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The White Wolf has friends

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Makes wolves friendly, meaning they will help Geralt in battle and cannot be killed with friendly fire. Wolves' attitude group is set to "hunter" so they'll correctly hunt prey, but this means they're friendly to NPC humans ("hunter" is a human attitude group).

  • "A Dog's Life" works as originally intended (aggressive wolves) with this mod. The wolves in that quest are a unique spawnset and are untouched by this mod. If desired, I can post a version where those wolves are replaced with wild dogs
  • "Big Feet to Fill: The Third Group" starts without needing to kill the wolves in the woods
  • I replaced the wolves in the "Fools' Gold" quest and at the Isolated Hut in Skellige with aggressive wild dogs

Please let me know in the comments about quests that are broken by friendly wolves (i.e., quests where wolves need to be aggressive/killed for the quest to proceed).


  • Neutral Wolves:  Makes wolves not attack Geralt, nor aid him in battle. Side effect: they do not hunt deer/rabbits or attack NPC humans. Attitude group = animals_peacefull. Includes the same quest changes as the main mod (listed above)
  • Friendly White Wolves: Makes only white wolves friendly (regular and alpha wolves aggro normally). White wolves at the Isolated Hut replaced with wild dogs
  • Friendly Cats and Dogs: Makes cats and dogs immune from Geralt's attacks. Attitude group = animals_charmed
  • Friendly/Neutral Bears: Same idea as the wolf mods, but for bears