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Tired of everyone responding with "...!! I'll accept this. Thank you." When you give them flowers? Want them to accept your pendant in a way more to their character? Want your custom NPCs to as well.. Then look no further!!

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  • Spanish
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  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
Now with birthday responses.

Purpose of this Mod:

This mod will provide non-Generic dialogue for the Vanilla NPCs.  It has been updated to require it's new Core.

Come visit my Cozy Apartment if you have questions or need support!
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You do not need to ever pay money to access my mods/content or beta releases!

5.0 Notes:
  • Added Jealousy responses: Response CORE has a new feature and this mod updated to keep up.
4.1 Notes:
  • Flipped dependency.  This mod now Requires UCRC in order to work.  This helps with stabilization.
4.0 Notes:
  • Added Leo: If he doesn't work for any reason.. let me know.. he works a bit different..
  • Added Birthday responses: Each NPC now reacts to your birthday presents differently depending on if they like, hate, or have no opinion of it.

3.0 Notes:

  • Added configuration: You now can disable my responses and place in your own Overhaul without editing the main mod!
  • They know their relationship with you:  All datable NPCs will now know if you're married/engaged to them when giving them gifts.  This will eliminate them telling you not to cheat on your spouse when you give said spouse a second pendant.

2.0 Notes:
  • Added in refusals: When NPCs are given a bouquet or mermaid pendant before they are ready to accept them, you will get a custom message.
  • Non-datables: With refusals active, all NPCs are given custom messages when you try to give them bouquets and pendants.
  • Engagements and Marriage: The cast will now speak poorly of you if you try to give someone a pendant when you are engaged/married.

 1.1 Notes: 
  • Added stardrop_gift: This will  be triggered when your spouse gives you the stardrop for maxing them out.
Who's Compatible?!

All the Vanilla Bachelors and Bachelorettes are compatible by default! There is no adjustments to be made for them.  Any NPC mod that can be married can easily be patched by adding only 3 lines of dialogue to their dialogue files.
This means so long as Content Patcher works, this mod works.
Because this is only a small adjustment, this mod should even work with your favorite Dialogue Overhaul.  As it changes nothing from the default dialogue.

How to install:

1. Always ensure you are using the latest SMAPI (2.10.1 as of this mod's creation)
2. Install the latest Content Patcher
3. Place this in your mods folder.

NPC Modders:

Please read the ReadMe I included with this mod.  It carries all the different responses you need to make your NPC compatible.