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HD portrait mod for character Lorraine from Ridgeside Village

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I was very annoyed by the mixture of portraits in my heavily modded game - sometimes HD, sometimes pixelated - so I decided to start creating portraits for myself by using AI. I'm not a drawing master, actually, it was the first time I played around with something like this, searching, piecing together, and improving.

In the end, I really liked what came out, so maybe it will be useful to someone else too. Unfortunately, only after the fact, I noticed that the first character I decided to work on is just a temporary NPC, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

How to install?:
You will need these mods for it to work:
2. Content Patcher
3. Ridgeside Village
4. HDPortraits

Download the zip file, extract it, and place it in the /mods folder. Done! 

Rafseazz - Ridgeside Village creator
Pathoschild - Content Patcher creator
swyrl - HDPortraits creator

Thank you for your awesome mods!

This portrait - and many more to come - was created with use of Stable Diffusion AI and Meina Alter model.