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Ever wanted Roronoa Zoro from One Piece in your Stardew Valley game? Ever wanted to date & marry him? No? Well now you can! This mod adds a new custom NPC Roronoa Zoro into Stardew Valley.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
If you like/love my mod, or if Zoro has given you joy in your Stardew Valley game, please consider donating a dollar or two to my paypal/venmo @Khuynh102095. It keeps me motivated to continue updating him and adding new features. I greatly appreciate it, thank you!



Looking for volunteers to translate in korean, japanese, & chinese. Or any of the other languages, too. Message me if interested :)


Who doesn't love our 3 katana wielding, haramaki wearing, directionally challenged first mate of the Straw Hat pirates? What's even better than seeing him in One Piece? Dating and marrying him in Stardew Valley of course! Let's turn our favorite swordsman into a farmer boy and husband.

So how did Zoro end up in Stardew Valley? Well, in an alternate timeline, instead of being sent to Kuraigana Island by Bartholomew Kuma, he sent Zoro to Stardew Valley! And his captain said to meet again in two years time, so now Zoro is stuck here till then. Will you be able to change Zoro's heart and make him stay, or will he leave after the two years is up?
He doesn't actually leave, Idk how to even implement that lol, it would be cool if anyone knows how to actually do that.

Zoro has around 1000 lines of pre-marriage dialogue and around 400 lines of marriage dialogue. Nearly 1500 lines total!

I hate how most villagers speak to you only once every day. So I made it so that Zoro has dialogue in almost every major location he enters. He has plenty to say so make sure you talk to him every day and in different locations!
Talk to him in the saloon after a hard days work (his dialogue changes based on season), Zoro moves around the fish shop and says different things at different times of day while working (his dialogue changes based on heart level), talk to him whenever he's in the museum (his dialogue changes based on heart level). Talk to him when he's chilling by the dock on the beach (his dialogue changes based on heart level). Saturday dialogues are even coordinate specific! Not to mention his day-to-day dialogue based on heart level and seasons, too (ex: his 4 heart dialogue is different during spring compared to summer or fall or winter. No matter how fast or slow you level his heart up, he will say different things depending on different seasons. Never get tired of what he has to say!) And now with the 1.2.3 update, he has dynamic randomized dialogue!

He attends all vanilla festivals, SVE festivals, RSV festivals, and other NPC's festivals.
He has seasonal sprites and portraits. Pixel art based on Zoro's actual outfits in the anime.
He has alternative sprites by
He has alternative boathouse sprite by Yri.
He is compatible with Portuguese thanks to Eugostodearroz (currently outdated as of 1.2.1)
He is compatible with Russian thanks to the team 6squad.
He has a custom spouse room.
Custom kids who look like him.
Custom spouse patio.
Attends the movies with custom dialogue.
Marriage schedule where he still goes to work on Mon, Fri and he 'goes to town' and does his own thing on Wed & Sun. He stays at home Tue, Thu to take care of the kids (what a nice hubby!). And Sat is hardcoded in game for him to stay at home.
NEW 1.1.5 Custom Boat House home
It's on the beach, southwest side of the docks, follow the new bridge

Opens at 7AM to 10PM
Must have 2 hearts with Zoro to enter
Must have 6 hearts with Zoro to enter boathouse cellar

His sprite and boathouse shows up on the minimap if you have the NPC Map Locations mod.

NEW 1.2.3 Dynamic randomized dialogue
He now has randomized dialogue for a variety of things:
gift response (Instead of 4 boring responses, he now has 21 random responses!)
spouse room
all festival events
more villager dialogues about Zoro

Gift taste:

The official One Piece wiki says that Roronoa Zoro hates chocolate and dislikes icecream. So guess what I made him hate and dislike in Stardew Valley? Although there is no chocolate in vanilla Stardew Valley (heh, vanilla) so I made him hate
Chocolate Cake
and made him dislike, you guessed it
and dislike other sweet things. It also says that his favorite foods are white rice, Sea King meat,  and anything that goes with sake. So I made him love and like
majority of the seafood and fishes and alcohol

UPDATE: I made a Json Assets mod for Zoro that now includes chocolate, weapons, Sea King recipe and his bandana at: 
Custom NPC Roronoa Zoro Items for Json Assets also check out Zoro's addon mod for NPC Adventures.

Custom villager dialogue:

Vanilla villagers who have custom dialogue about Zoro (around 60 lines total): Willy, Penny, Gus, Clint, Vincent, Lewis, Jodi [These dialogues might or might not show up if you have any mods that edits the dialogue of these people.]

Zoro has his own custom boathouse home by the beach.
Zoro lives on the first floor in the Boarding House if you have the mod.
Remember to choose only one home for him in the config.json.

Heart Event Info:
He comes with 9 heart events at levels 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 ,10, 12 and 14.

1 heart INTRO: Beach
Any weather 6:30am to 11am at Beach

2 hearts: Town
Sunny day 9am to 3pm in town

4 hearts: Archaeology House
Any weather 11am to 2pm on Mon, Thu, Sat, Sun at the Archaeology House; Must have 2 hearts with Penny, Jas, and Vincent

6 hearts: Saloon
Any weather 7pm to 11pm on Fri at the Saloon; Must have 4 hearts with Clint and Willy

8 hearts: Mountains
Sunny day 12pm to 6pm on Sun at the Mountains

10 hearts: Beach
Sunny day 8pm to 11:30pm on Sun at the Beach; Must have read Zoro's request letter; Must have at least one empty space in inventory

12 hearts: Town
Not winter; Sunny day 5pm to 11:30pm in Town; Must have read Zoro's invitation letter; Must have at least one empty space in inventory

12 hearts extra: Fish Shop
Any season or day between 9am to 3pm

14 hearts: Town
Not winter; Sunny day 10am to 1pm; Must have read Zoro's invitation letter.

Custom NPC Collaborative Events:
  • Jade: Boarding House (Jade must also be living at the Boarding House for event to trigger)
    Any weather 6:30am to 8:30am on Sun; 33% chance of triggering event every Sun; Zoro & Jade must be inside the boarding house

Possible Future Updates?:
-Definitely the 14 heart event
-Maybe more year one marriage dialogue
-Maybe more year two+ normal & marriage dialogue
-Maybe more compatible dialogue with other custom NPCs. (Tell me what NPCs you'd like Zoro to have interactions with)
-Maybe more compatibility with other mods
-Maybe heart events with SVE villagers
Mod Compatability:
  • Stardew Valley Expanded- Zoro attends all the festivals and the Community Center Day (he does not go to CC day if it is raining)
  • Ridgeside Village - Zoro attend all the festivals
  • Zoro is now compatible with the vanilla game as of 1.1.3
  • Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension
  • NPC Map Locations
  •  NPC Adventures (Optional file)
  • Compatible with Miss Coriel's Unique Dating Response

Current custom NPC Compatibility:
  • Nikolai: Zoro attends Nikolai's Marketpalooza festival
  • Jade: Zoro has an event with Jade if you have the boarding house mod

  • It's minor, but if you have the NPC Jade, her boardinghouse.tmx modifies the map properties and causes Zoro's lamp to not turn on. LemurKat helped me fix this by fixing Jade's boardinghouse.tmx. If it bothers you that his lamp doesn't turn on, you can download the miscellaneous file "Jade's boardinghouse fix". If you don't have the custom NPC Jade, then you shouldn't have any problems with his room.
  • Incompatible with Babies Take After Spouse IF you choose to marry Zoro, since he already has custom kids. If you marry someone else, then you can still have both Babies Take After Spouse and custom NPC Zoro. If you marry Zoro and want to use Babies Take After Spouse, then manually delete Zoro's kid folder. This applies to all other mods that edit the children, since Zoro already has his own custom kids.

How to install:
Unpack the .zip and put entire [CP] Zoro into your Stardew Valley mod folder
Remember to delete either the [TMX] Zoro Boarding House or [TMX] Zoro Boat House depending on which config option you chose

How to uninstall:
Just delete the [CP] Zoro folder from your Stardew Valley mod folder

How to update:
Manually delete the [CP] Zoro folder first from your Stardew Valley mod folder and then replace with new updated one

: Zoro is my first shot at modding, it was a struggle learning how to make a custom NPC. It took me a good six months from start to finish. I started this project in April thinking how long could it take, a month? And only uploaded him in October, so it's been a wild ride. So if there are any hiccups or bugs, please let me know. I'm NOT an artist. This is my first attempt doing pixel art. I had to get someone to commission the portraits for Zoro. But I did most of his sprites, unfortunately. If you think my sprites look absolute garbage and are willing to re-edit them for me, (If I like them) I will upload yours and give you credit.

Legal Disclaimer: I do not sell or make any profit off of this mod. I do not own, or am affiliated in any way to the official character Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.  Any likeness to the anime and manga character Roronoa Zoro is pure imitation and not the actual character or official art. All content of the NPC Roronoa Zoro is purely fan made.

DO NOT UPLOAD THIS MOD TO ANYWHERE ELSE. Please. Custom NPC- Roronoa Zoro will only be accessible through Nexus.

Why Zoro?: I've been bingeing One Piece again and Zoro is one of my favorite characters. I been wanting to create a custom NPC for Stardew Valley for a while now so I thought, why not? Let's put Zoro into the game.
Ya'll not gonna lie, the real truth is I made Zoro cuz I just wanted my female farmer to date & marry the hot samurai man. And suddenly it turned into a 6 month project. Sometimes I wonder if I made his dialogue too romantic during his 8 & 10 heart levels. And then I think naaahhh, it's my rendition of Zoro and I want Zoro to be lubby dubby when he is a boyfriend and husband. If you don't like, don't increase his heart level past 6!

Why download Custom NPC Zoro?: please.

I would like to do a translation for Zoro: If you are up to the task, please send me a message and we can collaborate.

Spot grammar mistakes?: I hate those, too. So just let me know in comments or send me a message if you spot any in his dialogues.

I found a bug, error, something went wrong, etc: Please let me know in the comments or send me a direct message. The only thing I haven't been able to test Zoro on yet is the movies & theater concession dialogues and reactions.

Last comments:
Please let me know how Zoro is doing in your game. Do you like him? Dislike him? Thoughts? I'd love to hear back in the posts section of your experience with him.

Special thanks and credits to:
  • zaira048 for his seaonal portrait commission of Zoro and the outfit for Zoro's winter sprite.
- Check out his portrait mod for bachelorettes at

  • Anubskorpiak for their alternative Zoro sprites
  • Yri for their alternative Boat House sprites

  • Eugostodearroz for their Portuguese translation
  • Team 6Squad for their Russian translation. This is their contact link.
  • EssGee in the beginning and especially LemurKat for holding my hand and walking me through the process on how to create an npc from scratch, I would not have been able to start or finish this mod without their help.
- Check out LemurKat's npc mods at

  • MissCoriel and her NPC creator mod and youtube videos. Her NPC creator mod is very easy to understand and along with her HOW TO videos helped me tremendously in teaching me the basics.
- Check out her NPC creater mod at

  • hojichas and their Seaside Interior furniture mod. I used this mod to decorate Zoro's Boarding House room.
- I used the one uploaded by froststar11. Check out the mod here

  • Industrial Kitchen and Interior by Hesper. I used this mod to decorate Zoro's spouse room.
- I used the one uploaded by DustBeauty. Check out the mod here

  • Mi's Elegant Victorian Furniture Pack for Custom Furniture by Mioudew. I used this mod to decorate Zoro's spouse room.
- I used the one uploaded by froststar11. Check out the mod here

  • Compact Bathroom For Your Farmhouse by Prismuth. I used this mod to decorate Zoro's bathroom in his custom boathouse home.
-Check out the mod here

  • lakoria and their Babies Take After Spouse mod. I used the template of the girl toddler's hair for Zoro's girl toddler.
-Check out the mod here at

  • All the custom NPCs I used for research to create my own NPC: Jade, Nikolai, Mike, Delores, Mona, Shiko, Mister Ginger, and Denver