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The official seasonal outfits mod for Rafseazz's Ridgeside Village.

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After a long wait and months of hard work, seasonal outfits have finally come to Ridgeside Village!

This mod adds brand-new, unique outfits for all 47 of RSV's sociable characters, including everyday outfits for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and rainy weather, as well as special festival attire for the Egg Festival and the Flower Dance (All by Rafseazz), and TWO different costumes for Spirit's Eve.

For Spirit's Eve, each character has one costume for odd years and one for even years. These outfits were made with the help of seven amazingly talented artists: AirynS, Arknir27, Asterisk555, Bunnipocalypse, Elaho, PlatinumCats, and Nin the Cactus. We're currently hosting a raffle to help raise funds to pay them what they deserve, where all proceeds will be split between the artists. Enter here for a chance to win the new Stardew Valley cookbook!

For full immersion with the new Spirit's Eve costumes, this mod also changes the positions of RSV NPC's at Spirit's Eve so that characters who are doing a group/couple's costume are grouped together, and gives all NPCs new dialogue that refers to their costumes. To disable these dialogue changes, please see the config options below. However, please note that due to the way festival locations work, the new NPC locations at the festival cannot be changed. In addition, the RSV config option "ExpandedFestivalMaps" must be set to true, or the villagers will not attend the festival. Rest assured that these changes are compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded.

For the Flower Dance, each character has a special flower motif uniquely suited to their personality. Currently, only Corine and Ysabelle have Egg Festival outfits, but more will come in future updates!

The following 41 villagers have unique outfits for each of the four seasons, rainy weather, the Flower Dance (with matching flowers picked carefully to match each NPC's personality), and even odd years of Spirit's Eve:
  • Alissa
  • Anton
  • Ariah
  • Bert
  • Blair
  • Bryle
  • Carmen
  • Corine
  • Daia
  • Ezekiel
  • Faye
  • Flor
  • Freddie
  • Ian
  • Irene
  • Jeric
  • June
  • Keahi
  • Kenneth
  • Kiarra
  • Kimpoi
  • Lenny
  • Lola
  • Lorenzo
  • Louie
  • Maddie
  • Maive
  • Malaya
  • Naomi
  • Olga
  • Paula
  • Philip
  • Pika
  • Richard
  • Sean
  • Shanice
  • Shiro
  • Trinnie
  • Ysabelle
  • Yuuma
  • Zayne

The following villagers have slightly more limited outfit variations:
  • Aguar has four different outfits that he will randomly pick from each day, as well as a Flower Dance outfit and two Spirit's Eve costumes.
  • Jio has three unique outfits: one for spring, one for summer, and one for both fall and winter. He will only wear his Flower Dance outfit and Spirit's Eve costumes when married.
  • Kiwi has four seasonal accessories she has a random chance of wearing each day, as well as two Spirit's Eve costumes.
  • Sonny has a new variant of his uniform that he will wear during the summer, as well as a matching hat he may wear each day.
  • Undreya has two outfits she will randomly alternate between each day.

Again, Corine and Ysabelle are currently the only villagers with Egg Festival attire in addition to their other outfits, but we plan to add more in future updates.

The following characters have accessories that they may wear depending on season, weather, and location. (To disable these changes, please see the config options below.)
  • Aguar has a hat that he will wear outside, either during inclement weather or on a whim.
  • Blair has a hat that she will wear when outside during inclement weather.
  • Daia has a mask that she will wear when working as a ninja.
  • Ezekiel has a hat that he will wear outside, either during inclement weather or on a whim.
  • Faye has a hat for winter and glasses for summer that she will wear when outside.
  • Irene has a hat for fall and an umbrella that she will use when outside.
  • Jio has a mask that he may take off as your hearts increase.
  • Louie has a hat for fall and winter that he will wear when outside.
  • Maive has a hat for summer that she will wear when outside.
  • Richard has a hat for rain and a hat for winter that he will wear when outside.
  • Sonny has a hat for summer and a hat for all other seasons that he will wear when outside.

If you'd like even more outfits, this mod also has compatibility with several existing seasonal outfits mods for RSV characters: x3n3as's outfits for Corine, Ian, and Ysabelle, ZoeDoll's outfits for Alissa, VinillaBean's outfits for Sean, and UndyneWolf's outfits for Kiarra. With this mod's config options, you can choose to either randomly alternate between this mod and the other mod's outfits for a given character, or only use the outfits provided by the other mod - all while still using the seasonal outfits for all other characters. However, please note that all of these mods except the Sean one do not have the correct requirement ID listed, so you may occasionally see mismatched portraits and sprites for those characters.
(If you're a mod author with an RSV Seasonal Outfits mod not shown here and would like compatibility added, please let us know!)

The config settings for this mod are:
  • Festival Dialogue Edits: If true, the RSV characters will have new dialogue for Spirit's Eve that references their new outfits. If false, the characters will continue to use their default Spirit's Eve dialogue from the main mod.
  • Characters With Other Seasonal Mods: This is a section of the config file that allows the player to choose whether or not to allow changes to the characters with supported unofficial seasonal mods listed above. These characters' configs have three possible settings: "enabled", "disabled", and "festivals always". If you DO have that character's additional mod installed, "enabled" will randomly alternate between this mod's outfits for them and the other mod's, "disabled" will only use the other mod's outfits, and "festivals always" will behave like "enabled" except on festival days where it will always use this mod's festival outfit if available. If you DO NOT have that character's additional mod installed, the config settings will behave like the other NPCs described below.
  • All Other Characters: This is a section of the config file that allows the player to choose whether or not to allow changes to characters without any supported seasonal mods. These characters' configs have three possible settings: "enabled", "disabled", and "festivals only". The config setting "enabled" will always use the character's outfits from this mod, "disabled" will never let this mod make changes to a character's outfits, and "festivals only" will only let the mod change characters into their festival outfits from this mod.
In general, the "disabled" config setting is ideal for characters for whom you'd like to use other portrait mods while still seeing other characters' seasonal outfits. Please note that for Spirit's Eve dialogue edits, characters in group costumes will not use their new dialogue if any member of the group is set to "disabled", even if "Festival Dialogue Edits" is set to true.