished. There are additions ahead.

Known bugs due to certain mods:

. There is a drawdown of fps due to the use of some armor from Shadow of Iron. Probably because of my not the strongest PC.
. Sometimes appear t-pose of companions (MCM).
. With No Artificial Player Light turned off, a significant FPS drawdown is felt. (delete mod No Artificial Player Light)
. In scenes, some clothing (or not because of it) can cause distortion in the form of elongated cones sticking out of Geralt. Probably because of the Shadow of Iron armor.
. Sometimes when repairing outside of meditation, the game crashes.
. Rarely, Geralt cannot speed up, although there is no wear. (helps restart the save)
. Sirens don't fall from Axii.
. An annoying bug with the crash of the game, periodically manifests itself for an unknown reason. (it seems to help remove the check mark from the exe "disable full-screen optimization". and lowered graphics settings. Maybe from 'No Artificial Player Light')
. Rarely, it crashes when you go into a backpack.
. Sometimes there is no sound when attacking with a sword.
. Rarely, after exiting the dialogue with the merchant, the game freezes and it is impossible to leave the dialogue. (helps pressing the keys q w, then 1, esc, then the selection items appear. well, or restart the save.)
. Rarely, the game freezes when the player dies.
. Sometimes the meditation animation (sit down and stand up) is not displayed. (restarting the game helps).
. Sometimes the lips stop moving in Geralt 's dialogues. (Restarting the game helps or disappears by itself)
. Sometimes characters fly in scenes - without walking animation. (It seems to help disabling the animations of lazarus mode: primal needs and animations of w3ee mode)
. A crash info file is created in the exe folder every time you run it.
. Sometimes the picture in the dialogues is blurred and hangs a little.
. If died during a robbery, the game will freeze.
. Sometimes a steel sword disappears. It's because you put weapon on horse. Walk up to the horse and press draw the sword.
Swords from "exotic arsenal" are still displayed incorrectly.
. Sometimes (robbery while in Yrden's field) lack of robbery and meditation animations. Reloading early save helps.
. Sometimes  wrong horse stamina bar. (You can turn off the display of bar).
Geralt's closed eyes in dialogue. It was by reason of the modEnableMimics_blinking file (I hope). File was deleted.
Sometimes food disappears. (Not bug. The expiration date is ending.)
. t-pose Letho in quest. It was by reason of the modEnableMimics_blinking file.
The game was freezing. It was by reason of Immersive Death and Death Punishment.
Not working dialogue option with innkeepers regarding rest for 30 crown. (its not bug)
. Coast of Wrecks (Quest) not end. Try next in console:
addfact (lw_cp34_found_chest_01)
addfact (lw_cp34_found_chest_02)
addfact (lw_cp34_found_chest_03)
addfact (lw_cp34_found_chest_04)
Or: return later and items appear.
. Sunken treasure (Quest) not end. Try next in console:

Known bugs due to other mods:

. New Triss and More - WIP: In the scene before Ciri. Horse racing. Ciri is not visible.
. New Triss and More - WIP: In a horse race with Keira Metz before dinner with her, she is not seen.

I hope this helps you collect all your favorite mods together.

MANY thanks to all the creators of the original mods.