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W3EE Lazarus Project is an official extension to W3EE 4.93 (future compatible). It aims to provide the most complete, balanced and yet immersive Witcher 3 experience.

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Project Lazarus Key Features:

Poise System Overhaul:
- Lazarus features a dynamic poise system with poise being a resource spent on all defensive actions.
- The changes provide a much needed nerf to indefinite counters, while introducing a "Perfect Parry" system. Perfect parry is a defensive action that occurs when parry has been initiated within the "counter window", but there was not enough poise to perform a counter. Perfect parries allow to block more damage than Passive Parries, and can benefit from additional properties like enemy stagger on perfect parry, or even a knockdown and arm injury with Bear Set active.
- I highly suggest viewing my in-depth guide HERE, or at least watching the guide video below (courtesy of Redshots)

Stamina System Overhaul:
- Lazarus has a more dynamic stamina system, where stamina depletes quicker but also regenerates more rapidly.
- As Geralt gets lower on stamina, a custom made heavy breathing sounds will become audible. Near out of stamina, the heavy breathing is louder and faster as it is directly impacted by % of missing stamina. It serves as an audio indicator so that you can manage your stamina without constantly watching the HUD.
- Low stamina penalties are a lot less severe than in W3EE, where getting even to half of your stamina would decrease your damage by 20% and attack speed as well. In Lazarus the penalties are directly tied to Overexertion or Exhaustion - A status that is applied upon reaching critically low stamina. It works similar to how exhaustion works in for example "For Honor" game.
- Unlike in W3EE, you can still perform attack in Overexerted state, however at significant disadvantage: Can't use attack range modifiers, can't counter, can only passive parry and suffer significant penalties to action speed and damage.
- Overexerted status, once triggered, typically is removed when you regenerate back to 90% of max stamina (81% with talent), which usually takes only a couple of seconds in the new system (unless you keep spending stamina for actions or are under tremendous pressure, in which case ALT QUEN is VERY USEFUL to create some breathing room)
- New system is less binary than vanilla W3EE system, in which you either never worry about stamina or you get permanently stuck at out of stamina. More dynamic stamina system might make the game harder (especially late game and vs large groups, when it's actually desired), but it leaves room for using stamina increase tools like mutagens, potions, lighter armor, signs etc.

Lore-friendly Toxicity Overhaul:
- Please do check the Toxicity Overhaul Tutorial to use this new mechanics to its full extent.
- Developed for over a year, the Toxicity Overhaul drastically changes the way W3 Toxicity functions.
- New stats introduced: Toxicity accumulation and Toxicity purging.
- Potions instantly raise Toxicity by just a bit, but also apply Toxicity Accumulation throughout their duration.
- To properly utilize Toxicity mechanics and Trials of The Grasses skill tree you will have to balance your Toxicity Accumulation and Purging by using different combinations of potions, secondary substances, skills, buffs and mutagens.
- When Toxicity is between 50% and 85% of Maximum Toxicity and the Toxicity Change per second is at least +5, Geralt will enter Toxic Frenzy, activating Trial of the Grasses skills. The enemies will know then why is he called Butcher of Blaviken.
- When Toxicity exceeds 85%, Geralt will begin to suffer Toxicity Overdosing symptoms (Trials of the Grasses skills will deactivate and toxicity damage will begin piling up). In this state Geralt still can possibly finish a fight, but if his vitality goes too low or Toxicity percentage goes too high, he will collapse. If he survived, he will wake up few hours later with Toxic Crash. When overdosed, sometimes the best course of action will be retreat and usage of White Honey in safety.
- Toxic Crash has is a potent debuff that has to be waited or meditated away. White Honey greatly speeds up Toxicity Purging for this purpose.
- Trials of the Grasses EXP is gained each second when Toxicity is above 50% and current toxicity is raising by at least 5 points per second.
- CAUTION: Lore-friendly Toxicity is a very punishing mechanics. You should be aiming to use specific combinations of potions of varying purity in order to achieve between +5 and +10 toxicity change per second. This will help to maintain Toxic Frenzy for longest and give enough reaction time to use White Honey in case a potion overdose has been reached.
- Go easy. Try 1 or 2 good potions. It is perfectly normal to overdose with just 2 potions or even 1 really lousy one. Stopping potions prematurely is an element of the gameplay, so stack up on White Honey.

Primal Needs
- W3EE Lazarus Project has a tweaked version of Primal Needs mod merged in. For more specific info on Primal Needs go to the PN mod page.
- PN Hud compatibility with FHUD.
- Primal Needs are highly modular and can be turned off in mod options, however they are directly tied to new toxicity system, so at least puking animation should remain enabled.

Thoughtful Roach Lazarus Edition:
- Thanks to courtesy of woodbyte, I was able to not only integrate Thoughtful Roach mod into Lazarus, but also prepare a custom version of it.
- After setting Thoughtful Roach mod options inside Lazarus mod options, whistling will toggle Roach follow distance between Close and Far (the distances can be customized too).
- But what does it do you ask? It allows Roach to "always hang around in the back and chill" while you travel on foot and then RUN up to you when you need her instead of teleporting and breaking the immersion. Isn't that great? No more constantly teleporting horse appearing out of nowhere.
- Additionally, it's possible to trample charge opponents on Roach. Horse charge now deals damage depending on speed and can knockback or even knockdown enemies (as opposed to W3EE, where enemies would not even physically react to horse collision and they would just SLIDE out of the way in a very stupid manner).

Other changes:
- Dodging in stronger than in W3EE due to alternative dodge i-frames, which makes the usage on reaction more reliable. Due to this cooldown had to be introduced. The cooldown depends on your Evasion recovery speed stat and armor worn (the heavier the armor the higher the cooldown)
- Alternatively in Lazarus MISC mod options you can toggle on "Dodge Fatigue instead of Cooldown", which will remove the hard restriction from dodge cooldown, but will make any evasive actions slower, lose I-frames and cost double the stamina if the dodge was initiated while "dodge cooldown" debuff was still active on HUD.
- Throwing knives can be stacked up to 100 pieces, but to prevent spamming and abuse, only 3 throwing knives can be thrown within specific short time period (currently 5 seconds).
- Bomb are absolutely overpowered and can be used to cheese through whole game. Cooldown on bomb usage has been introduced.
- Many skills and stats have been rebalanced
- Many icon has been reworked and received additional functionalities (for example Metabolic Control buff icon displays current Toxicity Change value in real time; Rubedo buff icon displays current total Vitality Regeneration value and scaled with Adrenaline)
- Over 60 new foods and realistic/immersive food recipes:
- Introduced following types of meat: Venison, Pork, Beef, Poultry, Mutton, Fish. Existing recipes has been re-balanced and rewritten.
- Food buff duration and strength have been adjusted to give them more gradation and make them fit the new and more realistic meal timing that is introduced by Hunger.
- Overeating and overdrinking (consuming at 0% hunger/thirst) will properly trigger puking reaction.
- Puking dehydrates you, removes all food induced buffs and applies Nausea effect which will stop you from eating, but not from drinking clean water.
- Drunkenness effect is now tiered so you can drink until you puke and pass out.

- Usable Fisstech thanks to rfuzzo (now with custom animation)
- Grindstone and Workbench animation has been re-enabled for W3EE and using repair kits will trigger them, applying the Enhanced Equipment buff on the go.
- Geralt will no longer put away his torch when performing looting animation.
- Lazarus Horse Controls (Mount & Blade style) on toggle. Horse attack slow mo can be manually activated via Heavy Attack input (Fast attack won't). Togglable in Lazarus Project / MISC mod options
- It is possible to fill empty bottles with dirty water from rivers, lakes and even puddles.
- The "shallow water" check for both Shallow Water Drinking and Getting Dirty Water has been rewritten to be a lot more forgiving (you can trigger it even in puddles - as long as you stand in water)
- Runes don't vanish when upgrading equipment.
- Additional FHUD functionalities to show HUD during Meditation or Witcher Senses (Togglable).
- It is possible to bandage your wounds with Linen, Cloth or Fabric. 

- Shop stocks have been improved. New foods and recipes introduced to the world.
- Some exploits have been removed (making White gulls for sale from Alcohest). Some item prices and weight have been re-adjusted.
- Food is a little bit more scarce. For example you can no longer get meat from dog's and wolves. Best quality food can be either bought at the taverns or made from cooking ingredients (which primarily can be found at the marketplaces and on merchants and are now cheaper).
- Game timeflow adjusted a bit. 1 real life minute is now 4 in-game minutes instead of 15.
- It's possible to take a bath. There is a 2 day bath timer included. 

- Compatibility toggle with AMM mod (you just need to install AMM mod and have it at lower priority. No merging needed.)
- leethx's Togglable no GPS (Integrated)
plasticmetal's Modular Eyes (integrated)
- woodbyte's Thoughtful Roach, Natural Torch Light, Smart Magic Lamp (custom versions integrated)
LasurDragon's Abandoned Sites Time Lapse (integrated)
menschfeind13's Sword on Roach and Sword and Meditation (integrated with custom AMM patch applied)
enkains's Crossbow and Torch on Roach and AMM patches (integrated custom versions)

1. Extract the .7z file and put everything into your Witcher 3 directory.
2. Ensure that mod_LazarusProject has load priority over W3EEMain. (No script merging needed). You can even delete W3EE/scripts folder entirely if you want.
3. If installing for the first time (or update requires it) follow the instructions from inputs.txt or many things WON'T WORK. After editing input.settings file save it as READ-ONLY.
4. Once in game go to Start>Options>Mods>Lazarus and click "Default" on every Lazarus mod option tab to ensure that your mod is tweaked for EE.
5. Go to Start>Options>Mods>Modular Eyes and click "Default" or adjust the eyes setting to your liking.  By default Glowing Alt Eyes are eyes that give yellow, lore-friendly glow - This can be modified by using other mods that will modify the alt eyes.
6. After first installation OR if the updated specifically called it file description - USE CLEARING POTION - until you do that, you may be stuck with incorrect stats.

- Remove the mod_LazarusProject from Witcher 3 directory/mods folder.
- After reverting to W3EE use Clearing Potion again to ensure that your character is completely reverted to W3EE.

plasticmetal (Author of Modular Eyes. Without his work input projectile oiling and much more wouldn't be possible)
Reaperrz, Corvah and all who helped him in creation of awesome mod which is Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition.
Kolaris, Charan, falki and Corvah (the dedicated W3EE modding team - NOT A MEME) for all their hard work put into this mod
stefan3372 (creator of Primal Needs)
leethx (Creator of NO GPS mod)
rfuzzo (Creator of Witcher 3 Gameplay Additions mod)
CAPA14 (Creator of AMM mod)
nothinMuch (Creator of Witcher Crossbows Overhaul for W3EE)
Scoutbr0 (for inspiration with implementation of lore-friendly glowing eyes as ALT for modular eyes incorporated addon)
Constantine and Team creating E3hud (for light version of 60fps gui e3 hud for Lazarus)
woodbyte (Creator of Thoughtful Roach, Natural Torch Light and Smart Magic Lamp)
LasurDragon (Creator of Abandoned Sites Time Lapse)
menschfeind13(Creator of Swords On Roach, Swords and Meditation)
enkains(Creator of Crossbow and Torch on Roach and AMM patches for SOR and SAM mods)
Redshots (Creator of the awesome Lazarus Guide Videos)
Czartchonn (Feedback and testing)