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Some events for Sam and Alissa (from Ridgeside Village), with a platonic route and a romantic route! The romantic route includes a married version where they live together and a family version where they have a child.

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Due to IRL stuff I will be on a modding hiatus for a few months from 20th February. This unfortunately means that when 1.6 hits I won't be able to update for a while, so while most of my mods should remain compatible with 1.6 there may be some issues I won't be able to address until I have time to mod again.

This mod contains events for Sam and Alissa from Ridgeside Village with a romantic route and a platonic route, with optional married version for the romantic route complete with schedules and dialogue, and optional family version which gives them a toddler!


  • First event: 
    After seeing the second part of Alissa's 6 heart event, go to Sam's house on any day between 10am and 8pm while he's there. You'll have the option to end the event chain here.
  • Second event: 
    Head into Pelican Town on a Tuesday or Thursday after 7pm when it's not raining. You'll have the option to interrupt Sam and Alissa, which puts them on the platonic route, or leave them alone, which starts the romantic route.
  • Third event: 
    Requires 4 hearts with Sam, Abigail, Sebastian and Ysabelle. Go to the Saloon on a Friday night!
  • Fourth event (romantic route only): 
    Go to the beach in Summer or Winter on a sunny afternoon.
  • Fifth event (romantic route + married version): 
    Get a letter from Sam asking to meet up on a Friday in the saloon. Requires 8 hearts with Sam and must be in Year 2 or later.
  • Sixth event (romantic route + married version): 
    Go into Ridgeside Village between 9am and 5pm on a sunny day at least four days after seeing the fifth event.
  • Seventh event (romantic route + married version):
    In any season other than Spring you should get a wedding invitation from Sam and Alissa in the mail. Head into Pelican Town between 9am and 5pm on a sunny day to attend their wedding, followed by a wedding reception in Ridgeside at the hotel!
  • Eight event (romantic route + family version):
    Get a letter from Sam and Alissa asking you to meet their new baby! Go to their house before 6pm on any day.
  • Ninth event (romantic route + family version):
    Go into Ridgeside Village on a sunny day at least 14 days after meeting Cadence.

Optional file:
A pack for Multiple Spouse Dialogs if you're using Multiple Spouses and are married to both Sam and Alissa.

Configuration Options:
  • Version: Use "Version: unmarried" initially. If you want them to get married and live together, switch to "married" some time after seeing the fourth event, whenever it feels appropriate for you in-game. Similarly, if you want them to have a child, switch to "family" some time after seeing their wedding. Thank you to Life Cycle for this idea!
  • Polyamory: Affects whether you can still date Sam and/or Alissa when they're married and gives you two mini-events where they each react to the player dating the other (you'll only see which ever one happens first)

If you aren't using the polyamory version, I recommend adding Platonic Partners and Friendships so you can see a platonic version of Sam's 10 heart event, and they're also working on a platonic version of Alissa's 10 heart event!


Cadence's sprites are from Lumisteria's incredibly adorable Toddlers Like Parents (used with permission).

May have issues with anything else that edits Sam and/or Alissa's schedules. Built-in compatibility with Sam and Vincent's Cola Shop and Please Remember My Birthday (English versions)! Does not work with versions of Ridgeside Village under 2.0, unfortunately.

Future plans:
More polyamory events!

Thank you to lemurkat and shekurika for your help with the wedding event!

Portrait/sprite mod used in screenshots: Diverse Stardew Valley Seasonal