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Your romanced NPC will take part in the Community Center restored ceremony.

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I always wondered: Why your paramour wasn't there for you when you're being honoured by the entire town for restoring the Community Center?

Now with this mod the villager whom you romanced will take part in the Community Center restored ceremony. They have unique reactions to how Pierre drives Morris away.

Now on version 1.3.0 which has full support for Stardew Valley Expanded, including the base game romanceables added to the SVE version of the CC ceremony event, and support for the SVE romanceables (Claire, Olivia, Rasmodius, Sophia and Victor). And a new CC restored event featuring other NPCs from Ridgeside Village for the base game romanceables, if you have that mod installed. To see it, set the config option "UseCCCeremonyEventVersion" to "RSV"

NOTE: Lance has been added as a romance option on v1.14 of SVE, but due to him being available only after restoring the CC there's no way he can be present at the ceremony: FlashShifter's statement

To install, unzip on folder .../Stardew Valley/Mods.

For the romanced NPCs from Ridgeside Village go to my other mod: Romanced NPCs in CC Ceremony RSV

Stardew Valley Expanded created by FlashShifter.
Ridgeside Village created by Rafseazz