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Adds an area behind the Bus Stop with a Boarding house, a shop to buy customized machines and a new mine and three new NPCs.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
NPCs with Boarding House compatibility:

Morris Redeemed:

Support Mods:

NPC Map Location Add-on:
Mancer's Music Pack:
Boarding House Nuts Butter (Add-on for Artisan Valley):
BFAV Pterodactyls (adds pterodactyl as a farm animal): BFAV Pterodactyl
Dragons for Boarding House Mines:

NPCs that don't live in the boarding house should still work fine!

Requests, suggestions, reservations and doubts, you may enter boarding house discord channel: TMT

Alternate Portraits by Airyn:

Greg Anime Portrait by Kaya:


Boarding House is home for homeless NPCs, which means - John, Lyell and Nikolai will work fine when using both mods, but since they do have a house/room - they will NOT be moved to the boarding house.

Same goes for Mona, since lorewise she's a refuge and moving her to the boarding house would break the characters lore.

Version 4.0.8

Converted to Content Patcher - NPCs that are not converted may have some conflicts with this version.
To fix that, open the NPC schedules and NPC disposition and replace:

BoardingHouse for Custom_BoardingHouse_BoardingHouse
BoardingHouse2 for Custom_BoardingHouse_BoardingHouse2
BackwoodsPlateau for Custom_BoardingHouse_BackwoodsPlateau

Version 3.4.0

Added compatibility for Seasonal Outfits:
- To use Seasonal Outfits, load the game with the mod installed and change your config.json "SeasonalOutfits": to "true"
Huge thanks to Eros for improving the portraits and making the seasonal outfits as well!

Version 3.0.0

Adds a new floor to the boarding house, changes buildings to Eemie's Dutch Farm Buildings:

Adds two new NPCs Sheila and Joe, Sheila is the Owner of the Buffalo Ranch she is a bachelorette and Joe is her father who owns the Boarding House;

Lewis will visit both Boarding House and Buffalo Ranch on the 20th;

Greg will only sell Ancient Seeds at 8 hearts but he will though sell Ancient Fruit at any heart level;

Sheila now sells Hay and Heater on her Shop;

New Events (For Sheila and Joe);

Fixed Greg Portrait in his store;

If you marry Sheila she will go to the store only on Mondays and Thursdays;

Greg, Sheila and Joe will now appear on Festivals;

Known Issues:

Festival Spots may be a little off if you're using SVE.

Version 2.0

Adds a Bachellor Gregory who lives in the end of the Abandoned Mines, in the Lost Valley.

At two hearts Gregory will teach you how to fix artifacts.
Artifacts fragments can be found in the Abandoned Mines along with Prehistoric Creatures Bones.
You can craft your own Skeleton purchasing the recipe from Dwaf. (I haven't turned the bones into artifacts because it could interfere with museum - but you can sell them).

Gregory has 6 events (5 hearts events and Introduction).

There is a mine cart at the entrance of the mine. You can use it after reaching the Lost Valley.

Adventures Guild Shop is only accesible if you have the mod The Perks of Being Married Installed .


This mod will add an area accessible through the Bus Stop where you can access a Boarding House - this building has nothing yet, but any Custom NPC modder that wants to place their Custom NPC in one of the rooms, so they don't need to either build a house or let the NPC sleeping in a random place, can use it.
There are 6 rooms but is expandable, just use TMX loader to replace the rooms when you are done (also, please contact me so we can organize not to conflicts between the rooms).

The area between the ranch and the boarding house contains a field that grows flowers (both Vanilla and some from mod: Farmer to Florist)

Also, there is an abandoned mine where you can forage and mine and there's new monsters.
It works like the quary so the longer you take to visit the more things you will find. Ores will spawn accordingly to the mining level and better foregeables can be found at lower levels after year 2.

You may also find a surprise at the end.

If you get a bush blocking your way use mod: to reset bushes.

I would like to thank Eemie as the House's Textures were taken from: Eemie's Ducth Farm Buildings  - check out the mod, the textures are really awesome!
I also would like to thanks Platonymous, Esca and hatmouse for the help and Slammy who tested the mod and found the bugs I missed!
A huge thanks to my modding partner Hisame for the Skelletons and the Bones sprites.
Manzara for some of the map textures, Gregory Portrait Overhaul, Joe Sprites and helping with the maps aesthetics and sprites improvement!
Thanks to 6480 for the New Sprites for Foraging Items.
And Ailer for the Spanish Translation!