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Adds 55 unique bladed weapons to the game which can be crafted, looted and bought.

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Welcome to Exotic Arsenal! This is a DLC mod which adds 55 bladed weapons to the game which can be located in chests and shops throughout the world. Diagrams for the weapons can also be obtained which allow more powerful versions to be crafted.
There are currently 28 steel and 27 silver weapons which cover a broad range of categories such as daggers, polearms and practical fantasy. Each category of weapon comes with it's own themed stats and abilities, designed in some cases to influence a specific combat style.

Auto leveled weapons can be found in chests scattered throughout No Man's Land (Velen & White Orchard), Novigrad and Skellige. They typically appear in mid tier chests in addition to vanilla loot. When found, auto leveled weapons will appear in one of the four qualities: common, master, magic and relic. These add to the weapon's basic stats in different ways.

Blacksmiths' stock both auto leveled weapons and diagrams, what items appear is based on regional drop lists so you'll have to do a bit of traveling to find certain weapons. Diagrams can be spotted easily in stores as they have a green (Witcher) icon background, take note however that they tend to be costly.

Diagrams are obtained via purchase but can also be obtained by dismantling auto leveled weapons both found and bought. Once learnt, diagrams can be used to craft a superior versions of the weapons which are Witcher quality, have enhanced stats, 3 rune slots and are tailored to your current level.

Weapons + Gameplay
All weapons have been categorized and given stats and abilities that (hopefully) influence a specific combat style. The following section details each of them.

Drop + Shop Locations
The following section details possible loot and shop locations for the weapons and their diagrams.

Item Codes
Every item can be obtained via the console with the additem("") command. Commands are the same for NGP. By using just the below names an autogenerated weapon will be spawned into your inventory, by adding _d to the end you will receive the diagram of that weapon and by adding _c you will receive a crafted version of the weapon. For example if you wish to spawn the diagram of the Silver Kama you'd type additem("kama_silver_d")

Pronunciation Guide

Word and name pronunciation differs greatly depending on country and accent. The following section is a rough guide on how I pronounce the names of the more... uniquely titled weapons.


As DLC, Exotic Arsenal will not conflict with any other mod. However mods which make significant alterations may disable or cause certain elements of Exotic Arsenal to not function as intended. But with that said, most mods will be fully compatible. Take note though that the item descriptions mod included with the download may require merging.

If you are a Ghost Mode or W3EE user you can find compatibility patches available to install. Review the addons section for installation instructions.

Tested mods:

The following section details installation, upgrading and uninstallation of the main version. Take note that installation must be done manually as mod organizers do not install DLC correctly.

There are various addons available to augment Exotic Arsenal in different ways. The following section details what each does and how to install it.


In the base version item names and descriptions will display in English for all languages.

A full German translation is available, this can be installed via downloading the Latest Translations from the files section.
See the Addons section for installation instructions.
- DE strings kindly provided by Moahofer30

As a common issue with all DLC weapon mods, none of the weapons have drop physics. So upon death it will simply freeze in place (a bit immersion breaking).

Final Section
An enormous amount of work has be put into the making of this mod. V1 took a solid 4 months of development.
All weapon and scabbard models are either themed from real world weapons or are of my own design, but each one was modeled from scratch every time.
Once I figured out how to control the visual mapping of runes I went all in on the idea of various sections of the weapons lighting up.

If you like what I do then please consider endorsing my content. But if you'd like to go one step further you can donate to me directly, any amount is greatly appreciated and will help me create for longer.

My other work
Main mods

Misc mods

Screenshot disclaimer
The above images were taken with various visual enhancements installed. (All weapons have their own diffuse maps and so are not effected by texture mods)
HD Rework Project
Turbo Lighting
Real Weather
Heavy Clouds
Dense Rainfall
Brutal Blood
The Wolf Medallion

Thanks for reading!

All 3d models contained in this file are original works by me, as such I have specified permissions on how they are not to be used.

Regarding the mod:
I do NOT permit any version or any component of this mod to be re-uploaded to any website without my permission beforehand.

Regarding the 3d models:
All meshes, as are or modified are NOT to be used in any other modification, for any game, without my permission beforehand.
All meshes are NEVER to be integrated into commercial products or used in any form of financial gain.
All meshes, in any form or file type are NOT to be uploaded to any other websites whatsoever.

If you have any questions regarding this matter you must contact me.