About this mod

This project aims to improve the graphics by reworking models and textures to better quality preserving the original art style.

Permissions and credits

- very high quality detailed textures with great sharpness and performance, without any unnecessary VRAM losses (no unnecessary big textures for small stuff)
 - very high quality accurate normal maps, almost all is baked from high poly meshes, these normals combined with detail normalmaps, giving amazing look with almost any performance hit!
 - high quality meshes with a lot of details, most of them are created from scratch, good optimization is preserved
 - better objects LODs ( Level of Detail), rendering distance of some objects are slightly increased
 - specially customized materials for all reworked stuff
 - keeping everything in vanilla game style

- all 3D Rocks and most Small Stones, Power Stones
- almost all Rivers and Streams on every area with Realtime Reflections
- A lot of Stone Walls
- Stone Stairs, Stone Borders
- Red Bricks
- A lot of Wood and Wood Objects
- Waterfalls and some other Water Effects
- Vegatation (Spruces, Pines, Ivy and more)
- Roofs (Thatched, Ceramic)
- Palisades, Palisade Gates, Wood Logs, Trunks
- A lot of Misc Stuff (Sacks, Braziers, Windows, Bear Furs, Harbour Ropes, Anchors, Metal Cages, Torches, Fishing Nets, Books, Bottles, Scrools and more)
- Some Ground Textures
- Puddles, Water in Sewers, Ponds, Brooks
- Various Textures (Moss, Seaweeds, Dirt, Grain, Hay and more)
- Animals (Sheep)
- Toussaint stuff (Cobblestone, Stone Walls, Stone Stairs, Rocks, Wood Logs, Sacks, Ceramic Roofs and more)
- And more!
+ optional E3 Novigrad Walls (no longer available since version 4.8)


It mainly depends on your video card, but generally modification doesn't hit performance too much. Modification requires minimum a 2GB VRAM for smooth gameplay. For best results 3GB is recommended.
Possible decrease in fps are 0-5 which depend on pc spec, game settings and ingame location.
On GTX 970/AMD R9 290X and higher there should be no fps drop.
Also in some cases, modification can give smoother gameplay.

 Just install mod according to the installer's steps, be sure to enter the correct path to your Witcher 3 Main Folder.
 Explanation of installator components:
 * Main HDRP files: Required core files of HD Reworked Project
 * Halk's Ultra HD Config: (GUIDE: Click Here!) Highly recommended to achieve best quality and game look. Thanks to this configuration general quality of textures will be better (better sharpness, no flickering/shimmering, better smoothness) and game will can render 4K textures (instead of 2K). Also in some cases game can work smoother and faster by increased textures budget. Note: If you have ##preset_value_Halk Ultra HD instead of Halk Ultra HD in graphic settings - install Custom Localization Fix (It's not an important matter, but if it bothers you, it's easy to fix it).
 * Priority settings for HDRP: Choose it, if you have several textures mods. This mod requires the highest priority among textures/meshes mods, this will avoid of any errors and glitches. So if you are using other texture/meshes mods, you must choose this option.


Just use uninstaller which is located in your Witcher 3 Main Folder or in Control Panel (Program Uninstall).
If you installed HDRP manually, to uninstall go to your Witcher 3 Main Folder/mods and delete folder "modHDReworkedProject" and optionally (if you installed Halk's Ultra HD Config) restore original game config from your Witcher 3 Main Folder/Config backup.

Modification is compatible with all lighting mods (STLM, WLM and other).

For newest info about mod - check comments section and visit CDProject forum thread: Here!

Also Thanks to NVIDIA and their amazing GEFORCE GTX for motivation to work!