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Jade is a self-proclaimed entomologist, lover of all things magical, and generally an odd person to meet.
Fully romanceable and marryable. Can you figure out this odd girls secrets?

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
Jade NPC
by Malic for Stardew Valley

Jade is a self-proclaimed entomologist, lover of all things magical, and generally an odd person to meet.
Fully romanceable and marryable. Can you figure out this odd girls secrets?

Jade's birthday is on Winter 4th. She will appear at festivals and has her own spouse room.
LOVES Elvish Jewelry, Fairy Seeds, Fairy Stone, Fairy Rose, Jade.
LIKES Gems, Minerals, Flowers, Monster Loot, Foraging. Snail, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Chocolate Cake, Pink Cake, Cookie, Ice Cream, Blueberry Tart
NEUTRAL TO Food, Syrups, Cooking ingredients, Artisan Goods.
DISLIKES Eggs, Milks, Bait, Fishing Tackles.
HATES Meats, Fish, Fertilizer, Junk.

Heart Events
2 - Visit the Forest south of your farm between 8am and 10pm
4 - Visit the Forest south of your farm between 7pm and 10pm
6 - Visit the Town between 9am and 4pm
8 - Visit the Forest south of your farm between 6pm and 8pm
10 - Currently not implemented

  • ContentPatcher
  • TMXLoader
  • PyTK
  • Custom NPC Fixes

NPC Adventures Add-On - Allows recruiting Jade for NPC Adventures.  She will buff the players foraging and luck and has some unique dialogue.

Compatible Mods
- Stardew Valley Expanded v1.12.0 - If detected, changes events, schedule, and festival locations to account for new objects
- Karmylla's Immersive Maps v3.2.2 - If detected, changes schedule to account for new objects
- Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension - If detected, Jade will have a room there.
- Community Center Reimagined - Adds Jade to the community center and class event with dialogue (implemented in their mod)
- Juliet and Jessie the Joja Clerks - If detected, adds extra dialogue, and Jade will live with Juliet.
- Kim NPC - Adds dialogue about Jade. (implemented in their mod)
- Mister Ginger NPC - If detected, adds extra dialogue for Jade
- NiGHTS NPC - If detected, adds extra dialogue for Jade
- Nikolai NPC v1.6.2 - Adds Jade to Marketpalooza festival.
- Roronoa Zoro NPC - Adds event with Jade. (implemented in their mod)
- Unique Courtship Responses - If detected, Jade will have unique courtship dialogue.
- CustomKissingMod - If detected, and you've reached her 8-heart event, you can kiss Jade after giving her a Bouquet.

Incompatible Mods
None known so far.
Copy the main folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods directory.
When updating, I would suggest deleting your Jade folder and copying the newer folder instead of overwriting.

Translations are user-submitted and may be out-of-date when new events/dialogue is added

Always up to date

missing NiGHTS dialogue
missing NiGHTS dialogue
Juliet Saturday dialogue
movie theater dialogue
resort dialogue
Simplified Chinese
Juliet Saturday dialogue
movie theater dialogue
resort dialogue
Up to date

- default - (recommended) Housing is automatically decided based on what mods you have (Juliet > Boarding > None)
- none - Jade will spawn by the large tree in the Forest
- boarding - Jade will have a room at the boarding house (must have Boarding House installed)
- juliet - Jade will have a room with Juliet (must have Juliet installed)
- default - Jade will use her default portrait by V
- CodeNameRed - Jade will use her portrait by CodeNameRed
- EssGee -  Jade will use her portrait by EssGee
- default - Jade will use her default spritesheet
- xdx4900 - Jade will use her spritesheet created by xdx4900
- CodeNameRed - Jade will use her spritesheet created by CodeNameRed

    - Exiting to menu, changing language, and playing again will cause issues with Jade's text. If this occurs, close and re-open the game.
v2.1.0 - Adding more checks to mod patches. Adding Juliet dialogue and schedule for Saturday. Adding movie theater tastes and dialogue. Changing license for EssGee portraits. Adding schedule strings blank file load for Community Center Reimagined. Changing CP format to 1.19.0. Moving BoardingHouse, LodgingHouse map patches, and festival locations to CP from TMXL. Adding Portuguese translation by Kiyuga. Adding resort spritesheets and dialogue. Fixing Jade breaking flower dance. Changing some SVE fesival locations. Setting female child spritesheet to replace instead of overlap. Adding Nikolai patchfile with festival position.
v2.0.0 - Major rewrite for ContentPatcher 1.18. Merging TMX locations into one single mod. Touching up the spouse room to match the other rooms. Jade's Boarding House/Juliet room will now be emptied if you marry her (to better immerse her moving in with you). Fixing 4heart event dialogue error for SVE English. Removed manual house setting for Jade (seemed unused). Fixing Monday dialogue error. Removing jadeIsPoly config option (no support yet, maybe multiple spouses support later?). Removing 10heart event (to be rewritten later). JadeBoardingHouse fix by EmpressKimi. Removing map properties from Juliet's house (should fix some lighting bugs).
v1.5.1 - Fixing fatal incorrect filenames.
v1.5.0 - Adding Simplified Chinese translation by Motiam. Changing name to 小玉. Adding EssGee's portraits. Adds Jade to Flower Festival (she'll dance!) as well as watch if you do not dance with her. Jade will now face the right direction during the Egg Festival event. Adding CKM support. Redoing locale/translation organization entirely. Adding simple Juliet schedules.
v1.4.0 - Adding Juliet support. Remade heart events 8. Fixing config options. Adding birthday dialogue. Fixing language detection for boarding. Adding jadePortrait config option and CodeNameRed assets.
v1.3.4 - Adding Mr Ginger dialogue for Russian, Korean. Changed Jade's sitting location to table near Mr. Lewis' house or the nearby tree for scheduling purposes. added xdx4900 spritesheet with config option
v1.3.3 - Fixing walking sprites, lightening pants color. adding korean translation
v1.3.2 - Fixing fatal TMX error. Adding Mister Ginger support
v1.3.1 - Fixing schedule/boarding house conflict. Fixing Mac support for TMXLoader.
v1.3.0 - replacing some dialogue, updating Russian translation, adding dialogue for boarding house. lowercasing all files. adding sit/read sitting animations. schedule changes.
v1.2.0 - integrated festival appearances, spouse room addons. fixing schedules, boarding room integration
v1.1.1 - fixing wrong heart event locations, better translation system, unix support
v1.1.0 - adds Russian translation, dialogue for NiGHTS, integrated SVE support, added Karmylla's Immersive Maps support
v1.0.0 - full release. SVE support, better overworld sprites, bug fixes
v1.0.0-prerelease - pre-release

These can be shared, but must be credited, cannot be used in commercial purposes, and cannot be distributed if modified.

-Default Portraits (by V)
-xdx4900's Overworld Sprites
-CodeNameRed's Sprites and Portraits

CC BY-SA 4.0
These assets may be shared and modified provided credit is given and modifications are distributed under CC BY-SA 4.0
-Overworld Sprites
-Spouse Room Sprites
-EssGee's Portraits by EssGee

All json content can be shared and modified freely provided credit is given and you release your modifications under GPLv3 as well.

malic - dialogue, scheduling, scripting, overworld sprites
V (contact for info) - portraits, overworld sprites
xdx4900 - overworld sprites
CodeNameRed - overworld and portrait sprites
EssGee - portrait sprites, inspiration from Riley NPC
Lemurkat - overworld sprites
lakoria - inspiration and base for toddler sprites
Papaya, blaaze6, rssp123- inspiration from Shiko, Delores, NiGHTS NPCs
Ghost3lboom, ElSlayer - Russian translation
yunuangel - Korean translation
Motiam - Simplified Chinese translation
Kiyuga - Portuguese translation
EmpressKimi - JadeBoardingHouse file fix
Stardew Valley Discord - countless amount of help!