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Pika's wife and Keahi's mother from Ridgeside Village!

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Stardew Valley has something of a missing-mothers problem. Between Jas and Alex in vanilla and various other modded characters, my game needed to get a few of its moms back. So I made Leilani! She is the mother of Keahi and the wife of Pika from the wonderful Ridgeside Village mod by Rafseazz. Leilani is from Ember Island in the Fern Islands archipelago (like her husband!) and works away from the valley for most of the year, but every summer she comes back to spend time with her family.

Because Leilani is only around for one season each year there is a configuration option to make her an antisocial NPC (meaning she won't show up in your heart menu, can't be gifted/has no gift tastes, etc), as well as a "hardmode" version - try gaining and maintaining full hearts with an NPC who's only around a quarter of the time! :D

Leilani can be installed at any point, but will make the most sense if she's installed in any season EXCEPT Summer as she won't appear in Ridgeside and Pelican Town until you've seen her introduction event within the first five days of Summer.


  • Event One - Introduction: Go to the bus stop between 6am and 6pm on one of the first five days of Summer.
  • Event Two: Go to Ridgeside Village any time between 3pm and 9pm on a sunny Summer day.
  • Event Three: Go into Pika's house after 7pm on Summer 23
  • Event Four: Go to town between midday and 3pm on a sunny Summer schoolday at least 10 days after her introduction event.
  • Event Five: At either 8 hearts with Leilani (hardmode version) or 8 hearts with both Pika and Keahi (antisocial version), go into Ridgeside on a sunny Summer day between 9am and 5pm.

All events after Event One can occur in any order. Also includes an edited version of Pika's 8 heart event!

(Hardmode Only) Leilani's Gift Tastes:

  • Loves: Opals, Rainbow Shells, Pika's cooking
  • Likes: all flowers including poppies, most human artefacts (eg arrowheads, chipped amphora)
  • Neutral: farming-related human artefacts (eg chicken statue)
  • All others are default

An alternate portrait for Leilani is included in the extremely talented OrangePie's DCBurger Style Ridgeside Portraits!

Thank You:

  • Rafseazz for letting me make Leilani in the first place and being so supportive
  • lemurkat for her amazing guide to making custom NPCs!
  • Hime Tarts and Airyn for art advice
  • the whole Stardew Valley Modding Discord!