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Original portraits and sprites for June, an NPC from Rafseazz's Ridgeside Village.

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  • Mandarin
IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of RSV 2.3, June is now an official part of Ridgeside Village itself! You do not need this mod for June to appear in the village. If you download the 2.0 version of the mod on this page, the art for June will be replaced with the original art for his portraits and sprites. You can choose whether to replace just the portraits or sprites in the config options. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


June is a traveling pianist who starts working at the Log Cabin Hotel after the farmer moves to the valley. He's very polite, but he also seems very private... Combined with the fact that he's only there for half the year, will you be able to put in the time to see who he really is?

Hello! I'm very happy to introduce my first custom NPC mod. June is a new marriage candidate who lives in Ridgeside Village, an expansion area created by Rafseazz. He's inspired by Mikhail from Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns - Mikhail is a violinist who is only in town for fall and winter; June is a pianist who is only in town during fall and winter. If you marry him, he will live with you year-round.

(Note: I'm currently on the dev team for Ridgeside, but I made this mod back before I joined the team. I'm currently working on both mods, and I make sure to update June at the same time as every RSV update.)

You must have Ridgeside Village and all its dependencies installed to use this mod. If you don't, your game might crash. Also, this mod has specifically been designed for RSV's recent 2.0 update, so please make sure you have the latest version. June is also compatible with Miss Coriel's Unique Courtship Response mod.

There are three versions of this file: "some music", "full music", and a "no music" version that are all listed under the main files section. You only need to download ONE of these files: if you have multiple in your mods folder, SMAPI will not run either of them. Similarly, if you are switching from one version to another, be sure to delete the version you no longer want. Personally, I recommend the one of the versions with music for an immerisve experience, but it's worth noting that the "full music" version is significantly large for a mod because of the six music tracks it contains. This is why I think the "some music" version is ideal - it has only one music track so that it takes up minimal memory while still allowing you to hear music in the lobby. If you're worried about game lag or memory space or anything else, the no music version is much smaller and still has every bit of June that the main mod does. For more details on what this music contains, see the custom music section below. (Also, please note that even the no music version still contains an SAAT aspect - this is to add in one small custom sound effect used in June's 10 heart event.)

June will appear the first fall or winter day you experience in-game after installing the mod. So if you start a new save file, he will arrive on Fall 1st, Year 1. If you install him during fall or winter, he will appear immediately. If you install him during spring or summer, he will appear the following fall. (If this is not the case, please write a bug report!)

Below is his NPC info. This is all also contained in the readme file which is both in the Docs section of this page and in the root directory of the mod file.

Birthday: Fall 12th

Gift tastes:



When June is gone during the spring and summer, he will not attend festivals and you will not be able to talk to him in any way. The friendship decay that occurs from not talking to a villager will only cost you less than half a heart with him, but if you are worried about friendship decay anyway, I recommend the Friends Forever mod.

Custom Music: In order to make this mod more immersive, I added custom music to the game so that if you enter the lobby when June is playing the piano, you can actually hear piano music. This aspect of the mod requires your version of Content Patcher to be updated to 1.24.3 at the minimum. There are three config options for "JuneMusic": the default "classical", which will randomly choose a song from some famous classical composers, "kkslider", which will play K.K. Sonata from Animal Crossing, and "none". Please note that since this is involves a bunch of map data edits that are triggered on location change, it is fairly clunky and prone to weirdness. None of them should interfere with gameplay, but if they bother you, you can always turn the config option to "none" and everything will be back to normal. For the sources of these songs, please check out either the MusicInfo text file in the SAAT folder in the mod, or the credits section above. 

If you find a bug, please take a screenshot, get your SMAPI log, and post both as well as a description of the issue in the bug reports section, not the comments! Feel free to tell me about typos in the bug section too.

Known issues:

Music issues:

SMAPI: You may notice a line in your log warning you that this mod directly changes the game code. This is the result of a minor Harmony patch I wrote in order to add June's 32 x 32 pixel sprite when he plays the piano for his scheduled work hours. (These are the wide sprites you see when Elliott fishes, or Clint uses his hammer, etc.) It's a very minor addition, and its format is a direct copy of the game's original code, so it is not changing the game in any significant way.

* Mods for June *

* Next update plans *
  • Events where June interacts with RSV characters
  • Add option for June to play at Ridgeside Gathering
  • Add seasonal outfits
  • Add RSV wedding reception portrait

Source code on Github here!

This mod was created with MissCoriel's NPC Creator! Thank you so much to MissCoriel as well for holding my hand through the initial stages of making an NPC.

June's turtleneck and jacket ensemble is an edit made with blanket permission of Poltergeister's winter outfit for Victor from their Seasonal SVE mod, and I also used various sprites from that mod as a base for June's spritesheet. So many thanks to Poltergeister, Ailin, and Tanpoponoko for creating such exhaustive pixel art! And of course, the couch with the cat on it in June's spouse room is courtesy of Platonymous's spouse room template, which was a lifesaver when it came to navigating the minefield that is TMX.  And before June was a custom NPC, he was an art exercise at making a vanilla version of Baechu's Kent that I then realized looked nothing like Kent and just let become its own thing. I did not use any of Baechu's assets, but I mention this in the interest of complete transparency.

I would like to thank Rafseazz for not only letting me make this mod but also supporting me so much, especially when he was so busy with the 2.0 update himself. I'm also very grateful to shekurika, vert, Obamoose, and everyone else in the SDV modding community who patiently answered all my stupid questions in the Discord channel. (I was moetrash, lol)

June is the culmination of about three months of work, and I really hope you guys enjoy this mod! Thanks~~