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Ridgeside Village adds 24 new NPCs, a new location, new items, new shops, new festivals, custom music, custom quests, and more!

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Welcome to Ridgeside Village!

A small town located on the west side of Stardew Valley.
Go up the stairs north-east of the bus stop and hop in the cable car to the village!.
Meet new interesting people with immersive backstories, engaging dialogue and exciting events!
Discover new forage, stories, secrets, maybe even fall in love? Who knows!? A lot can happen in Ridgeside Village! 

Trailer Video by PomPomeroy/Ash

Again, welcome to...

Made by: Rafseazz

(Note: The story of Ridgeside VIllage is NOT canon to the real story of Stardew Valley.
But it tries its best to stay vanilla-friendly)

24 New NPCs!
10 bachelors/bachelorettes and 10 non-romanceable NPCs.
Over 3000 lines of dialogue!

A whole new town to visit!

Along with several new areas near the town!

New Items!

Food, weapons, forage and more!

New Fishes (Legendary)

They're not easy to catch! 

Custom Music!

Ridgeside Village has several new tracks added to the game composed by Rafseazz and Etheryeal!

Custom Quests! (Optional Addon)

Several custom-made quests with more on the way!

Over 160 New Events!

Interesting events that delve deeper into personal history of each character!

New Shops!

New shops with interesting things for sale! 

Over 200 locational messages!

Learn about the history of Ridgeside!

NPC Map Locations Support

Track the villagers all over the valley!

New Festivals

Two new festivals!

and A LOT more!

Click me!

We also have (work in progress) wiki!
Click me!

14 Non-Romanceable NPCs
Each having at least 4 heart events!
Dynamic Schedules!
Over 100+ lines of dialogue each!
Festival Locations and Dialogue
Concession Tastes and Movie Reactions!

10 Romanceable NPCs
Each having at least 5 heart events! 
Eligible for Marriage!
(Complete with unique schedules, marriage dialogue, and spouse room!)
Dynamic Schedules
Over 150+ lines of dialogue each!
Each have their own Theme Song! (Composed by yours truly)
Festival Locations and Dialogue
Concession Tastes and Movie Reactions!

Best installed in a New Game
Can still be installed mid-game
(Beware of changing JA Items and rogue trees!)

Anti-Social NPCs
Custom Music
Custom NPC Exclusions
Custom NPC Fixes
Content Patcher
Event Repeater
Farm Type Manager
Json Assets
Quest Framework (Optional)
Shop Tile Framework
TMXL Map Toolkit

1) Download Ridgeside Village and its required dependency mods.

2) Open with winrar/winzip.
3) Drag and drop the folder within the .zip file into your Mods folder.
4) To make sure you have the correct file, it should be named "Ridgeside Village Mod"

Tested and Compatible with:
Existing Saves


Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE)
Escape to East Scarpe
Stardew Valley Reimagined 2
Boarding House
Garden Village
Walk to the Desert
Lunna, Astray in Stardew Valley
More Fish
Athanaeri Corner from Life Cycle

Come and join the RSV Discord Server!
Click me to join!

The Discord Server is the primary hub for updates, conversations, technical jibber-jabber, sneak peeks, and fan art of Ridgeside Village!
Also, if you enjoy the mod, drop by and say hi!
We would love to hear about your RSV stories!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Planned updates:

Seasonal Outfits
Our biggest priority right now, we really need some help with it, though.
Please message us on Discord if you're interested!

More Items
We're looking to add more interesting items. Including but not limited to food, forage and weapons.

Vanilla and Inter-mod Interactivity
The characters currently just exist in their own world.
We're going to add some dialogue to vanilla to really make Ridgeside come alive.
We're also looking to add interactivity with a select few other mods.
And so much more!

Mods used in the screenshots:

- Stardew Valley Expanded
- Darker Soil
- DaisyNiko's Tilesheets
- Stardew Valley Reimagined 2
- Stardew Foliage Redone
- MapImageExporter

Ridgeside Village Team

Obamoose (You da best)
Zangofel (Dialogue Fixes)
Etheryeal (Music)
Avislone (Realism Portraits)
Miriam Lettuce
Stardew People
Wakkety Sax




Wiki Admin:

Wiki Contributors:

Special mentions:
mamaesh - made over 1/4 of the dialogues, My support <3
itsbenter - tips and tricks
Lemurkat - tips and tricks
Gervig91 - tips and tricks
Choogoo - support! 
Navi - tips and tricks
Stardew Valley Discord: - Modding community -  You guys are awesome <3

(I'm finally a cheeto!!!)